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“Nonprofit organizations near me” is searched on Google over 12,000 times per month in the U.S. That’s how many people are trying to find organizations they can volunteer for, donate to, or partner with.

Will they find your organization in their search? Our nonprofit SEO services can get you there. 

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How SEO for Nonprofits Works

Past studies have shown that users are 7 times more likely to visit a nonprofit’s website when they find their website through a search query rather than a social media platform.


This would explain why nonprofits see almost half of their search traffic, 47.09% to be exact, from organic search.

Over 65% of people prefer to learn more about a nonprofit organization on their website where they are free to navigate through different blog posts, results, and images.


92% of nonprofits are leveraging this traffic by using content marketing to spread their mission but more than half of these organizations do not have a strategy in place for their content which also means they do not have SEO for nonprofits. Producing content shows little return if your site has not been optimized for people to find it.

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Benefits of SEO for Nonprofits

Increase Traffic to Your Site – Any nonprofit can make a website and put content on it, but for people to actually go to that site, you have to put in some work. Researching what your audience is searching for and their interests will help improve the optimization performed in SEO for nonprofits.


Rank Higher – The ultimate benefit of nonprofit search engine optimization and church SEO is improvement in your organization’s rankings with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The higher you rank organically, meaning you aren’t paying for that position, the more often you can be found when your audience searches keywords that are optimized on your site.


Identifies Successes – The results of your SEO and website traffic will help you identify the other pieces of your digital marketing portfolio that are working best in achieving your organization’s goals. This data also gives you more insight into your audience’s interests as well as what content and emails resonate with them most. The additional information SEO provides will also help you improve your overall digital marketing efforts so you can make an impact even without an expansive budget and staff.


Long Term Success – Optimizing your site will bring you continued success for years to come. Social media advertising and PPC ads only last as long as you are feeding money into those platforms, but SEO for nonprofits builds upon itself continuously improving as you add more keywords, content, and updates thus endlessly building the strength of your site and the number of visits you receive.

Increase platform awareness by increasing visibility to thousands on Google

Invest in what’s right for your business. By implementing nonprofit SEO on your website, you could be ranking #1 for dozens of keywords within just a few months. As you grow, this success builds on itself over time. We’ve proven the people are there looking for you. Now you just have to spread your wings and show them where (and who) you are.


Evaluation & Setup

You have to know where you came from before you can know where you’re going. The same is true for SEO. Before we optimize your site for best performance, we perform a thorough site audit to assess your current site’s content, mapping, code, and keyword density to determine site strengths and weaknesses. Then we setup the tools necessary to track the metrics that will deliver performance results of your site and help us optimize over time.


Our team meets with you and discusses the goals you want to achieve through SEO and when you want to hit those ideal milestones in your search engine optimization journey. We then develop a customized plan that will take your site along its transformational journey of its current state to a site that will rank higher and drive more traffic.

Keyword Investment

The bread and butter of SEO for nonprofits is in your keywords that your site is optimized for. These keywords should correspond with search queries from your audience and reflect topics and answers around your mission and cause. We use tools for researching the most effective long-tail keywords for your organization and identify the level of competition around those keywords to ensure your SEO for nonprofits is performing at its best.

Ongoing SEO for Nonprofits

SEO is not a set it and forget it type of digital marketing. There are many initial steps taken to improve your SEO in the short term, but to truly have a successful nonprofit SEO campaign, then you need ongoing SEO and keyword research. We offer this as part of our SEO services for nonprofits and our church SEO services. Keeping your site up to date with audience preferences, link building, blogging, and strategy adjustments increases your reputation with search engines and ensures higher rankings for years to come.

Strategies for higher rankings

To help you reach more potential donors, we apply the following tactics to set your site apart from the rest:

  1. Keyword Research. We take a thorough deep dive into finding the keywords that your potential donors & volunteers are searching.
  2. Local Nonprofit SEO. You want to make an impact across the globe but also locally. There are thousands of people in your area searching to help you.
  3. Ongoing SEO. Your work never stops and neither does ours. We maintain your SEO with proven ongoing strategies so you can capture the top spot and stay there.


Industry Experience

Our nonprofit platform experience ranges from social activism and education to community improvement and religious organizations. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with knowledgeable experts working on your SEO for nonprofits or your church SEO.

Nonprofit SEO Pros

You will have dedicated specialists working on your account who are trained in SEO for nonprofits and church SEO. All pages of your site will be optimized for your target audience searching for a cause to donate to or volunteer for.

Full Service Firm

As a nonprofit we know you try to keep costs down and get the most bang for your buck all in one place. For this reason working with a full service digital marketing firm is ideal for SEO for nonprofits. We can easily improve the elements that make up your reputation with search engines by driving traffic to your site through social media, email, and content marketing. If you think your website needs updating to handle additional traffic, we can design your website too. We want to do everything possible to help you reach your fundraising and volunteer goals.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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