Facebook, for your convenience, allows you to link your Twitter account to your Facebook. Twitter also enables you to do the same thing with your Facebook. Through linking, when you post on one platform it automatically posts the same message to the other. This has to be great, right? You can cut down on the time it takes to post to each platform in half and get back to your more important duties. Remember, a chef uses different knifes when cutting raw meat and vegetables. Don’t contaminate your Facebook with posts from Twitter and/or your Twitter with post from Facebook. Though each platform serves the overall goal of touching current and potential consumers, each platform needs a different strategy in order to execute the goal. 

     Whether by design and/or normality the audiences of different social platforms are used to a certain type of content. For example, people tend to post more frequently and fragmented on Twitter than they do on Facebook. Consequently, if you have your Twitter linked to your Facebook it could become quite a nuisance to your Facebook friends/fans to see an overload of twitter posts on their timeline. Also, one of the main reasons consumers tend to use different social media platforms is to see different content or enjoy a different experience. For this reason, the duplication of content on multiple platforms can become redundant. Dont bore your Twitter audience with Facebook posts and/or vice versa. Give your consumers and potential consumers fresh captivating content as they move from platform to platform. 

     Different platforms should come with different strategies. Every post should be well thought out and aim to achieve a specific goal. There is a different audience and a different norm, content wise, as you use different social platforms. The beauty of being on different social platforms has all to do with the different ways you can capture the eyes of your target market on those platforms. Like quick, relatable, fragmented messages on Twitter or a short captivating video on Vine. Don’t miss out on this beauty by trying to reach the audiences of multiple platforms with a message that is tailored for only one.

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