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Do you need more engaging content and an effective content marketing plan? Our experienced writers can create content for your website that your customers will find useful and valuable. Start driving sales through strategic content.
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Website Traffic

Increase Traffic & Sessions

Do you want to increase your website engagement and decrease your bounce rate? Publish custom content that your customers will find valuable and will help drive traffic.

Save money

Improve Product Sales

Are you aiming to generate more leads and sales? Create content that encourages consumers to not just look at your products but actually purchase them.

More revenue

Increase Return On Investment

Is your goal this year to double or even triple your ROI? Generate everlasting content that brings continued traffic & sales for less cost than ads.

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Content—or rather, great content—is what you need to get people to notice your brand. Great content is one of the foundations of effective marketing. So what is content marketing?


Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing high-quality content that attracts and retains your target audience. The content needs to be useful, relevant, and consistent so people will take an interest.


Consider this fact: the more content people consume from you, the more likely they are going to buy your products & services. That puts the impact of content marketing into its proper context. If you still need reasons to consider using content marketing, here are three: it is cost-effective, it leads to more sales, and it helps build trust with customers. Now all you need is a top content marketing firm to make things fall into place for you.

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How Content Marketing Affects Every Business

They say content is king and we agree with that. After all, when people go online to look for products, services or solutions to their problems, the first thing that they search for is information- valuable information that will satisfy their curiosity or need. That’s exactly why search engines like Google put websites with high quality content at the top of the search results; Google knows that this is what the users want.


So if you have an effective content marketing plan, then your website will have higher chances to be at the top of search results, thereby gaining waves or organic, qualified website traffic. But aside from helping your website rank higher on search engines, how else does it affect your business? What are the advantages that you can get from content marketing? Check out these figures.


Marketers who stated

that blogging is one of their priorities are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.

47% of B2B clients

read about 4 to 5 blog posts before deciding to talk to a salesperson.

Content marketing adopters

are almost 6x more likely to convert.

Content marketing

can yield up to 3x more leads.

84% of users

expect brands to produce content that entertains and provides solutions to their problems.

A content marketing strategy

costs 62% less compared to traditional marketing.

These numbers only prove that through content marketing, your business can increase ROI, leads and web traffic. But of course, that is if your content marketing strategy is effective. So as we mentioned earlier, if you need help in creating a solid content marketing plan fit for your brand, then our content marketing firm is here to help.

Benefits You Can Enjoy From Content Marketing

Our belief in content marketing is backed by experience and results. Here are several benefits that a great content marketing firm can help you take advantage of:

 →  Brand Awareness

People need to learn about your brand. Your product or service might just be the solution that they are looking for to help them with their problems. The right content marketing firm can help you create useful content that will inform people about your brand. You can then expect people to engage with your content and build their awareness for your brand. If they like what you offer, they will turn into customers.

Content Marketing Firm
Content Marketing Firm

 →  Search Engine Visibility

Another great benefit of content marketing is search engine visibility. Every business dreams of landing on the first page of search engine results. The results there are what people are most likely to click, especially the top three or top five. This high level of visibility in the search rankings also helps you save on costs. You’re able to rank high organically without spending money on paid searches.

 →  Trust & Loyalty Of Your Audience

By having great content, you also build trust with your audience. Once they see that your content helps them answer some of their questions, they will learn in turn how your products or service can solve their problems. When people see that they can trust your brand, they will trust your product. Create content that helps establish a relationship with your audience to the point that they trust you. Trust helps them choose your business over competitors when the time comes to make a purchasing decision.

Content Marketing Firm
Content Marketing Firm

 →  Increased Sales

Your web traffic should be more than just numbers in your analytics dashboard. It should also translate to revenue. And that is where content marketing can help. You see, most of your potential customers are still not ready to buy or try your services the first time they land on your website or hear about your business. This is why the “process” part of the buying process exists. Content marketing aids you in bringing these potential customers a step closer to buying. Also, by providing high quality content, you can build a connection with your audience which, again, makes them more likely to purchase from your business.

We Help Small Businesses Grow Through Content Marketing Using The Same Methods We’ve Used To Grow LYFE Marketing

So how did you find our website? We are pretty sure that it was through search, social media, paid ads, email marketing or through our blog. That is because we know and use content marketing for our business too (and you could say we’re pretty good at it!). We know exactly what it takes to develop a successful content marketing plan for our business and yours too. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

Digital Marketing Specialist

Why Choose Us As Your Content Marketing Firm


Because We Are More Than A Content Marketing Firm

We are a full service agency, which means we offer multiple digital marketing services outside of content writing. This gives you the advantage of working with a firm who sees the big picture. Your content should play a part in a much bigger marketing strategy.


Because We Stay Informed

Our team members always stay up to date on the latest trends and changes within digital marketing. In addition to fads or popular topics changing, technical aspects of digital marketing change as well such as platform policies and more. At LYFE Marketing, we stay on top of both for your benefit.


Because We Are Well-Versed In Content Writing

LYFE Marketing has years of experience not just within digital marketing, but specifically within content writing. We are a content marketing firm for both our clients AND for ourselves! We know how to achieve success with content marketing, and we can help you do the same.


Because We Have Expert Content Writers

We only employ the top content writers available. When you work with us, you are receiving a team of expert specialists to produce thoughtful content for you and drive the results you’re looking for.


Content marketing can accomplish many objectives for your business. It’s our job to listen to what your business needs and is aspiring towards, and then we put that into real metrics we can measure. Here are the four most common goals we hear from our clients and what that translates to for their content marketing plan.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is key for all small businesses. You can’t grow your leads and sales if people don’t know that you exist! Content marketing can help create brand name recognition to give your business an established, credible name within your industry.


Referrals and word of mouth is one of the more effective ways to capitalize on existing customers and gain new customers through people they know. In the digital marketing realm, a tangible example of this includes social media shares of your content, or referrals submitted through a form on your website.

Content Marketing Firm


If you are a service-based business, you may need to acquire leads and nurture them before you can close them. In general, your content marketing approach with inquiries will differ and look different than it would with a direct sales or ecommerce model.


This is what we’re all striving for, isn’t it? Utilizing a content marketing firm can help create multiple touch-points to move your target audience down the sales funnel from a social media follower to a customer.

Our Proven Content Marketing Firm Process

Content Marketing Strategy

Every successful venture starts out with a sound strategy. The same is true for content marketing. Our content marketing firm will begin its work by learning everything about your business and creating a strategy that’s unique to your brand. This will include customer research so that we can understand your audience and the content that your target market wants to see.

Content Development

After creating your content marketing strategy, our aim is to produce consistent and quality content that will help your business succeed. All of the content that we create and develop for you will be professionally written and edited while remaining unique to your business.

Content Distribution

The next step in our process is content distribution. This is where our full-service capabilities come into play. You can choose to use a combination of our various services for the best content distribution possible including social media management, social media advertising, e-mail marketing, SEO and more. By using any combination of these services, together with content marketing, you can build your audience and convert them.

Content Marketing Reporting

Last in our content marketing services is content marketing reporting. We want to keep you as updated as possible about the performance of your marketing campaign. To accomplish this, we will be sending you a monthly report that details how our services are performing for you. For accuracy, we are going to look at meaningful metrics of your campaign.

See The Results You Want With A Content Marketing Firm

If you’re looking to drive stronger brand awareness, more website traffic and ultimately more sales, then you’ve come to the right place. An engaging content marketing plan will not only help you achieve these things, but will also put you one step ahead of the competition. Having consistent engaging and high quality content will establish your business as a thought-leader and an expert in your industry. And who wouldn’t want an expert working for their business?


This is what we want for your business. A content marketing firm like ours can help you achieve your goals via digital marketing. Get started today by filling out the form below!

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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