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Be sure that you are making all the right choices for your bank by hiring a firm with the right experience in providing SEO services.

seo for banks

What Can SEO for Banks Do for You?

You know that you provide the best service as a bank but does anyone else know?

You have a great-looking and functional website. But is it helping you acquire new patients?

SEO can help you out.

What can SEO for banks do for you?

SEO is based on the fact that most people who use the internet rely on search engines. When people are searching for something on the internet, they do not go straight to a website. Instead, they type in whatever they’re searching for on a search engine and just check out what comes up on the search results.

Therefore, the websites that appear at the top of search results are often getting a lot of traffic from those searches. You can take advantage of that fact by having your site optimized for search engines.

That’s easier said than done though. 

It takes knowledge and experience to perform SEO correctly. That’s where LYFE Marketing can help you.

We have been doing SEO for years now, and we know how to handle the ever-changing trends, rules and policies implemented by Google when it comes to how their search engines work.

seo for banks

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seo for banks

Why Do You Need SEO for Banks Services?

Most people who are searching for banking services will use Google to help them in their search. More than 90% of all traffic actually come from search engines. A banking service that has a website that is optimized will be able to get a great deal of that traffic and acquire new leads at low costs.

If in the past people mostly relied on word-of-mouth to decide on which bank they would go for, things have changed. People now rely on word-of-mouth via the internet through top search results and online reviews. 

Your bank must maintain a strong online presence to keep up with the competition in this kind of market.

Here are additional reasons why SEO is a must for banks:

  1. Better Visibility: Appear on the first page of Google when potential clients search for banks and other financial services on search engines.
  2. More Traffic: Get an increased amount of traffic to your site from organic search.
  3. More Leads: You can acquire more leads by having your site optimized for the keywords that are most often used.
  4. Less Worry: Do you really need to worry about SEO? You already have a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your bank. Allow us to do the optimization for your site.

You might be thinking that it would be better to optimize your site for search engines on your own. While there is nothing wrong with that, you need to remember that Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm. So the best practices now might not necessarily be so in the future.

Do you think you can handle the constantly evolving rules with SEO? Many bank owners trust SEO to experts like us at LYFE Marketing. We have been keeping up with SEO changes for years and have seen great success with our clients and our own business alike.

Why It’s Important to Invest in SEO for Banks

You can experience more brand visibility, more website traffic and thereby more leads and conversions when you sign up for our SEO for banks. Schedule a meeting now and learn more about the benefits that our service can bring in detail.

Important Factors for Success in SEO for Banks in Marketing

SEO Strategy

Everything starts with a plan. Our specialists will create a good strategy for your SEO campaign, we will lay the groundwork for your success. Our SEO specialists will get to know you and your business and research your target audience as well as your competition to craft a strong strategy.

Researching Keywords

Success with SEO for banks is impossible without proper keyword research. We will find the right keywords to your business. Only those that can impact your campaign positively will be used. Our research will show us the  keywords which are relevant, have volume and can bring you qualified traffic. 

SEO is not a set it and forget it type of service. It requires constant optimization in order to see continuous results. Your SEO team here at LYFE Marketing will handle this for you.
Ongoing SEO & Reporting

On top of the monthly maintenance that we will conduct for your site, we will also deliver a monthly report to you. The report will show how the SEO changes that have been implemented are performing, and it will show the progress of your site. Normally, it will include the following:

  • The visibility of your site
  • The organic ranking of your site
  • The organic traffic results generated by our SEO service



Work with our agency to experience the following benefits made possible through our SEO for banks services: 

  1. Be Found. Your potential clients prefer to look for banks that are located near them, and you want to get found by these potential clients. Let us help you by making sure that your website shows up in the top results when people do look for you.
  2. Conversions. The ideal process is to turn your website’s traffic into leads and then turn those leads into actual clients for your bank. All of that can be made possible through our SEO for banks process.
  3. Free Traffic. Why pay for daily traffic when you can have free qualified traffic? This will help decrease the costs for acquiring new clients because they would acquired through our SEO for banks services.
  4. Constant Promotion. Your banks are closed after office hours, but SEO continues to do its work beyond that. By choosing our SEO for banks services, your business and your website get 24/7 promotion.


We Understand How the Financial Service Industry Works

Each industry is different and has special needs, especially in banking and financial services. You can rest assured that we understand how this industry works. The owners of our own agency are CPAs, and we’ve worked with many financial advisors, and financial consultants. We have managed the SEO of numerous banks, accounting firms, individual accountants, and tax firms. On top of knowing how the industry works, we also know how to navigate the regulatory restrictions concerning search engine optimization.


We Have a Proven Track Record

As with other services, you always look for a firm that has a proven track record. The same should be true when it comes to the SEO agency that you choose. Why would you hire one that has not seen success with SEO in the past? We have several years of experience in providing not just SEO but also digital marketing to clients from financial industries. We know how to deliver the right results. Our existing clients prove that we are on top of our game.

We Can Handle All the Marketing Needs of Your Company

We’re not just a firm that handles SEO. We are a complete digital marketing agency, and we can handle all your online marketing requirements from content creation to sending out e-mail newsletters, we have you covered. We have streamlined our process so that banks and other financial firms can have access to our marketing specialists at relatively low cost. We’re able to execute each of your marketing efforts including SEO with consistency throughout and with the bigger picture in mind. 

We’ve driven over 6,437,349 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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