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Take your dental practice to the next level with a developed social media marketing strategy

You may already have social media pages for your practice, but are you getting what you want out of them? You may need to freshen it up a little. If that’s the case, then you came to the right place. Our professional social media specialists are ready to help your practice grow. Contact us today so we can create you a custom social media plan.

Patient Satisfaction

Your goal with every patient is to make sure they leave happy and satisfied with their visit. Keep that satisfactory feeling going all year long until their next visit with social media. Stay connected and stay present in their lives even after their visit.

Build Credibility

More activity on social media builds credibility with current patients and people looking for a new family dentist. The more active you are on social media, the more of a leader you become in your community. Patients trust that you will continue to grow and help keep their family smiling with gorgeous teeth.

Brand Awareness

As a local small business you want to make a name for yourself in a big way. The best and quickest way to do that is through social media. Reach hundreds or thousands simply and in an affordable way.

Modern Day Social Media for Dentists

Over 40% of people say they actually rely on the information they find on social media before making a decision regarding their dentist. And the same goes for 22% of parents regarding finding a dentist for their child.


Social media is becoming one of the first resources people turn to when looking for more information about their dental health or dental services near them. So if your office doesn’t have a social media for dentists strategy in place, then contact us today to get started and learn more about how your office can benefit from our dental social media marketing services.

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Why Do You Need Dental Social Media Marketing Services?

Build Relationships – Social media for dentists offers a great opportunity for you to get to know your patients likes and dislikes while improving your overall approach to patients at your practice. Patients want to visit a dentist that is active online and in his or her community. By being an engaged practice, you are showing a level of dedication to your patients greater than some of your competitors thus giving you the competitive advantage you need in dental social media marketing.


Generate Referrals – Most people take online referrals from a stranger just as seriously as in person referrals from a friend or colleague and highly take these recommendations into consideration before choosing to work with a dentist. The reviews left on your social media profiles will highly influence your incoming patients. You can even share these reviews with your followers who may then also share them for you. Word of mouth marketing through social media for dentists can work wonders for your practice’s referrals and overall awareness.


Attract New Patients – Social media for dentists allows you to run targeted ads that focus on capturing the attention of your ideal prospects and convert them into patients for your practice using conversion ads. Through this highly targeted form of dental social media marketing, you can gain new qualified patients while still keeping your ad spend cost low.

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Stay Connected With Patients 365 Days a Year! Here’s How…

As a dentist running your own practice, you’re always trying to find new ways to bring in more patients or just create a stronger connection with the ones you have. Patients generally only visit you 2 times a year. So how do you create a strong connection in just 2 visits? Social media! You can stay connected with patients year round, provide hygiene tips and host fun contests to keep them engaged. If you think all of this sounds like a great idea, we agree! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to get started and keep patients smiling all year long!



Your experienced social media specialist and content team will perform thorough research on your company, services, and patients to define a strong social media for dentists strategy that will make your practice stand out among your competitors. We will also develop advertising strategies and funnels for your campaign to show you the road map to success your practice will be taking on your dental social media marketing journey.

Relatable Content

All content and ads your specialist will create is customized to meet your business goals and attract your target audience. Your specialists will write your copy, headlines, and develop images for your campaign. After content is complete, it is submitted to you for review. Upon your approval, your specialist will create a content calendar that reflects the activity of your social media campaign so you know exactly what is going on and when.

Non-Invasive Advertising

In order to get clicks, leads, and conversions on your ads, our specialists create custom content that resonates with your target audience by speaking their language and showing imagery they can relate to rather than copy that talks ad them and would be too salesy to warrant a qualified customer. After ad creation and approval, we also run A/B split tests to make sure each element of your ads identifies with your customer and drives results.

Growth & Optimization

We only follow best practices for social media for dentists and believe in building a strong following of actual patients and prospective patients for your dental practice. We use organic techniques to grow your following to ensure your social media pages are receiving true fans and not robots or fake accounts.

Reporting & Communication

Our software tracks the progress of your social media for dentists campaign and generates a detailed report your specialist will share with you each month. You can also set up monthly or bi-weekly phone call to discuss progress or strategies changes regarding your content or advertisements.


Follow these metrics to monitor your practice’s growth on social media.

  1. Follower Growth. As your followers grow, so will your relationships with patients.
  2. More Engagement. If your likes, comments, & shares are increasing, then you know you’re providing valuable content that interests your patients.
  3. More traffic. The more people you see visit your website, the larger interest you are gaining and the more you are growing your brand.


Industry Specific

You don’t want to work with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t have experience in dentistry for the same reasons your patients wouldn’t want to come to your facility if you didn’t come highly recommended. We know this, and we understand your concerns, which is why you don’t have to look any further. Our past and current experiences in social media for dentists make working with us the best choice you’ll make all year.


When you work with our team, you gain access to dozens of specialists experienced in social media for dentists and have the same goal as you – to help your practice grow through more patients and referrals.

Full Service

Our dental social media marketing services encompass both social media management and social media advertising. We also offer services that boost your efforts and performance in social media for dentists such as content marketing and email marketing that keeps your patients in the loop about the services your practice offers. Contact our full service marketing team to get started on a successful dental social media marketing campaign.

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