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SEO For Accountants

Are you looking for ways to garner qualified leads for your accounting firm? We can help you with that through our SEO for accountants service.
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SEO for Accountants


If you have an accounting firm, then you want to rise above your competitors. You know that you are capable of providing quality services, and you want your consumers to know that too. SEO for accountants is a process that helps your website to be “seen” more on Google and other search engines. A good example of this is when someone searches for accountants in their area using the Internet. SEO will do its work and help your accounting firm appear at the top of the search results. This process involves:


– the optimization of your website architecture and

– the improvement of your website’s authority in relation to Google’s algorithm.


Our SEO experts will help you create the best SEO strategy for your firm and implement it. The strategy will allow your firm to be seen not just by anyone but by the right people from your specific target market.

Why Your Firm Needs SEO For Accountants

Anyone looking for accounting or financial services starts their search on the Internet. Why? Because searching online is the fastest and most practical way to look for any type of service. Therefore, SEO for accountants is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire leads and traffic and spread awareness about your accounting brand.


Here are a few more reasons why your firm can use SEO for accountants:

Improved Visibility

Optimization of your website will result in improved traffic. Organic searches help drive up both the volume and the quality of your website traffic. Not only is it a better way to increase your traffic, but also it is a less costly way of doing so.

Higher Rankings

This is what every accounting firm wants. When potential clients search Google and other search engines for accounting services, you want to be one of the top results. Being in the top three results is ideal for optimal traffic.

Higher Quality Leads

Once you rank for the right keywords, you can expect an increase in the quality of your leads. Remember that only the most relevant keywords will merit optimization. So getting higher quality leads is largely dependent on choosing the right keywords.

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How Does Local SEO Affect Your Business?

One of the things that makes an accounting firm different from other companies is that most of them have a local, physical office wherein clients can go and visit. Unlike other online businesses whose operation is solely through the internet, many accounting firms serve a specific local area. This might make some think they have little to gain from online marketing, but it’s actually the other way around!


Since most accounting firms are local, incorporating local SEO in marketing has never been more vital. In fact, local SEO has grown in the past few years with the mobile first indexing launched by Google and the rise of voice search usage. More than half of users now prefer to use their smartphones and voice searches when looking for products and services. If you’re still unsure about local SEO, let’s take a look at these statistics:

SEO for Accountants

46% of global searches

using Google are local ones.

72% of users

who perform a local search end up visiting a physical store within 5 miles.

88% of mobile users

searching for local businesses either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

92% of users

pick businesses listed on the first page of local search results.

30% of mobile searches

on Google are related to location.

97% of people

learn more about a specific local company online, more than from any other channel.

More than 900%

was the usage growth of the keywords “near me” or “close by” over the last two years.

64% of users

prefer to check Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses.

Seeing how massive the effect of local SEO is, now is the right time to take advantage of it! It gives you an edge over your competitors, and it can also bring in more higher quality clients.

Increase Your Rankings, Brand Awareness, Traffic Flow & More With Our SEO For Accountants Services!

At LYFE Marketing, we are not only masters at SEO, but we specifically have a lot of experience at SEO for accountants. We know what it takes to help your website climb up the rankings on Google! If you’re ready to get started, click the button below.

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Our Proven Process For SEO For Accountants

Website Audit

1 Accounting Services SEO Strategy

The first step for us to create a successful strategy that’s unique to your firm. Our specialists will research the right keywords for your accounting firm. The next step is to perform an audit of your website and then provide you with recommendations on how to improve your SEO architecture.

Website SEO

2 Accounting Services SEO Website Optimization

The next step is the implementation of all the necessary changes to your website for SEO optimization. What we want is for Google to recognize your accounting firm for the keywords that you want your website to rank for. You want Google to scan your website the right way. For this to happen, our specialist will embed keywords into the coding, meta tags, and headers of your website. A sitemap will also be submitted to various search engines. This will enable them to identify your website.

SEO Maintenance

3 Accounting Services SEO Monthly Maintenance

After performing the website optimization, we will start with the monthly maintenance plan. This monthly SEO maintenance plan is very comprehensive. It includes writing blogs, building top-quality backlinks, and increasing website exposure.

SEO Reporting

4 Accounting Services SEO Reports

You will receive a monthly report that contains details and insights on the progress of your campaign. The reports will present your website’s organic rankings, visibility, and organic traffic results.

Benefits Of SEO For Accountants

Enjoy the following benefits through our SEO for accountants services:


Your clients use search engines often and on a daily basis. In fact, Google alone is responsible for more than 94% of organic web traffic. With our SEO for accountants services, they can easily find you on these search engines.


Did you know that SEO leads have a higher chance of being converted compared to outbound leads? Yes, the traffic that comes from search engines has a very good chance of converting traffic to leads and leads to customers.

Free Traffic

SEO traffic is considered to be free traffic because it’s organic and not from a paid advertisement. This helps in decreasing your cost per acquisition. You can get a high volume of traffic without spending too much of your budget.

Organic Marketing

SEO marketing is considered to be one of the best examples of organic marketing. This means that it is more cost-effective than other paid advertising solutions and that you’re attracting quality traffic.

24/7 Promotion

Google and similar search engines are capable of promoting your business 24/7. There is no limit to their promotional capacity. Potential clients will be able to learn more about your business even when you’re not there.

What Makes Our SEO Services For Accountants Stand Out


We Understand The Accounting Industry

The very first thing that makes our services unique is our understanding of the accounting industry. This understanding comes from the fact that some of our agency’s owners are actual CPAs, financial advisors, and more. Our agency also has extensive experience in working with accountants, banks, and tax firms. We have provided SEO services for all of them. So if you are looking for an agency that knows your industry and knows what it takes to succeed in digital marketing, then we may be the one for you.


We Take Care Of All Your Firm’s Marketing Needs

You may think that we are only capable of providing your firm’s SEO needs. The truth is that we are capable of providing so much more. In fact, we are able to take care of all your marketing needs. So if you need any help with social media marketing, blogging, graphic design, email marketing and more, you can count on us. We have talented specialists who are real experts in each of the services that we offer. That way, our services are more streamlined and cost-effective for firms like yours.


Our SEO Services Are Proven To Work

You only want to work with an agency that is experienced and has a very solid track record. We offer everything that you are looking for in a company that provides SEO for accountants and more. Our experience comes with a list of small businesses like yours that we’ve helped see success and ROI through SEO.

So Are You Ready To Experience The Benefits Of SEO For Your Accounting Firm?

SEO for accountants requires a different strategy compared to a typical SEO plan. And not just anyone can do the job. What you need is a team of experts who has a proven track record and years of experience. Our team consists of people who are not only specialists, but also genuinely care for your business growth too. That’s the LYFE Marketing team.


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