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Is Increasing Your Clientele Your Business’s Goal This Year?

In service-based businesses like cosmetic surgery practice facilities, the more clients you have, the better it is for your business. After all, having great skills and high-end equipment isn’t helpful if you don’t have enough new clients to keep your business running, right? And this will eventually all boil down on how good you are at marketing your brand.

Is Increasing Your Clientele Your Business’s Goal This Year?

In service-based businesses like cosmetic surgery practice facilities, the more clients you have, the better it is for your business. After all, having great skills and high-end equipment isn’t helpful if you don’t have enough new clients to keep your business running, right? And this will eventually all boil down on how good you are at marketing your brand.

What are the methods that you are using to reach your target audience? Are you connecting with them the right way? Are you sure that your marketing strategies are effective in enticing new patients? If not, what’s holding you back? What’s causing your marketing to be inefficient?

The reason we’re asking is because in today’s era, online marketing offers a plethora of opportunities for you to invite qualified prospective patients to come and visit your facility. There are tons of ways to increase your clientele and maximize your reach. And we know how to implement those most effective methods through plastic surgery marketing.


Plastic Surgery Marketing

All of our digital marketing services put our customers first in driving the growth of your business. Our experts will work with you to create an effective plastic surgery marketing strategy. Need more patients? LYFE Marketing is here to grow your practice.

Number 1.

Social Media Marketing

We offer full-service social media management services, which include online reputation management. Our plastic surgery marketing company will help you attract more clients through a strong social media presence. This includes informative content, follower interaction, and continuous engagement. We will take care of promoting client services, appointment bookings, discounts and so much more. Use our social media advertising services to drive more website traffic and consequently leads and sales.

Number 2.

PPC & Google AdWords Advertising

Pay-per-click search ads are useful for promoting your surgery procedures, your products and everything else about your brand. These PPC ads are only going to target those users that are searching for the cosmetic procedures services you provide or the products you sell. Additionally, the users who have visited your site or landing page will also be retargeted with display ads. These retargeting ads will serve as representatives of your brand and your message. The more times your audience sees an ad from your business, the more likely they are to become clients.

Number 3.

Email Marketing

This is a very popular service with plastic surgeon clients because you can keep in touch with existing clients well. You can use email marketing services to tell existing customers about new surgical procedures, new products, open appointments and other news in the cosmetic surgery industry. Use weekly or monthly email newsletters to connect with your present and even future clients. Our internet marketing company can also create drip-sequence campaigns for your business which are also great for moving new potential leads down the sales funnel and into a closed sale.

Number 4.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services will guarantee you nothing but quality content. This kind of content is informative and is something that clients and potential clients can learn from. If they see that your content is full of real value, then they will keep coming back to your plastic surgery website to educate themselves in their purchasing decision and eventually, make an appointment! This is an essential component of plastic surgery marketing efforts that we will be in charge of for you. So when you get our content marketing services, expect to have engaging content for your audience.

Number 5.

Website Design

Your plastic surgery website is usually your first prolonged contact with your clients, or specifically, your future patients. As a cosmetic surgeon, it is preferable for you to win their trust and confidence right away through a great first impression. To accomplish this, present a clean and professional-looking website design that is easy to navigate. This gives you a great chance to explain what your brand is all about and how you help your consumer. Display the services, your patient testimonials, products, and pricing of your brand. Also, ensure that it shows and functions well on mobile devices as well.

Number 6.

SEO – Organic Traffic

If potential patients are searching for plastic surgery services or plastic surgeons on Google, you want your business to be in the top search results! We can help you rank at the top of the search engine results. Beat out the competition and be the first to meet the needs of those clients. Our specialty is in helping small businesses meet and exceed their expectations through our best SEO practices. Increase your search result rankings today. We will also optimize your business page on review sites such as Google My Business or Yelp. Doing so will also help you generate more positive reviews.


There’s beauty in plastic surgery marketing- and we’re not just talking about your patients!

There’s beauty in the results you can see from digital marketing efforts! Read on as we list these plastic surgery marketing statistics that prove how much digital marketing can grow your business:

Almost 72% of adults

use social media platforms to engage and share information with others when dealing with health and wellness businesses.

An effective healthcare content marketing

can yield up to 3x the number of leads and costs 62% less.

66% of all internet users

search online for information about a particular medical problem or solution.

94% of potential patients

check out and use online reviews to evaluate health providers.

These numbers show that if your plastic surgery practice is struggling to get new and returning clients compared to your competitors, then we can help. Let us show you the power of digital marketing done right.

Benefits of Digital Marketing in the Plastic Surgery Industry

The benefits of plastic surgery marketing for the cosmetic surgery industry are many and varied. Our digital marketing strategies include every conceivable platform. From social media to website design, to SEO, you name it. This allows you to maximize each and every advantage that digital marketing offers.

We are going to talk about the most important benefits of digital marketing to your business and, by extension, to your clients.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Plastic surgery is a competitive market. That is why the first thing you need to prioritize is lead generation. That is also the primary benefit of using our digital marketing services. We can use many digital marketing tools to build a database of leads for your team to respond to. The goal here is for us to acquire quality leads for you all to nurture into a closed sale.

Greater Brand Awareness

Greater Brand Awareness

Digital marketing offers you a chance to build your brand name. Building up your brand means that your business is able to reach more people. Specifically, you want to reach more potential clients. When someone takes the first step in looking for a plastic surgery practice, effective brand awareness will help them think of and choose you over competitors every time.

Increased Appointments

Increased Appointments

Increased brand awareness and lead generation should, of course, lead to more appointments from clients. Who wouldn’t want their schedule to be fully booked? So sit back and relax as our digital marketing experts work their magic to fill up your client and appointment books to their capacity.

MonitorMore Referrals

MonitorMore Referrals

While referrals should not and would not be your primary source of clients, they can definitely help. Referrals can represent a significant chunk of your business, so it is always good to see them improve. You can leverage social media and online reviews to encourage more referrals from your existing customer base!

plastic surgery marketing

How We Grew A Client’s Audience And Increased Engagement Even Though They Belonged To A Niche Market

Even if you’re in a niche market, growth is possible. You just have to know and analyze your target audience in order to present them with ads and content that they will find valuable and respond to. That is exactly what we did with a plastic surgeon that offers different cosmetic surgery services. After we identified what their customers responded to best, we were able to increase their followers and saw an immense increase in engagement. Social engagement online is essentially word of mouth in the digital world. This is important! Contact us today to improve your engagement and ultimately, leads.

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Why Our Plastic Surgery Marketing Services Will Benefit Your Business

We Have The Experience Required For Success

We Have The Experience Required For Success

Are you going to entrust your breast augmentation or rhinoplasty procedure to someone who does not seem to have any relevant experience? Most probably not. The same goes for your business. You should only trust those with extensive industry experience to handle your plastic surgery marketing. We have been around the industry enough to know what you need and what your clients expect. Our team can and will deliver on all levels for your plastic surgery marketing campaign.

You’ll Work With A Team Of Professionals

You’ll Work With A Team Of Professionals

Our specialists bring years’ worth of experience and knowledge to the table. When you partner with us, you’ll have a main point of contact to guide you through absolutely everything with your marketing campaign.

We Are All About You

We Are All About You

Not all brands are the same. The same goes for you as your plastic surgery company is different from even your closest competitor. So we and our team of experts will craft a digital marketing plan that is uniquely yours. Every single aspect of the strategy is tailored to what you need to help you reach your goals.


At LYFE Marketing, we truly care about your success. That is why we use these strategies when we create and map out your plastic surgery marketing campaign.

Building Brand Trust

Trust is a key factor when people look for a cosmetic surgery facility or plastic surgeon that will provide them with plastic surgery services. We reflect that in the plastic surgery marketing plan that we create and build, which puts emphasis on building trust in your brand.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Knowing the goals and pain points of your target audience is crucial in constructing a plastic surgery marketing campaign. We know how to create ads and content that resonate with your customers so as to drive more traffic to your site.

Provide Value

It’s important to always provide value to your customers, especially your new patients, with any piece of digital marketing content you put in front of them. Educating your audiences makes you a thought leader in your industry, and it also establishes trust between you and your customers!

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What’s Most Important For Plastic Surgery Marketing Success


Analysis is your first step toward success. A digital marketing plan needs to be tailor-made for your particular business. It starts by analyzing the industry you belong to, and that includes careful analysis of your closest competitors. We will do that for you as we get the ball rolling in the creation of your digital marketing plan.


You are in the business of making people look and feel good about themselves. Our job is to create content that is equally eye-catching and pleasing to both your clients and potential clients. Our specialists will produce high-quality content such as articles, infographics, and etc. that will hook visitors and followers. They will be left wanting even more from you. This will eventually lead to increased client appointments.

Leads & Conversions

We will create a plastic surgery marketing plan that will allow you to increase your leads significantly. The more leads you have, the more conversions you are likely to get. Being a full service plastic surgery marketing agency, we’re able to utilize multiple digital marketing tools to drive quality leads for your practice!


Our plastic surgery marketing company can help to drive high engagement on your social channels. This is to make sure that clients remain interested and potential clients start to take notice of you. Our experts will take care of this part of the marketing plan by keeping a close watch on any digital platforms we are managing for you.


Our aim is to always improve on our performance, and we want that for your business too. We first look at the results of all our plastic surgery marketing efforts. After careful analysis and evaluation, optimization will be implemented. This part of the process aims to maximize everything that has been done up to this point and beyond.

Take The Next Step In Making Your Brand Look Its Best

People want to look good and feel good at the same time. That is why they come to you. If you want to feel good about your marketing plan, then you come to us. Our strategies are designed to enable beauty, business, and happiness to be in harmony.

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