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Small Business Website Design Services

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Small Business Website Design Services


You are a small business, and you want to make a splash into the digital marketing realm to jump-start your growth. You’ll need to tailor your approach and strategy to what you are at the moment— a small business that is brimming with potential.


Your website also serves as the face of your company in more ways than one. Being a small company means that it is the primary way for people to contact you. And that is why you need to present your website, that is , your company, in the most positive way possible.


There are two main components your website needs to have. One, it needs to have aesthetic value. Two, it needs to be functional and user-friendly. Your website is actually one of the foremost components of your marketing strategy. It serves as the core of every single online transaction that your company has and will have. Through it, you can either gain clients or drive away potential clients.


All of these underline the importance of choosing the right small business website design service. The choice you make can ultimately make or break the present and future of your business.

Why Does Your Website Design Matter
For Small Businesses?

First Impression Lasts

Did you know that 75% of users say that they judge a business based on their website design? So when a potential customer lands on your website, what do you think will their first impression be? Is it good or bad? Be sure that it’s not the latter! After all, how “good” your website looks will be a vital factor in their purchasing decision.

24/7 Availability

It is quite impossible for small business owners like you to promote your business at the middle of the night. Even if you have employees, they surely need to take a break and work at regular hours. And surely, you want your business to be available all year round to maximize your profits, right? That’s when you’ll need a great looking website. It will promote your business even when you’re busy doing something else.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Website design is not only for the looks. A good one should also be well optimized. If your website elements are optimized for search engines like Google, you will be able to land higher on search results. You can go head-to-head with your competitors! And that equates to more visibility with your target market and increase in organic traffic.

Branding Purposes

Have you ever stumbled on a web page and immediately recognized the company behind it? That is what a strong branding can do. It creates a distinctive identity for a business. And a well-designed website is a great way to build your business identity. Something that will deepen your customer’s loyalty and will urge them to continue patronizing your products/ services.

Increasing Mobile Usage

Over half of the global searches today are done using a mobile phone. As a small business owner, you need to make sure that your website can keep up to that! Since a lot of your potential customers will be checking your website through various devices, your web design should also be able to adapt. Whatever device they use, a good website design will still deliver the same functionalities.

Cost Effective

Most of your marketing efforts will evolve around your website. SEO, social media, email and PPC advertising – you name it. All of these will eventually require your customers to visit your website. So if you have a great web design, your efforts will not be wasted. Your website will be able to engage and convert your customers, thus investing on it will benefit you in the long run.

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Benefits Of Using
Small Business Website Design Services

Every small business has their eye on growth and expansion. And now that you know how web design can contribute to this goal, why don’t you consider hiring a web design service to do the job? What are the benefits small businesses receive from choosing the right website design services?

Attractive Design

The aesthetic of your website reflects the aesthetic of your brand. Make sure it makes a good first impression!


Care must be taken to make sure that the website does not seem too crowded or too complex. We will utilize the following to achieve the kind of aesthetic value that you want: design elements, color choices and graphics. We will take every single element to strike the perfect balance with what your branding and functionality.

Build Trust

The right small business website design service can help you build trust in your site visitors. Why is that so important?


As we mentioned earlier, most website visitors look at a website’s design and use it to decide there and then whether they trust the website or not (and therefore whether they trust the brand or not!). Our service will ensure that your site visitors will be turned on by your site and will eventually buy a product or avail your services.

User Friendliness

What makes a website user-friendly? Easy navigation is key. Your site’s visitors should be able to get what they want and where they want. If they find it difficult to get from one point to another, then they are likely to exit your site (and might not return!). The last thing you would want are low conversions and high bounce rates.


Fix these with a well-organized menu structure, and some strategic call to action buttons. We can do that for you.

Responsive Website

A responsive website means that it is capable of adapting to any type of device. The size of the device, whether it’s mobile or desktop etc. should not hinder the speed and functionality of your website.


For small businesses, the importance of being responsive is magnified several times over. We take into account that every single site visitor is essential to your growth so everyone needs to have easy access.

Those steps should do the trick and allow your visitors to have a great time in visiting and navigating your website. Once that happens, expect an increase in conversions, sales, and more.

Our Portfolio

Good design is what links your brand to your audience.

When people come to your website, they do so because they are looking for solutions to their problems and they believe that your product or service can help them. So, you’ll need to catch and retain their interest with a well-designed website. Our small business website design services lets you give what your audience is looking for. This can help build your brand and sales.

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Our Small Business Website Design Process

Website Audit

1 Learn About Your Business and Design Preferences

To start things off, we’ll need to learn about your business. What is it about? What are the products that you sell and the services that you provide to your customers? We feel that it will be helpful if we can learn about your company’s goals and objectives both in the short term and in the long term. As we get to know you and your business, we also learn about what your design preferences are. This is a little more specific than what you prefer overall for your website. Design preferences are more about the details than the look of the website as a whole.

Web Hosting

2 Access Hosting Account and Select a Website Platform

Next, we need to set up your website hosting. For us to do this, we will need to ask for access to your hosting account. If by any chance you do not have a hosting account, then we will provide you with recommendations. One of the best that we can recommend is GoDaddy. Once the website hosting has been set up, it is time to choose which website platform to use. This can be considered a mere formality as most businesses choose to use WordPress as their site’s platform.

Website Draft

3 Develop and Provide a Rough Draft

At this point, we are ready to develop a rough draft of your website. The completed rough draft of your website will be submitted for your review. You can then check it out and make notes for any revisions you have. If you want to edit any element or add some sections on the rough draft, you can list them down. We would love to hear your feedback and incorporate your ideas.

SEO Maintenance

4 Launch and Maintain Your Website

The website design is now complete! Once we receive your approval, we will launch the live version of your website design. We will be responsible for moving it to the primary domain that you selected. It is now time for you to start maximizing the positive effects of having a website. We also offer several maintenance plans including security measures and routine updates that need to be made over time. We can provide this type of maintenance on a monthly basis or whenever our services are required.

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Web Design Strategies for Small Businesses

We utilize all of the best practices with our small business website design services. Check out some of our strategies below!

Create a website that fits your brand.

Your website needs to fit your brand and reflect you and the products and services that you provide. One look at your site and a visitor should be able to tell what it’s all about.

Build a site that you like.

We want to make sure that you have a website that you like. If you yourself are not excited just looking at your website, your customers won’t be either!

Stay on top of your website.

If you can maintain it yourself, then do so. If not, we have plans that you can choose from that offer services on an “as needed” basis or an unlimited plan. The bottom line here is that you need to know what’s happening to your website and make updates to it accordingly.

Why Hire Us & What Makes Our Small Business Website Design Services Unique?


Because We Offer Personalized Service

Personalized service is among the things that we guarantee and is what you deserve. Our professional designers create your website according to the specific needs of your small business.


Because We Work Fast

We deliver quality, but we also deliver when it comes to how fast we work. You are going to get your website as soon as possible, with our usual turnaround of about 30 days for most websites.


Because We’re Specialists

We are true specialists in our field. Our web design team has considerable experience in the industry. Using this experience, we are able to offer additional advice on how you should proceed with your website. We also provide unique marketing perspective. As part of the process of designing your website, this helps ensure that it generates results.

Does Website Design For Small Businesses Really Work?

Consider your website as the window through which existing and potential customers can look into the heart of your business and its design is the marketing arm or strategy that will help you engage those customers and retain their interest. Web design plays a part in the success of any company, especially so for a small business.


Let us take over and provide the small business website design services that are worthy of your vision and can propel your business forward.

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