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Attract new donors and retain your current donor list for years to come.

With nonprofit email marketing, you’re doing more than just putting a message in someone’s inbox. You’re sharing values, telling a story, and creating relationship with people who want to help you help others.

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Personalize It

Nonprofit email marketing allows you to reach out to donors and volunteers on a more personal level. When people see that you treat them with the same care you put into your organization, they will more encouraged to continue to help you and improve retention rates.

Shareable Content

People love to share content they love. We can help you make your email content resonate with your subscribers. The more connection they feel with your email, the more likely they are to click that “forward” button and share with their friends and colleagues.

Save Time

With nonprofit email marketing, there’s no need for volunteers to cold call people asking for donations. These volunteers could spend their time doing better things in areas that need manpower and let the email newsletters tell the convincing stories for them.

Looking at the Numbers of Nonprofit Email Marketing

The number of donors motivated to donate to nonprofit fundraisers online has risen 40% since 2015 and over 300% since 2010. These growing numbers show us that nonprofit email marketing is making a huge impact in a positive way for nonprofit organizations around the world.


For every 1,000 email subscribers, nonprofits generally see about 400 Facebook followers, 140 Twitter followers, and 40 Instagram followers. This demonstrates the power nonprofit email marketing has and the support it provides to your other forms on marketing.


Almost half of America checks their phone when they wake up while still lying in bed before they do anything else. The first app they open is email. Your nonprofit newsletter could be the story they read that brightens their morning and then stays on their mind all day, later converting them to be a donor or volunteer.

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Why Does Your Organization Need Nonprofit Email Marketing?

It’s easily shareable – It only takes one quick click for the person on the receiving end of your nonprofit newsletter to share your story with a friend or many friends.


It maintains relationships – Once you receive a contact from a donor or volunteer, you want to keep that relationship strong for the lifetime of your cause. Continually emailing and staying connected is what drives strong relationships that last for years between individuals and nonprofits.


It’s cost effective – Email brings in approximately $40 in donations for every $1 spent. This kind of return is possible because you’re putting your message where people look everyday and making it easy for them to donate by backing up your email with a great cause that tells an amazing story.


It saves you time – With nonprofit email marketing, there’s no need for volunteers to cold call people asking for donations. These volunteers could spend their time doing better things in areas that need manpower and let the emails and newsletters tell the convincing stories for them.

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Share a story. Capture their hearts. Receive donations.

It’s no secret that email marketing is one of our most common services with our nonprofit clients. Nonprofit email marketing offers an opportunity for you to share your story with hundreds, if not thousands of people, with a simple click. Your story goes straight to their inbox. Instead of continually asking for help or money, you’re simply sharing a story that resonates with people on a personal level and compels them to help you in any way they can. That’s why our clients love email marketing so much. It’s simple, and it truly works! Your


Know Your Path

You have to know where you want to go before you can get there. We help you develop a strategy that determines the “who, what, when, where, and how” of your nonprofit email marketing campaign. We will identify your target audience and their interests, the message you want to convey to them, and how often you want to convey it.

Grow Your List

Before you can share more information about your organization and all the good you spread, you have to have people to share it with who are interested in learning more. We help you grow your list and attract the people you actually want to read your nonprofit newsletter and learn more about what you do. We will install lead magnets on your website to attract visitors to provide their email address and be entered into your contacts lists.


We send a systematic flow of emails to your contacts as often as you like to keep your organization top of mind and continuously providing valuable content that interests your audience.


In addition to other types of emails, we can also craft a weekly or monthly nonprofit newsletter that shares positive updates about your organizations. Easily share how you’ve helped children, went on a mission trip, improved education, or helped the environment through your charitable efforts.

List Maintenance

We keep your contacts list maintained, cleaned, and organized. Without this extra little step, your contact list can become cluttered and cause your emails to not deliver properly to customers that actually want them because they got lost among the contacts that no longer open emails.


Measuring the results of your nonprofit email marketing campaign is what will help us optimize all future campaigns for your organization, which is why we delivered detailed reports to you each month indicating your delivery rate, open rate, click through rate, and more.


In a world where it seems everyone is always looking for volunteers & donations, how do you stand out? Use these tips!

  1. Subject line. Grab their attention & tell them what the email is about.
  2. Tell a story. Nothing makes people want to help you more than a great “feel good story”.
  3. CTA. Make your message clear and tell subscribers what you want them to do: donate, volunteer, share, or sign up. Give them a call to action to help you.
  4. Follow reports. Email marketing data is extremely important and can tell you a lot about your audience or how to adjust your strategy.


Industry Experience

Our nonprofit platform experience ranges from social activism and education to community improvement and religious organizations. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with knowledgeable experts creating and running your nonprofit email marketing campaign.

Dedicated Specialists

You will have dedicated specialists working on your account who are highly skilled in crafting newsletters for nonprofit email marketing. All of your custom designed email will be written with donor intent while offering valuable resources by spreading your message and sharing the purpose of your organization.

Full Service

As a nonprofit we know you try to keep costs down and get the most out of your marketing budget all in one place. For this reason working with a full service digital marketing firm is ideal for your nonprofit email marketing services. We can easily share and promote your other digital marketing efforts by sending them in your nonprofit newsletter or linking to an email signup on your website. Combining cohesive channels of digital marketing will get you more of a return on ad spend by getting the most eyes viewing you the change you are making in the world with their donor dollars.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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