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Attract, acquire, and engage with more customers.

That’s our goal for your restaurant. We will help you not only acquire new customers but interact more with your previous customers to keep them coming back meal after meal.

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Be a Culinary Leader

Restaurant content marketing positions you as a leader in your industry. Blogging about new foods, recipes, nutrition, and more makes people turn to you for answers to all their culinary questions.

Nurture to Reservation Booking

People may have heard about your restaurant or seen it on social media, but haven’t tried it yet. Let your content convince them! Tell them more about your dishes, history, and wine list through your restaurant blog.

Increase ROI

Your content marketing efforts will build upon themselves and continue to convert more customers year after year. The more content you produce, the more traffic you will see online and in your restaurant because you are providing more value.

Appetizer: Insight into Restaurant Content Marketing

The trends on how people consume content is changing. More and more people are consuming content digitally. Editorial content similar to starting a restaurant blog is being trusted more by consumers than other forms of marketing content such as TV, radio, billboards, and newspapers. Even if customers get a paper menu delivered in the mail, chances are they are still going to your website to check out your menu and look at what specials you have going on. This is why restaurant content marketing plays such a big role in digital marketing both now and in the future.


The costs of restaurant content marketing are appealing to owners too. On average, restaurant content marketing costs about 62% less and usually results in about 3 times more customers than traditional forms of restaurant marketing.

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Salad: Why You Need Restaurant Content Marketing

Customer Acquisition. Starting a restaurant blog and developing content that interests readers, whether it is specifically about your restaurant or not, is captivating to customers. Just by seeing you produce content that they like will get them into your doors and dining at your tables.


Deeper Engagement. Restaurant content marketing humanizes your brand and gives your restaurant a voice. Continuously developing this type of content will allow you to engage with diners on a deeper level.


Increase Website Traffic. More content pages on your site will drive more traffic because people are interested in what you have to say. The more traffic you generate, the better your website performs in other areas of digital marketing including SEO.


Brand Awareness. Consistently creating and distributing content will give your brand name more authority and create a trusting relationship with future and current diners. As that relationship builds, diners will recommend you to friends & family by word-of-mouth and online.

Is a restaurant blog really worth the time and money?

Absolutely!! If it’s time you need to save, then our content marketing services are right for you. We do all of the work for you. All you do is approve it before it’s published. Check out our pricing here: Content Marketing Pricing. Worried about money? No need if you have a content marketing strategy in action. Content is what brings users to your site. Without it, why do they need to visit your website? More visitors = more customers. And the content marketing efforts pay for themselves and then some. It’s just that simple.



Before you can start cooking a delicious dish, you need to have the ingredients to prepare it. The same theory applies to your restaurant content marketing campaign and when starting a restaurant blog. Before developing a custom plan or writing content, we always perform thorough research to determine the likes of your customers. We also create a content calendar that you approve so we both know which topics will be published and when throughout the month.


Our specialists create professionally written content that is custom for your restaurant and customer audience. Starting a restaurant blog is what we recommend to our restaurant clients that want to drive more traffic to their site and offer valuable information to their potential and current customers aside from restaurant information. Our writers will generate content based on the current trends, new recipes, and popular topics in the restaurant industry.


Distributing your blog in multiple places is what will help you drive the most traffic. Our restaurant content marketing services include creating, editing, and publishing your content to your blog and on your social media pages. You can also cross-promote across different platforms if you work with us to promote your blog through email marketing and social media advertising.


We closely monitor the results of your content marketing and send you reports monthly. These reports will detail website traffic, time on site, most popular content, and actions taken on site for the various interactive opportunities.


As you build up your content portfolio for your restaurant, it’s import to remember these elements:

  1. Lead Magnets. Use your content marketing as an opportunity to gain email subscribers to make a great connection with customers.
  2. Site Monitoring. Closely paying attention to behavior of customers on your restaurant’s blog pages can give you insight into the type of content they prefer.
  3. Track Metrics. Analyze the data and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly.


Restaurant Experience

When you are looking to hire new employees for your restaurant, you generally have a line that says “Restaurant experience preferred”. That should be no different when you are looking to expand your restaurant content marketing efforts. We are here for you, and we have a great deal of restaurant experience, so no need to keep looking for the perfect ingredient for your restaurant content marketing strategy.


Each of our content specialists works in a department dedicated to writing custom content for our restaurant clients. You will be assigned a specialist to your account that will focus on writing content that appeals to your customers and delivers the information you want your customers to know about your restaurant. Our specialists are dedicated to helping your grow whether you are just starting a restaurant blog or need to spruce up your current one. Our talented content specialists can do it all.

Full Service

As a full service digital marketing agency, we offer other services that will give your restaurant content marketing an extra boost. We can promote your content marketing efforts through your social media profiles and restaurant email newsletters to drive more traffic to your site and get you greater ROI on all digital marketing efforts. We are a one stop shop your restaurant marketing needs.

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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