You don’t want to miss this opportunity if:

  • Your social media ads are not working: You will learn our proprietary AGENCY FRAMEWORK to create highly effective social media ads for your business – including copywriting, media selection, and more! [Instructions + Graphic templates provided]
  • You are not using the best campaign structure and audiences: You will learn the BEST AUDIENCES to target and the BEST CAMPAIGN-TYPES to select for the best results [And Avoid Garbage Clicks]
  • You are not optimizing the performance of your ads: You will learn all of the performance triggers you need to measure and the EXACT STEPS you need to take to optimize any advertising campaign [Guide Provided]
  • Your social media profile is not optimized: You will learn how to design an effective social media profile that helps you BUILD TRUST and credibility amongst the people who see your ads
  • You are not using Ad Tracking correctly: You will learn the best-practices on how to use ad tracking to CAPTURE people who interact with your ads into audiences and MEASURE the ROI of your ads
  • You don’t know your numbers: You will learn how to calculate the true VALUE of a customer in your business, the MAXIMUM you should spend to acquire that customer, and HOW MANY customers you need to break even. [Calculators provided]
  • You don’t know how much to spend: You will learn how to calculate the EXACT amount of money you need to spend to grow your business through social ads. We provide two, fail proof ways to calculate your budget. [Calculators provided]
  • You don’t know who your best customers are: You will learn how to define your target audience and the PSYCHOLOGY behind how they buy products and services like what you offer. [Checklists provided]
  • You don’t have a step-by-step conversion system: You will learn 3 proven sales funnels that are used by some of the FASTEST-GROWING companies in the world. You will be able to pick the funnel that applies to your business and price point.  [Guide provided]
  • You don’t have effective brand assets: You will learn how to make the BEST IMPRESSION by using best-practices for your website, landing pages, videos, graphics, photos, and more. [Checklists provided]


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What’s Included

10 Modules, 50+ Actionable Training Lessons plus Bonuses

  • Social Ads Mastery Program – Full Course (1-Year Access) – $6000 Value
  • Our Canva Graphic Design Library – $5000 Value
  • Ad Optimization Playbook – $3000 Value
  • Ad Creation Framework: $1500 Value
  • Business and Budgeting Calculators – $1000 Value
  • Agency Tools & Resources for Ad Campaigns – $1000 Value
  • Total Value: $19,000
  • Get Everything for 20x Less!


The Curriculum

  • Top Benefits of Social Ads
  • Top Social Ad Platforms
  • How Social Ads Work
  • The Business Numbers You Need to Know Before Running Social Ads
  • How to Compute Those Numbers [Calculator Provided]
  • Walkthrough of how to use the Calculator
  • The Role of Your Advertising Budget
  • The Key Metrics that Influence Your Ad Spend
  • How You Are Charged for Social Ads (CPM vs. CPC)
  • The 2 Best Methods to Calculating Your Budget [Calculator Provided]
  • Walkthrough of Budget Calculator
  • The Importance of Ad Targeting
  • How to Identify the Audience Most Likely to Buy [Checklist Provided]
  • How to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • The Purpose of Sales Funnels
  • The Different Types of Sales Funnels
  • Examples of Real Sales Funnels
  • Selecting Your Sales Funnel [Guide Provided]
  • Website Design Best-Practices
  • Website Structure Best-Practices
  • Landing Page Best-Practices
  • Pop-up Best-Practices
  • Photography Best-Practices
  • Video Best-Practices
  • Graphics Best-Practices [Templates Provided]
  • Profile Image Best-Practices
  • Profile Name and Handle Best-Practices
  • Profile Bio Best-Practices
  • Profile Posting Best-Practices
  • What is Ad Tracking?
  • How Does Ad Tracking work?
  • Ad Tracking Best-Practices
  • The Anatomy of a Social Ad
  • Ad Copywriting Formulas
  • Ad Creation Framework [Guide Provided]
  • Ad Media Best-Practices
  • [Bonus] How to View Competitor Ads
  • [Bonus] Use Graphics Library
  • The Best Campaign-Type
  • The Best Audiences to Target
  • The Ad Placement You Should NEVER Use
  • Core Components of Ad Optimization [Guide Provided]
  • How to Identify Winners & LOsers
  • Ad Optimization Roadmap Overview

Learn How to Master Social Ads from the Best

We did it ourselves

We used online advertising to become one of the fastest growing companies, 3 times in a row according to Inc. Magazine

We do it for others

As Facebook partners that manage millions of dollars in ad spend each month, we are proud that we have helped hundreds of small businesses grow through social ads.

The numbers speak for themselves

With over 200 5-star reviews, it is clear that we have met the expectations of many small businesses.

Meet the Instructor

Sherman Standberry

Sherman is a Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Entrepreneur (3x), a licensed CPA, and the co-founder of LYFE Marketing, LYFE Accounting, and other small businesses.

Since 2011, Sherman has consulted thousands of entrepreneurs on their social ads strategy, and helped to create the Million-Dollar Blueprint, which LYFE’s staff follows to replicate success throughout their portfolio.

Sherman’s work has been featured in Inc Magazine, CNBC, the Financial Times, Cheddar Business, the Profit Show, and much more.

If you enroll into our Social Ads Mastery Program, you will be learning from a successful entrepreneur that understands both worlds, business and advertising.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Sal Lombardi

We could not be happier. Social media is their forte and they deliver. Results, defined as new clients, are what really count and they deliver. Cost per new client is also critical and they deliver. Cost per new client is also critical and they deliver. As an added bonus, Sean and Adam are great to work with. They know and understand us, in depth, and the communication continues to be exceptional.


Natalia Peart

I have been a Lyfe Marketing client for the past several months, and I want to highlight now much their Marketing Consulting Services have been critical in helping my company with the growth and positive results we are looking for. In our initial marketing consulting sessions, they listened carefully to our needs so we could create an integrated marketing strategy. Beyond the initial strategy sessions, they continue to provide highly responsive, truly excellent digital marketing services. They are more than just a vendor—I see them as an extension of my own team, and so I highly recommend their services.


Tamara Bean

I’ve owned my business for over 13 years, and Lyfe Marketing is by far the best company I’ve worked with in regards to Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Marketing. (Those are the only two services I’m currently signed up for.) They are friendly, knowledgeable, dependable, and make you feel like they are personally invested in ensuring your business is successful. They have been helping me create numerous campaings to help my business rebuild from the impact of Covid. I cannot recommend them enough.


Leslie Singer

Excellent strategic and tactical support for our mid-sized B2B business. We were particularly pleased with Cargill who was able to help educate our team on best practices and provide a solid foundation for developing our social media playbook. David was also a terrific partner in creating an ad program that got results.


Beautifull Gro

Lyfe Marketing has been the best thing that has happened to my business “Beatifull Gro, LLC”-which specializes in all natural hair growth products. Honestly, I was afraid to take a risk wit ha Marketing company (especially with limited funds), but I chose Lyfe Marketing because they stood out from the rest. Anthony (sales) was very enthusiastic, genuine, supportive, assuring and professional. He was the first face that I saw, spoke to and connected with. Then there’s Jennifer, who is also very professional, understanding, supportive and she makes sure that things are working the way that they should, oh! And most importantly, her communication and listening skills are on point! when there were bumps in the road of my journey, she fixed them and bought Chanice on board to help escalate and bring value to my business. Absolutely love Chanice! She understood my needs, and treated it as if it was her own business. My concerns were her concerns. She’s professional, outgoing and she genuinely cares about your business. I have to admit that I’m spoiled by Lyfe Marketing and I hope it stays that way. I have referred and will continue to refer people to this company, Thank you soooo much!!!


Amanda Chinnery

We have been using LYFE for a few years to manage our social media as we grow. The content created has been great to help build our brand and get our name out there. David has been really great to work with and is always going out of his way to find solutions or suggestions for us to help us grow.


Stephanie Jackson

We have been very pleased with the results of our FB campaign. Lindsay and here team have done excellent job. They are very responsive and have earned our trust.


Knotty Wood BBQ

Lyfe Marketing is a fantastic agency that doubled our sales in the very first month! We have had great results with Social Ads, PPC Search Ads, Google Ads and SEO. Weekly update meetings are super detailed, well organized and well prepared with actionable items for the week ahead. We are really impressed with everything about Lyfe Marketing

What Our Customers Are Saying


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the program content for 1 year.

Our Social Ads Mastery Program is a non-refundable / no cancellation program. Please ensure you are fully committed and ready to dive in before enrolling.

This program is for serious entrepreneurs and marketers who want the best-practices they need to implement in order to run a successful advertising campaign.

This program is NOT for people who want beginner step-by-step tutorials on how to use specific features on every social ad platform. We recommend following the instructions provided by each ad platform for this.

Our program will provide you with the guidance you need to create effective advertising campaigns on any platform.

We do not honor past prices. Once you leave this page, you run the risk of losing out on the current price.

Unfortunately, you cannot. Each module will contribute to the success of your campaign.


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