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The Results

Over 10

Generated strong leads for pre-leasing of next year


Increased Facebook fans


Increased Twitter followers


Increased Instagram followers


After generating over 80 leads for Riverfront Village from social media marketing, Chance Partners decided to expand the scope of our work. This time our task was to market their student housing community, Southgate District, on social media. This student housing community is based in Tallahassee, Florida and was divided into 9 distinct properties at the time. Each property has its own identity underneath Southgate District, which made our task more interesting. Our job was to do the following:

  1. Establish a stronger brand voice for Southgate District
  2. Engage current residents through multiple social media channels
  3. Promote the pre-lease of an additional property opening in Fall of 2015

The Solution

To establish a stronger brand voice around the student housing community, we redesigned Southgate District’s appearance on social media. Our reasoning was to illustrate to residents what the concept of “The District” meant and how each individual property contributed to it. Below is an example of one the images we designed.

Engaging the residents on social media was the fun part. We used our secret weapons to find out where FSU students were the most active on social media. Our team knew exactly how to appeal to the interests of students based on the type of content they posted about. We took that information and created appealing content that almost any student in that area could resonate with. An example is listed below with over 125 likes and 15+ comments.

As far as promoting the newest addition to Southgate District, Eclipse, we did this in a very creative way. Each student to sign a lease was shouted out across all of our social media profiles. This boosted awareness for the new property in a non-pushy way to students in Tallahassee. As you can see, over 95 students responded favorably to image we posted below.

The Results

This student housing property is off to a strong start. We have only worked on this project for 45 days and have already accomplished great traction in the Tallahassee market. Some of the results are listed below:

  1. Generated over 10 strong leads for pre-leasing of next year
  2. Increased Facebook fans by 250
  3. Increased Twitter followers by 700
  4. Increased Instagram followers by 1,000

This student housing marketing campaign is growing faster than most student housing properties in the nation right now. Stay tuned for more results!

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