This is for small business owners out there looking to boost their business growth. It’s time for you to finally see the growth that you deserve with the help of an online marketing coach.

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It felt like we were working with colleagues rather than vendors. – Chris Winters

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Here are some important reasons why you should choose us as your business coach over other companies.

Other Marketing Coaches

    • Performs little to no research about your business
    • Expensive fees
    • No real experience
    • Restrictive contracts
    • No past results to show
    • Lack of transparency in the process

LYFE Marketing Coaches

    • We get to know your business and ideal clients thoroughly
    • Reasonable fees
    • Years of digital marketing experience
    • Flexible short-term and long-term arrangements
    • Plenty of past results
    • Very transparent process

From: LYFE Marketing

To: All small business owners

Making the decision to establish a new business is always a bold move to start, and running it is never an easy task. No matter what industry or niche you are in, being a business owner involves a lot of hard work and processes that can keep you busy. Small business owners are especially likely to be involved in all aspects of your business.

While it does give you the opportunity to become familiar with your business inside and out, it can also be overwhelming to shoulder things alone. Because of this, a marketing plan can be one of the first things to be cut or forgotten about.

But why is digital marketing so vital right now?

To put it simply, it is the best way to reach people where they spend their time, and when we say “people,” we mean your specific ideal clients.

Did you know that the average internet user now has 7 social media accounts? A few years ago, that was just an average of three. Also, 75% of users said that search advertisements helped them in finding the information they needed.

Those stats just show the growth and importance of digital marketing. Your market and your audience are there, and digital marketing is a much needed element in your action plan to reach them for accelerated business growth.

Awarded Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US – Rank #299

We generate positive results and ROI for our clients every day!

But digital marketing isn’t always an easy or quick process to learn. In fact, it’s not even a single process but rather a collection of marketing strategies that are all classified as marketing through the internet. It takes time to learn how to perform digital marketing and how to do it effectively.

Also, learning those steps in theory is different than actually practicing them. It will take trial and error to figure out which methods will work for your specific brand and audience. How do we know? Because we’ve done it!

LYFE Marketing is a digital marketing agency that has been around for several years. We are quite successful at helping small businesses grow as attested by the many reviews and testimonials that can be found online.

Instead of going through the same trial and error that we did, you can use our internet marketing coaching programs. It’s like using a shortcut to digital marketing success!

You can get the inside scoop from our very own marketing consultants on how to run a successful digital marketing campaign. As your guide, we will walk you through the process from start to finish. We cannot guarantee success of all your digital marketing campaigns, no one can, but we will equip you with all of the best tools and practices that have worked for us and hundreds of our clients.

Read on so you can learn how our coaching sessions can drive your growth.

“In the initial weeks, they spent time testing. I was able to see our cost per click significantly decrease from what we were doing before which was an early win for us. By month 2, we started getting great leads and I was able to close our first big deal. Today, we are seeing about 25-30 quality leads per month.”- Jonathan Macleod

Learn The Ins And Outs Of Effective Digital Marketing 

There is no quicker way to see phenomenal growth in your business than with digital marketing. It can help you to get more new clients. Do it right and you can potentially see more customers than what you can handle. Increase your chances of success and take your business to the next level with the marketing coaching service of LYFE Marketing.


Setting Goals And Creating A Strategy 

We’ll have a discussion with you regarding your business goals. Then we will create an apt marketing strategy with a map to achieve them.

Pairing You With A Marketing Coach

To make the process smoother and communications easier, we will pair you with a marketing coach who will work with you every step of the way.

Monitor And Tweak Your Campaign

As one of our coaching clients, we will help you in monitoring and tweaking your existing or new campaigns.This is where we fine tune your strategy for maximum results.

Digital Marketing Coaching Service From Start To Finish

For you to learn how to perform your own digital marketing, you need a guide that can help you from start to finish. LYFE Marketing has coached hundreds of small businesses just like yours.

As your digital marketing guide, our aim is to teach a specific piece of digital marketing (like email marketing, social media marketing etc.) or digital marketing as a whole depending on what you may need in a concise but coherent manner.

The whole training period will be used to teach you methods that actually work. We are focused on results and this will be reflected in the marketing campaigns we help you build and execute.


When You Choose LYFE Marketing, You Get Access To Proven Marketing Tactics 

When we first founded LYFE Marketing, we were not already equipped with the years of experience that we possess now; we had to start at the beginning.

While we had a general foundation of knowledge around some good marketing tactics, we advanced in digital marketing through trial and error and marketing our own business over the years with the same tactics we use for our clients!

Was it easy?

No. We made mistakes and we had to learn from those. We built our site, learned our way through Google and social media until we finally found the most successful practices in digital marketing.

Now, we have over 200,000 website visitors each month!


(Though we cannot promise the same results for every single client, we DO promise to share all of the tips, tricks and techniques that helped us generate results like you see above!)

With our template for success, we are able to be a guide for other small businesses to follow to achieve digital marketing success. Here are some of the things we teach:

How to create a strategy that is tailored for your business

How to craft the right types of content that are relevant and useful

How to choose the right platforms for marketing

How to convert your audience into customers

This template cost us a great deal in terms of time and resources, but you get instant access to it with our digital marketing coaching service!

If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to guide you!

Our Winning Combination! 

We combine these elements for a successful digital marketing campaign. 


First, we will learn about your business and your goals. Then we will create a strategy based on those goals.


Our small business marketing coach is going to guide you on how to create content for your marketing campaign. We will also help you in picking which channels you should utilize for your campaigns.


An important part of what we are going to teach you is how you can assess your marketing campaigns and make adjustments to make them better.

Step 1: Building A Strategy Based On Your Goals

We’ll get to know more about your company

(so we can guide you better)

We’ll learn about the goals of your company

(so we can tailor a strategy that is meant to achieve those)

We’ll work with you in creating a strategy

(so it’s sure to be tailored to you needs) 

You should not start a digital marketing campaign without devising a strategy first. A lack of strategy could mean that your campaign will fail to produce the results you’re looking for. Developing a clear, focused strategy based on your target market, goals and industry is one of the most important things that we will be teaching you.

Step 2: Building A Catalog Of Great Content

Pick the right platforms for your campaigns

(we help you determine the right types of content to be published)

Build a content plan

(so the right type of content can be published at the right time)

Create relevant and interesting content

(so your site will draw in more relevant traffic)

Did you know that content marketing can generate 3 times the leads for about 62% less when compared with traditional marketing? That is if you publish the right kind of content. It’s not enough that you publish content regularly, it has to be right for your audience. It has to provide value and give them the information that they need.

Step 3: Measuring The Impact And Performance

Know which metrics to measure for each marketing campaign

(because not all metrics are relevant)

Generate detailed reports

(so you can make more sense of the metrics)

Take actions based on the reports and metrics

(changes need to be made based on data)

Metrics are your resources and you need to understand how to use them properly. Not all metrics are going to be relevant for your marketing campaign. It’s easy to get lost in all the numbers that are available. Part of our coaching is to teach you which metrics matter for you. Then we will teach you how to take actions based on the numbers that your campaign achieves.

Which digital marketing metrics matter most?

For starters sales and conversion rates are the main numbers that you should always look into. At the end of the day, those are the most important numbers that you want to see increase. ROI is also important since you want to make sure that what you spend for each sale is worth it.

You need to look at other metrics like website traffic and cost per result to make sure that your marketing efforts are on the right track. Most of your marketing efforts are all aimed at driving traffic to your site and turning a profit, so this is the ultimate measure of your success.

Now, you should also be aware of the sources of the traffic that your site is getting. This way you know which campaigns are working and which channels are your strongest. Are you getting a lot of traffic through Google? That could mean your SEO marketing is stronger in comparison to your other efforts.

Another means of measuring the success of your digital marketing efforts is by looking at your conversion rates. It’s not enough that people visit your website, they should also take a desired action. What that action is will depend on your business. For example, that action could be to purchase directly or to fill out a contact form for your services

Cost per result is another crucial metric which we will ask you to look into. You need to know how much it is costing you to acquire each lead or sale. If each conversion is costing you too much, then your marketing efforts need to change.

Facebook Ads Consultant Pricing

While we are proficient in Facebook marketing, we are a full digital marketing agency! That means we consult businesses on other digital marketing tools such as e-mail marketing, SEO, Google ads and more. Take a look at some of the different consultant workshops we offer as well as our pricing structure. 

Strategy Topics

Brand Positioning – Ex: “How to Tell Your Brand’s Story”

Customer Avatar – Ex: “Build Out Your Ideal Customer Profile”

Funnel Development – Ex: “Create a Profitable Traffic System”

Channel Strategy – Ex: “Discover What Channels to Use & Why”

Implementation – Ex: “The Quickest Way to Launch Your Campaigns”

Optimization – Ex: “What to do Optimize Your Overall Marketing Strategy”

Digital Marketing Topics

Social Media Advertising – Ex: “Creating Facebook Ad Videos That Actually Sell”

Social Media Management – Ex: “How to Get 5-6 Figure Follower Counts” 

Search Engine Advertising – Ex:  “The Ideal Keyword Strategy for High Conversion” 

Search Engine Optimization – Ex: “Keys to Success for SEO in TODAY” 

Email Marketing – Ex: “How to Build a Email Drip Campaigns that Convert” 

Content Marketing – Ex: “Writing Copy that Actually Engages People” 

Website Design – Ex: “Discover The Winning Formula for Websites” 

*Examples are a small sample size* 


Facebook Ads Consultant

Live Images of In-Person Consulting Workshop

Live Images of In-Person Consulting Workshop
Initial Review Fee (accessing where you are) $75 (one-time) 
2 Consulting Sessions per month (2 hours)  $325/mo
4 Consulting Sessions per month (4 hours)  $575/mo
8 Consulting Sessions per month (8 hours)  $1,000/mo
Need More Hours? CONTACT US

* Excludes flight, hotel, & daily per diem.

1 day on site $1,500 (one-time) 
2 days on site  $3,000 (one-time
3 days on site  $4,500 (one-time)
Why Digital Marketing Coaching Is For You:Through regular coaching calls, we will work closely with you to ensure that you master all the intricacies of digital marketing. As you learn from us, you should be able to create a digital marketing campaign from start to finish.

We understand the feeling of trying to learn and master new digital marketing techniques while running a business. We know it’s not always easy, so we make things as simple for you as we can. We will teach you the essentials of digital marketing without wasting your time on practices that cannot help your campaign. We want you to learn from us so you can share our digital marketing success.


  • Which coaching service should I get?
  • If you don’t have a clear idea as to which coaching service you would like to pursue, then we can go through your goals with you, assess your needs and advise you on the best digital marketing process to learn.
  • How long will this take?
  • Our marketing coaching services can take as little or as much of your time as you’d like. We recommend dedicating at least 4 hours each month for optimal results.
  • What do we do with our existing campaigns? 
  • If you want, we can work with you to fix those or we can just start with a whole new campaign.  
  • Will I work with a specific specialist?
  • Yes, we will assign a digital marketing specialist who will be your marketing coach.  
  • Will you create content for me?
  • The coaching service is designed to teach you digital marketing. If you need content to be created for you, then we have separate offers for content creation.
  • Will there be an initial fee?
  • Yes, there will be a setup fee for us to get started.
  • When can I get started?
  • Just get in touch with us as soon as you’re ready!