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In recent years, competition has risen at a tremendous rate in the accounting industry. In order to stay ahead, you will need more than the traditional forms of advertising for your CPA firm. You will need digital marketing accounting services. Want to gain more new clients? LYFE Marketing is here to guide you.


Social Media Growth

Our social media specialists are ready and able to create a social media presence for your accounting services. We will use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others that make the most sense for your CPA firm. Our team will start by creating quality content for your target audience that is guaranteed to keep them coming back. Our ad specialists will then take care of your social media advertising. It will allow you to place targeted Facebook ads that will help boost your website traffic and reach more business clients.


SEM & Google Ads

You will need the help of pay-per-click ads on Google in your online marketing campaign. Our specialists will place them for you and target people who have been searching for services similar to yours. We will also use display ads to target the previous visitors of your website or landing pages. These ads will be placed on various websites to help increase your client base and conversion rates. Consider your campaign an investment that will provide you with rewards in the future.


Email Newsletters & Drip Campaigns

Our email marketing specialists will create customized email newsletters and drip campaigns to engage your present subscribers and current clients. We feel that this is one of the best marketing tactics for you to stay connected to them. Our email marketing services include list management, design, reporting, and sending. In addition to these services, we also offer email personalization and automation. Email automation, in particular, helps decrease the sales time cycle thus contributing to a successful marketing plan.


Content Marketing

Great content is the backbone of any effective accounting firm marketing strategy, and that is what you will get from us. If you are having a hard time coming up with fresh marketing ideas for your content, you can count on us to deliver well-researched, valuable content. Our content marketing services cover all areas of content creation including topic development, research, writing, and publishing. And this content can be of any format such as an article, infographic, webinar, white paper and more. The content that we provide you will engage your audience and entice your leads to trust you as a thought-leader within the accounting industry.


Website Design

The world’s first extended exposure to your firm is often on your website. Therefore, you need to make it intentional and effective and ensure it is capable of showcasing your accounting practice well. Our web designers will create a website that not only looks great but also is functional and efficient for your visitors. We will work closely with you so that we know what you as well as your clients want in a website.


SEO – Organic Traffic

People looking for accounting services or bookkeepers turn to the Internet for answers. They know they have plenty of options when they search online. This is why you want to be among the top search results when people search on Google. We will make sure that your website is up to Google’s standards. Our team will do an audit and then make improvements to your website as needed to help you rank high on Google when people search things like “accounting services.”

The Reason Your Accounting Firm Should Use Digital Marketing

You may be one of the top accounting firms in your area, but without a proper accounting marketing strategy, how will people find out about your brand? Why would they choose you over a competitor?

A marketing strategy helps answer these questions, but where do you turn to for an effective strategy? How do you increase your brand awareness and client base?

Traditional marketing methods don’t work like they used to in this digital age. As a result, people turn to digital marketing for the simple reason that it works. Take a look at these important facts:

More than 9 out of 10 adults in the United States use Google or similar search engines.

The first 5 seconds of page load time have the highest influence on conversion rates.

Email marketing generates the highest ROI for small businesses, including accounting firms.

More than a billion users around the world are connected to a small or new business on Facebook.

70% of consumers stated that they won’t take an action related to a business without reading online reviews first which makes word-of-mouth and testimonials very critical to achieve business development.

marketing accounting services

Digital marketing allows you to reach your target audience where they’re already at: online. You can use marketing accounting services to deliver real value to your clients and convert them into paying customers. If you have a successful accounting marketing strategy, you should be able to achieve those goals. This is where LYFE Marketing can help you.

Our marketing accounting services will help you connect to the right audience. Not only will your audience be more aware of you, but you will also have a stronger relationship with them. This is the key that will help you gain more clients.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Accounting Services

By choosing to use digital marketing, you get to enjoy all the benefits that it provides. Most of all, you get a marketing strategy that encompasses multiple digital marketing platforms and services that are all easy to track.

Here are some specific benefits from using marketing accounting services:

Builds Brand Awareness

Builds Brand Awareness

Building more awareness about your brand and firm should be one of your main goals because building brand awareness means building a trusting relationship between your brand and potential clients. There’s several digital marketing methods we can implement to increase your brand awareness.

Generate New Leads

Generate New Leads

Imagine having the ability to target the right audience with content and language that speaks to their pain points or goals. Digital marketing allows you to do just that! With the help of Google ads and social media ads, we can drive targeted traffic to your website to generate new leads.

Establishes Trust With Your Audience

Establishes Trust With Your Audience

When your audience sees that you are offering content and services of real value, they will begin to trust you. Trust is important because it’s the key ingredient that will help clients choose your CPA firm over your competitors. We will help you build trust by creating consistent quality content using different marketing tools and deliver more than you expect.

The Advantage Of Working With A Top Digital Marketing Accounting Services Company

Not all businesses are alike, that’s why you can’t simply entrust your business’ marketing strategy to just anyone. You need to find experts to handle your accounting marketing needs. We understand that. LYFE Marketing is not only experienced in digital marketing, but specifically in the accounting industry. Want better results? Start by clicking the button below!

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We Are Specifically Familiar With Marketing For Accounting Firms

Several factors should come into play in choosing the digital marketing agency you will work with, and industry experience should be at the very top of those factors. Our agency has worked with various accounting firms, financial institutions, and investment services, and we have successfully implemented their digital marketing campaigns. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in your industry and how to solve any issues you might encounter. Because of that, we are able to control every aspect of your campaign and maximize results.

We Specialize in Digital Marketing

While it is tempting to work with someone who claims to “know it all” when it comes to digital marketing, it is a huge risk. Why? Because it is virtually impossible for someone to be a true expert in so many areas. Our digital marketing agency has specialists who are experts in each of the services we offer. Since we employ true specialists in each area of our service, all our clients are assured of a quality campaign. We are proud to say that this is more than what some other agencies can provide.

We Don’t Use Outdated Techniques For Modern, Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about using the latest marketing strategies to your advantage. However, it is always changing and evolving. We keep ourselves up-to-date and informed of any changes and we change along with it, so do not be surprised if we use the latest tools and trends for your campaign. This way, if there are changes in policy or trends, we will be able to spot them early and make the necessary changes.

Proven Strategies for Marketing Accounting Services

At LYFE Marketing, we equate your success with our own. We will make use of the following factors for your digital marketing campaign:

Instill A Trusting Brand-Consumer Relationship

Instill A Trusting Brand-Consumer Relationship

If you want to have a strong relationship with your target audience, you have to build trust first. That is why we will help you build a strong and personal relationship with your audience that then leads to trust.

Educate Your Target Market

Educate Your Target Market

You want your audience to keep coming back to your website and to your firm. To do that, we will create consistent quality content for your accounting firm. This content answers their most important questions so they turn to you as a trustworthy thought-leader in the industry.

Give Value To Your Potential Customers Early On

Give Value To Your Potential Customers Early On

You should always aim to give value for your audience, and we are here to help you do that. The high level of work that our experts provide will foster that trusting relationship that leads to a closed client.


Understand Your Previous & Current Marketing Efforts

The first step we will do for your website is perform an audit. This will allow us to see your current online status. We will check what has been done to your digital marketing platforms in the past and what is being done at present. From there, we can figure out the best course for your campaign.

Research Your Competitors

After we complete the audit, we will take a close look at every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. We will look at your present and past marketing campaigns and, we will also conduct an analysis of your competition. This part of the process will reveal to us what works for your campaign and what can benefit from improvement.

Deep Diving Into Who Your Ideal Buyer Is

Before we can launch a sound marketing strategy for your marketing accounting services, we need to outline a few crucial parts. We will clearly define your goals, budget, and target audience. These are the three main factors that we will base your strategy around.

Implement A Strategy Made For Your Business

After researching and creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, we are finally ready to launch your campaign. Shortly after we launch, you can start expecting results such as social media followers, engagement, website traffic, sales and more.

Check Your Marketing Campaigns Daily

After launching your marketing campaigns, we’ll need to keep a close eye on how they are performing. Because of this, we are active in monitoring your campaign from the moment it is launched.

Study Results From Our Marketing Efforts

There is only one true way to see if your campaign is progressing and successful, and that is to measure it. We are going to measure your results regularly and then send reports to you on a monthly basis. This is also the best way to see what areas need to be worked on and which ones are producing the best results.

Help More Clients With Digital Marketing Accounting Services

Your aim is to generate more clients and service them to the best of your abilities.

When you hire LYFE Marketing to implement marketing accounting services, you get the increased reach, branding and clientele you’ve been looking for.

Our experience working with other top-level accounting firms and CPAs has made us aware of what it takes to lead you to success. Click the button below to schedule a meeting and get started!

Help More Clients With Digital Marketing Accounting Services

Your aim is to generate more clients and service them to the best of your abilities.

When you hire LYFE Marketing to implement marketing accounting services, you get the increased reach, branding and clientele you’ve been looking for.

Our experience working with other top-level accounting firms and CPAs has made us aware of what it takes to lead you to success. Click the button below to schedule a meeting and get started!

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