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Social Media Marketing In Higher Education

Our agency has created a complete lineup of services for social media in higher education for institutions that want real results. These services are proven to be effective.
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The Importance Of Social Media In Higher Education

Reaching more potential students is the first step to spreading brand awareness, increasing enrollment and seeing a higher student retention. Social media gives you the tools necessary to do this!


At LYFE Marketing, we recommend utilizing multiple social media platforms based on what makes the most sense for your institution to establish your brand well.


Building a better social media presence for your education institution allows your target market to engage with you and build trust in your campus over others. With the way today’s generation embraces the use of technology, social media marketing is a must.


Think of it as the perfect marriage between education and technology, which results in schools being able to hit their goals and market to their target audience. To put it simply, social media in higher education works.

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With billions of social media users today- and a lot of them being younger in age- your target market already exists on these platforms, posting, browsing and interacting. From parents looking for educational institutions for their kids to students searching for their dream university – they are on social media.


That’s exactly why you need to be there too. In fact, a number of universities and colleges have been using social media platforms to boost their enrollment, reach more audiences and manage their education system. Take a look at these relevant facts:

social media in higher education

More than 70%

of your target market use social media to research their college or university option.

97% of people

ages 18-34 are on Facebook, and each spends over 20 minutes a day.

59% of students

say that they use social media platforms to talk about education topics online.

79% of college graduates

are using at least one social media network while 60% of high school students are on social media.

96% of students

that have internet access state that they use social networking technologies for reporting.

50% of students

talking about education topics online specifically talk about their schoolwork.

Social media is indeed a great avenue for educational institutions like yours to boost their brand awareness. Not only will it increase your chances to be seen by your prospects, but it will also allow you to interact with your current students. A good social media reputation can increase your recommendation too. Let our social media services help you with that.

Advantages Of Using Social Media Marketing In Higher Education

There is a great degree of success for educational institutions that use and take advantage of social media in their marketing strategies. Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing in higher education:


Increase Student Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of social media in higher education is the increase of student engagement. Now, you may be wondering how a bunch of likes or comments on social media helps your student enrollment. The more that students engage with your brand, the more trust they build in your institution over others. If they see their friends following and interacting with your social media accounts, that helps spread brand awareness and establish your brand as a credible source among their peers. When students trust your university or college, that’s when they choose you over another school.

Social Media in Higher Education
Social Media in Higher Education


Establish & Increase Brand Awareness

As we mentioned, social media can help you establish and increase your brand awareness. This is important because this is what sets you apart from other educational institutions. Social media gives you a direct line to your target audience. Utilize that to show not only what you represent, but specifically how you can provide value to them.


Drive Enrollment

When people think of social media, they usually think of posts, followers, Instagram stories etc. Those features are helpful and should play a role in your social media strategy, but what many don’t know is that most social media platforms have an advertising platform on the backend. These advertising platforms are key in driving website traffic, generating leads, and producing website conversions. We use social ads to drive student enrollment for educational institutions.

Social Media in Higher Education
Social Media in Higher Education


Manage Reputation

Today, it’s usual to read posts or threads about a certain brand or institution on your social media feed. These platforms have indeed become the go-to place for rants, recommendations and reviews of users all ages. And as an educational institution, it’s imperative for you to keep a positive image as much as possible. And social media is a great way to monitor what is being said about your institution to help you maintain, or repair your reputation.

It’s Time To Start Enjoying The Benefits Of Social Media In Higher Education!

LYFE Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency that was originally founded on social media marketing. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to help your educational institution see success.


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Process Of Social Media Marketing In Higher Education

Strategy Development

Social media in higher education at LYFE Marketing is customized and made for your specific institution. This is true for every aspect of your social media strategy. Our agency will provide you with a social media specialist who will create and develop a strategy for you. The strategy will be developed around your brand’s message as well as its goals. Part of the strategy development will include a competitive analysis, which will reveal what your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are. It’s also important to clearly define your target market, so we create a buyer persona! This customer avatar includes the pain points and goals of the students and parents you want to target. Knowing this information allows us to put the best strategy in place for your brand.

Content Creation

After developing your strategy, we now come to content creation. This is where your assigned expert specialist will create content based on your goals, what we learned from our competitor analysis and what we believe will resonate well with your target audience. In this case, we’ll want to include content that provides glimpses into student life and your campus. The goal of content is to increase your follower growth, engagement and overall brand awareness.

Monitor & Engage

Our social media specialists will keep track of your social media accounts by monitoring them on a daily basis. We will also be responsible for engaging with your target audience. If anyone makes a comment or asks any questions, we will make sure that they get a reply within the next 24 business hours. This will help establish trust between you and your audience.

Growth Optimization

We know that one of your main goals is to grow your following. We will help you achieve this in the fastest and most efficient way possible using various tactics that are nothing but organic. We do not employ any automated software or bots to grow a “fake” following. The methods that we use only acquire high-quality followers who have an interest in getting their education from your institution.

Measurement & Reporting

With all the methods and strategies used in your campaign, it’s important to keep track of all that is going on! We measure all results as they come in with the help of our analytics tools. This way, we can track everything that’s working well and see what needs improvement. We will provide you with a detailed and full report of these metrics every month.

Effective Social Media Strategies For Higher Education

LYFE Marketing understands the role of social media in higher education. We know its impact, which is why we always employ the following strategies:

social media in higher education

The Right Channels

We will help you put more of your focus on the right social media channels. These are the channels where marketing higher education makes the most sense and where your prospective students usually are, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Advertising

You can boost your higher education social media strategy by using paid advertising. We can attest to how it helps strengthen your social media presence and drive website traffic. Imagine being able to reach your target audience by as much as 10 times faster! Social media advertising can help you achieve this.


We cannot stress how important it is to measure every bit of data and information that comes up in your campaign. We will help you measure everything and continuously optimize from there. This allows us to consistently improve your campaign.

What Makes LYFE Marketing’s Social Media In Higher Education Process So Effective


Full Service

Our agency is a full-service digital marketing company that was built and founded on social media marketing. Social media in higher education is linked closely with other parts of your marketing campaign including the content of your website, your website design, and even the e-mails you send. Our full-service digital marketing team will provide all the services your campaign requires. Using our full-service capabilities will allow you to maintain consistency throughout all of your marketing efforts.


Industry Experience

You want a social media campaign that is consistent and provides high-quality results, and we have the experience to give you just that. Not only do we have experience with social media, but we’ve also worked with several clients within the educational industry. This gives us more insight to your specific industry. Our experience and digital marketing expertise will give you a social media campaign that will help you rise above the competition.


True Specialists

When you choose to work with us, you are assured of getting the services of true specialists. You will be assigned an experienced and knowledgeable social media specialist to work on your account. Your specialist will help you spread awareness about your brand and increase your student enrollment. We always stress the importance of a strong client-to-specialist relationship. So you can expect constant and open communication between you and your specialist. This will allow you to be constantly updated about the progress of your social media campaign.


Brand Growth

Expect a wider reach for your brand as a result of your heightened social media presence. By being involved in social media in higher education, you get to reach your target audience, who happen to be prospective students. Using social media for your brand’s growth is perfect for what you are trying to accomplish. With your target audience on social media most of the time, it makes sense for you to establish your brand on the platforms they’re already using.

Does Social Media In Higher Education Really Work?

Does social media in higher education really work? The answer is yes! Social media marketing has worked for our own company as well as for our clients in the education industry. Our digital marketing firm has the expertise, experience and know-how to take your marketing campaign to the next level.


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