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Want to reach more customers online? Our Seattle digital advertising agency can help!

The volume of content on the internet is massive. So, it’s no wonder consumers travel to the internet when they need answers. Whether it be to search engines like Google or Bing, or to social media platforms, the internet is the common thread that connects many entities together.

Want to reach more customers online? Our Seattle digital advertising agency can help!

The volume of content on the internet is massive. So, it’s no wonder consumers travel to the internet when they need answers. Whether it be to search engines like Google or Bing, or to social media platforms, the internet is the common thread that connects many entities together.

Therefore, utilizing the internet as a part of your advertising strategy can connect you with the people your business serves. However, to really generate the results you want from digital advertising means you have to produce quality ad copy. This is how your target audience will appeal to your ads and take action. Essentially, you want your business information to be more favorable than others in your industry. But with all the other information on the internet, how do you get your ads to make an impact on your audience? The answer is by partnering with a creative agency. And not just any ad agency, but an award-winning Seattle advertising agency! Working with content marketing specialists and ad strategists to perfect your ads is how you’ll receive content that is better than the rest. As a result, your ads will drive more consumers to your brand who are eager to learn more about your offerings.

Facts About Digital Advertising Today

Number 1.

Digital advertising spend was $83 billion in 2020 and will increase to $129 billion in 2021.

As you can see, more advertisers are investing in digital advertising this year than in the previous year. And you can trust that those numbers will continue to grow. Why? Last year, more companies began to realize the power digital advertising holds. They saw other companies making amazing returns from digital advertising and now want to take part to produce the same great results.

Number 2.

Facebook and Google are the top platforms to utilize for digital advertising.

Tech companies, Facebook and Google, are information titans. Each company has made a substantial impact on its industry, (Google with search engines and Facebook with social media) but it is because they have put an emphasis on data collection. By collecting data on their users, both Facebook and Google are making their platforms better platforms for advertising. As a result, more companies want to utilize their platforms to advertise their businesses. Consumers are more inclined to purchase from brands after coming across their Facebook ads. About 50% of consumers who use Google search click PPC ads first. This means that advertising on both platforms is how your marketing will really stand out. Luckily, our Seattle digital advertising agency is an expert with Facebook advertising and is also a Google Partner. So, your business is guaranteed to get the best of both advertising platforms.

Number 3.

54% of the total national advertising spend in the United States went to digital advertising.

This shows that companies want to spend more money on digital advertising than traditional advertising. It’s because the way we gather information has changed. Consumers have different consumption habits. We spend less time listening to the radio and more time watching YouTube videos. For a business, this means they must spend money on advertising methods that are most effective today. So, advertising on platforms that their consumers use is how they will get in front of more of those consumers. In addition, it allows them to save money by not investing in outdated advertising methods that don’t produce returns. Pretty soon everything will be online. That means your business advertising should be too.

Next Level Seattle Advertising Agency Services

Award-winning services start with award-winning media strategies. This is where amazing results come from. Each business we work with has a different goal, audience, and budget. Therefore, we construct their plans around their business specifics. We’re able to do this by establishing digital advertising services that are adaptable. Our Seattle advertising agency understands that in order to support businesses of different structures and industries means our services must shift to fit them. In turn, our clients are able to generate the best outcomes for their businesses with digital advertising.

Take a look at just a few of the services our Seattle advertising agency offers:

Social Media Advertising Services

Influencer marketing is commonly associated with social media advertising. However, social media ads are where the real action is. Social media advertising allows you to access the details of how consumers behave online and tailor your content to reach them. When you do this, the probability of connecting with your potential customers increases. Because there are so many accounts posting on social media everyday, utilizing targeted ads is essential for making those connections. But that’s what our Seattle advertising agency services are designed to do. We design ads that are guaranteed to drive results because of the techniques we use. On platforms like Facebook, we structure the specifics of your ad targeting to focus on certain consumers. For example, we can focus your ads on people of certain ages, people with certain interests, and people in specific locations. We plan what social media platforms to place your ads on. We implement all social media advertising best practices so your ads are working effectively. This results in those specific consumers seeing your ads instead of consumers who don’t fit your ideal customer description. And when more interested people see your business information, more conversions are generated. Essentially, there’s a lot you can do to enhance your social media presence. And we have the services your social media accounts need to thrive online. Our other Seattle social media marketing services are a great way to maintain the success of your content and engage with your followers consistently. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon utilize social media marketing to strengthen the relationship they have with leads and current customers. And with our copywriting expertise, we can continue to craft appealing content for you to post on your social media accounts to keep consumers engaged. Nevertheless, our Seattle advertising agency has the services to make your social media accounts the best they can be.

SEM/PPC Services

SEM and PPC are one in the same and both refer to search engine advertising. PPC ads are one of the best lead generation techniques online. The key activity of a search engine is to present the most quality content to searchers based on their queries. They place the content that matches the search query the most at the top. PPC ads are placed at the top. So, more users click these ads to find the information they need, resulting in more traffic to those landing pages. Our Seattle advertising company recognizes that to receive more traffic from search engines, you must utilize the most effective search engine features. Google Shopping ads are great for businesses that sell products. You can use this feature to run paid ads for your products to help more customers find your goods. We also use geographic targeting in your ads to target consumers in your area. For instance, you can target keywords like “Seattle” to present your ads to searchers who are looking for business in Seattle. We also use high-powered targeting features such as remarketing that helps consumers revisit your site after clicking your ad. Ultimately, our Seattle digital advertising agency is familiar with all the tactics available to boost the efficiency of your search engine ads. With our Seattle PPC services, your business will have a better time driving more qualified traffic right from search engines.

Video Production Services

According to advertisers, video content in ads make them more profitable. It’s because videos appeal to all types of different audiences. Consumers are more attracted to videos, which means video ads generate more clicks. Therefore, investing in video content for your business can help more consumers engage with your brand. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, are all extremely popular for their use of video content. When you go on these platforms, chances are you’ll see a video ad or two. But this is because video ads are what more people are drawn to. Our Seattle advertising agency understands the effectiveness of video advertising. Our video productions services are here to provide your brand with video ads that pop. We craft your videos to be compelling and informational so your audience receives the most information from it. This can be a great way for startups to grab a consumer’s attention while expressing their brand’s message. We use engaging edits and graphic design elements that make your videos unique. Ultimately, our video production service is a brilliant method to producing digital ads that drive results.

Benefits of Choosing Our Seattle Advertising Agency

You’ll Always Get First-Class Content

We’re aware of everything that comes with being a business owner. There are a lot of areas to focus on, including your marketing. But if you don’t possess the tools or have time to dive into creating quality ads, you may be missing the opportunity to generate new business. However, working with advertising experts like us is the best solution to ensuring that you aren’t missing out on new business. Our Seattle advertising company experts undertake the process of creating high quality ads. This means business owners do not have to focus on their marketing and can focus more on the big picture of their business. Putting your advertising in the hands of experts ensures that your ads will be well designed. They will be optimized to perform at the highest level. And they will have all the key parts of your business, from your audience to your budget, in mind.

You’ll Obtain Valued Business Insight

One of the main factors that separates us from Seattle advertising companies is our transparency. We want our clients to know exactly what’s happening with their ad campaigns and why. Therefore, we make reporting a part of our advertising process and all other services. This is because understanding the performance of your ads is what allows you to make decisions for your brand in the future. You’ll be able to understand what content resonates the most with your audience so you can produce more of it. You’ll be able to really understand your audience. And ultimately, you’ll have access to more valuable insight about your business than before. Our ad specialists monitor your ads on a daily basis and at the end of each month, they show you the results in a detailed report. This is where we evaluate your results and explain to you what they mean. It is our mission to help businesses grow. Therefore, providing you with the most valuable information that can help you grow your business is part of the way we can achieve that mission.

We Can Help You With All Your Digital Needs

We guarantee amazing advertising content, but if you need amazing digital marketing services we can help with that too! Our Seattle advertising company is a complete Seattle digital marketing agency. We don’t just specialize in advertising on search engines and social media. We have superior services for every digital medium. We offer Seattle SEO services which you can partner with our PPC services. Search engine optimization is key to making your website content relevant enough so search engines give it higher ranks. In turn, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website organically. And when consumers visit your website, you’ll want to make sure they have the best experience so they can convert. So, our web design services can redesign to accomplish that. Our website designers can craft an attractive website for your business that provides an amazing customer experience. Whatever your digital needs may be, rest assured that our digital marketing agency has the right services to get the job done!

Get Started With A Seattle Advertising Agency On Your Side!

Digital marketing can be scary on your own, but with digital marketing experts it doesn’t have to be. We are here to provide businesses that want to grow the digital marketing tools they need to get started. In turn, your business can begin to reach the goals you have and more!

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