Even as the youngest of the Social network giants, Pinterest aligns with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
As a start-up launched in Palo Alto, California in 2010, the online wish board has acquired a fast growing audience of unique visitors and engaged users.
Pins are high-quality images uploaded by users through various websites or directly from their computer. Each pin is then reblogged or “pinned” to custom boards to attract target audiences. Businesses can utilize Pinterest for branding and ecommerce. Large groups of images stored as pins on pin boards create extensive image collections. Each pin carries a backlink that helps push interested pinners to websites with information, products, and services. The appealing layout of the platform makes it easy to use for the average house mom or a tech guru. Learn how to use Pinterest to service your business needs today!
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Create Your Own Image

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The Pinterest profile page is the face for brands to display a link to their website, a brief bio, and professional photo as an avatar. The Pin Boards signify the body of your business and should have unique names to appeal to users wishing to follow a specific group of pins.  Users searching keywords will find the pictures or ”pins” and repost them to their own unique boards. The act of repinning or adding a pin to a custom board provides a look into all there is to offer in a brand’s culture.

Names like ‘No Place Like Home’ and ‘Home is where the Hearth is’ are great for real estate agents to post new listings or display new amenities.

Image Interaction

Boards can be considered ad space for online brands seeking exposure. The home page of Pinterest is filled with visual content appealing to specific interests including ecommerce, crafts, recipes, blog posts, and motivating graphics. Pins created and posted to boards are shared between the business and potential clients while interacting online. Followers can like, repin, or comment to show approval. Original images are best used to share a story with followers and appeal to all senses with catch phrases and fascinating visuals. When a visitor subscribes to the boards of a particular page a connection is made between the producer and consumer.


Pinterest as a Source of Reference

TrafficThe key to Pinterest that sets it apart from other online competitors is the ability to link images to an original blog post or web domain. An attractive pin can motivate the viewer to click on the image to a link for a check-out to purchase a product, an application to start a new lease, and even a music review for the latest CD. When you constantly pin creative and consistent material users want to interact with your page, which targets a niche market. Using Pinterest, your business is one click away from engaging with the leads for more sales.

Companies that successfully use Pinterest for marketing 


  Pinterest is an exciting social network filled with possibilities for business owners and consumers. The virtual pin board has evolved into a site for brand marketing, image archives, and traffic referral. As the site continues to grow in popularity, companies are shifting their efforts to building a strong image that proves to provide leads for business. The Return of Investment is a widespread audience of Pinterest followers promoting your business online.

Leanne Fairweather Community Manager at LYFE Marketing

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