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Your customers spend their time reading content online. We believe that the businesses who create value-driven content will succeed in the new era of business. That is why it is important to blog and guest post on other websites, so your brand can be seen.

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Why Content Marketing Matters?

We provide content marketing solutions for real estate agencies and agents. We help put your name above competitors by making you stand out with the value you offer to your clients. Contact us today if you’re ready to be an industry leader!

Only 11% of realtors and firms have a blog even though an astounding 70% of people prefer to get to know a firm and its agents through online content rather than paid advertisements.

70% of people only research one firm or agent before choosing to work with them. For this reason alone, it’s imperative that you have a strong real estate content marketing strategy that showcases the strengths and services you offer.

14% of home buyers search for tips on how to purchase homes more effectively. They are looking for the information, why not make your agency be the one to provide it to them and start building a connection and trust. For the ones that do, 82% of home buyers trust online agents as good information sources.

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What are the benefits of Content Marketing?

Search Engine Recognition.

Google loves websites that provide lots of valuable content that searchers want to read. In real estate content marketing, the main focus is to answer the questions of your target audience, which is exactly what the search engines want you to do. When they see this, they automatically place more value on your website and help you rank higher in search engine results.

Spend Less. Get More.

Real estate content marketing costs less that almost all other forms of digital marketing for real estate agencies, but generally sees six times more leads and conversions than your competitors that don’t have a real estate content marketing strategy.

Return On Investment.

Content marketing already offers a worthy return on investment alone, but it also boosts other channels of marketing in your portfolio. Start to see a jump in metrics and an increase in overall ROI for your email marketing and social media marketing efforts when you implement real estate content marketing through consistent blogging.

Content Marketing Builds Trust and Increases Conversions

We help real estate agents educate their prospects and clients. When you should your clients that you know a lot about the market and process, you develop more trust. That trust transcends into more clients and referrals for you. Our client Brian, saw an instant change in the way his client’s perceived him when he started to blog and email his client’s great content. If you’re not blogging in 2018 and beyond then you are setting yourself up for an enormous hill to climb.



In our first step we work with you to develop a road map for your content marketing strategy and the goals your agency is trying to achieve through that strategy. We look at your customers and develop your client persona as well as dive into what your competitors are doing. We take that information to create a customized strategy and content calendar for your agency’s blog.


Our professional writers begin curating content that will resonate with your past, current, and future clients. Through this content, you will keep past and current clients informed as well as nurture future clients into conversion.


Once your content has been written, we follow the calendar set during the strategy phase and publish content timely and consistently. We manage any comments on your blog and answer any questions visitors may have. We all share your content on your social media channels to drive more traffic to your site.


You will receive monthly reports regarding the success of your real estate content marketing strategy. The reports will detail site traffic, time on site, new site visitors, and engagement with your content. With these metrics, we are able to adjust your content marketing strategy to improve your results month after month.

Keys to Real Estate Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not difficult, but it definitely takes time. We take the time to write, proofread, edit and publish great content for our clients. Here are a few keys to great content marketing: 

  1. Value First. When developing content whether it is a blog post or graphic, you want your readers to feel like the gained something for free.
  2. Consistency. It is massively important to make sure that whatever you are develoing that it happens on a consistent basis. Consistency leads to momentum.
  3. Measurement. Please, track how your content is being consumed. That means knowing exactly how long people are on your website or how much is being downloaded.


Full Service

As a digital marketing company that does it all, we know best how your real estate content marketing strategy interacts with your other channels of marketing. While an informative blog and engaging real estate content marketing campaign is great, it’s still not enough if you want to stand out as an industry leader. Your content must be displayed on a website that offers a great user experience and be shared through email and boosted with SEO to truly make an impact in the real estate community and achieve the greatest ROI.

Industry Experience

Work with a company that knows real estate, has been in your industry and can help you grow into the leading agency you are meant to be. Our extensive real estate industry experience makes us the best choice when selecting a digital marketing firm to promote your agency through real estate content marketing and skyrocket your success.


We guarantee that you will receive the same exceptional customer service your clients receive from you and your agents. When you work with us, you have a dedicated specialist working on your real estate content marketing campaign. We believe in providing the best quality of services possible to the businesses we work with. We have the same growth goals in mind, and we can’t wait to be the ones that help you reach yours.

Does Content Marketing for Real Estate Really Work?

For years, media like newspapers and magazines have dominated people’s attention. 

However, now attention is dominated by the internet.

Your potential customers are already spending hours a day consuming stuff online. It should be obvious that your business needs to try to get more attention by putting out great content too.

The good news is, we are here to help. 

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