Small Business SEO Services

Rank at the Top of Search Engine Results

Small Business SEO Services

Rank at the Top of Search Engine Results

Small Business SEO Services

Rank at the Top of Search Engine Results



Our agency offers unparalleled, affordable SEO services to help you attract more leads and grow your business.

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to expand your business and get more sales? We can help.

Small business seo services
Small business seo services



Our agency offers unparalleled, affordable SEO services to help you attract more leads and grow your business.

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to expand your business and get more sales? We can help.

Why You Need Small Business SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for growing small businesses.

SEO for small businesses has changed the landscape where even the small local businesses have a chance at success against big competitors.

SEO is different from PPC in that SEO improves your organic rankings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing (whereas PPC appears as a paid advertisement). This means you can still outrank larger competitors even with a smaller ad budget! And as a small business the name of the game is visibility. Online visibility is the key to competing against your competitors on SERPs (search engine results pages.) Plus, oftentimes we have found that customers tend to trust the organic search results more than the paid search results on Google. Being in the top organic search results will instantly establish a level of trust in your brand, and move potential customers down the sales funnel with ease.

The Benefits of Small Business SEO Services

Number 1.

SEO Results in a Better Website

Perhaps the number one benefit you can get from SEO is an overall better small business website. But how do you measure a website and say that it is better than it was before?

The answer is by having faster and more user-friendly web pages that users will enjoy visiting again and again.

All these result in satisfied customers who are going to be there for you in the long run. By practicing good on page SEO techniques, you can make sure this happens. As an ecommerce business it is vital to have a website that is functional and responsive to your audience because this can directly impact your conversion rate.

Overall, you can think of SEO as an investment that results in a more profitable website in the long term.

Number 2.

SEO Helps You Be At Par With The Competition

SEO also helps you be at par with the competition. If nothing else, this is one factor that small businesses can really benefit from.

Competitors are also using SEO to boost their website in the search engine rankings. They’re fighting for the same target audience and keywords as you are. SEO allows you to implement best SEO practice to outrank your competitors, regardless of ad spend!

To keep up, you can take care of your SEO chores yourself, or you can work with an SEO agency to tackle your small business SEO services. At least you will be assured that professionals are taking on the job for you.

Number 3.

Find New Customers and New Markets

Using SEO allows you to exploit your businesses bottom line and attract new customers. Finding new customers lets your business grow and expand!

SEO is the online marketing feature that makes your website visible when someone searches for a product or service that’s relevant to your business. SEO is one component of comprehensive digital marketing service. When SEO is done right, consumers won’t have to search your exact business name in order for your business to pop up on a Google search. This allows new people who may not have heard of you previously to turn into customers upon seeing your website as a top Google search result of their search!

Number 4.

Build Better Brand Awareness

If you achieve a high ranking in the search results, then an offshoot of that is improved brand awareness. Consumers tend to have more trust in businesses that have a strong online presence. Brand trust is established once they see that you are one of the top three results when they search for a product or service.

#1 SEO Rankings Increased Revenue by $103,510.98 for this Client in 6 Months

Most of our clients come to us wanting to grow their awareness, traffic and sales. The same was the case for this client. They just needed to beat out competitors to sell their products. We helped them do just that in only a 6 month time span by ranking for branding keywords and the same keywords as their competitors. Outrank the competition – that’s what we do for you.


small business seo services

We Use The Same Techniques

We use proven techniques for all our clients. These techniques have managed to help our clients achieve favorable rankings. We’ve helped 300 of our clients’ keywords have first-page Google rankings. Those include both national and local keywords and have managed to rank for the most competitive searches. We will use the same winning techniques for your company that we use for our clients and for ourselves!

We Have Expert Specialists

We pride ourselves on having expert specialists with years’ worth of experience here at LYFE Marketing. Part of what makes our small business SEO services the right choice for so many business owners is that you’re receiving a whole team of experts, not just one!

We Are Specialists on Google Ranking Factors

Google takes several factors into account when ranking. These are known as key ranking factors, and they include website design, advertising, and social media marketing to name a few. Because our agency has service departments for each of those ranking factors, we’re able to take them into account when crafting your SEO strategy. This means we can improve your search rankings with the bigger picture in mind.

We Create Tailored SEO Packages

We create tailored SEO packages for all of our clients. That means we also customize our small business SEO services for clients based on their needs. Our agency makes sure that each package is unique to your company’s goals and budget. Your business is not the same as our other clients, so we make sure that our service and package is tailored for you.

A Proven Process for Small Business SEO Services

Our agency features a proven process for our small business SEO services that consists of five phases.

Business Evaluation and Site Analysis

In this phase, the SEO specialist assigned to you will start with becoming familiar with your business needs, your target audience and your website through an SEO audit. This site analysis will cover the content, code, mapping, and keyword density. It will help us discover what your website’s strengths and weaknesses are in its current state.

Strategy and Goal Development

Our SEO specialist is going to work with you to help you develop a customized plan. We will take the current iteration of your website and transform it into something different. This new version of your site will rank better than the competition. You will also start ranking for those keywords that your audience searches the most.


This is the part where our SEO specialist sets up the technical prerequisites for your site. It includes dashboards, tools, and analytic systems. All these are elements that make your optimization possible and successful.

Optimization Execution

At this point, both on-site and on-page optimization strategies will be executed. This is a delicate process that includes cleaning up your website’s code, content, mapping, architecture, keyword usage, and more.

Ongoing Optimization

This is the part where we provide your website with ongoing optimization through our SEO specialist. Not only that, we will also provide you with blogging, link building, consultation, and strategy. This is in line with our drive to continue being better with our small business SEO services and blogging.


Higher Search Engine Rankings

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Our agency designed an SEO service that is twofold. First, it is results-driven. Second, we strive to maintain high ethical standards. Only the latest tools, strategies, and trends are used to make sure you end up at the top of the search engine rankings.

Quality Website Traffic

Quality Website Traffic

The higher the search ranking, the more positive its impact on the quality of traffic that comes to the website. With millions searching Google for the products and services that they need, we want to make sure that you end up at the top of the results.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results

What you want from your SEO campaign are results, so we give you results that are measurable and delivered to you on a regular basis. You will get monthly reports, with the data already broken down so you can clearly see the progress of your campaign. That will show just how our small business SEO services contribute to the entire campaign.

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Will Small Business SEO Services Really Work For Me?

If someone goes to Google and searches for your product or service, you want to pop up in the top search results!

The best way to guarantee that happens for you is to use SEO. The key to your success is to find the company that provides you with the best small business SEO services.

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