Social Media Marketing Outsource vs In-House
For years this topic has sparked many debates and arguments over which is a better option. Some will argue that having an in-house employee means access to greater knowledge of company operations and can save thousands by not paying a large agency. While others may enlighten that outsourcing brings more fuel and brain power to campaigns. Here are some reasons to consider either side.

Employees Cost Alot
The average social media manager makes $45k annual salary. On top of salary there are payroll taxes, office space, training and benefits associated with hiring a new employee.

Now think about this. What if you could contract a team of 8+ people for the price of one and save at least 50% by outsourcing your social media team. By having a social media marketing outsource company you could save money. However, you will need to find the right company that is aligned with your budget and objectives. Today, there are plenty of mid-size agencies you may be able to work with.

Social Media Companies Have More Resources
Running a successfully campaign for social media can involve several different aspects. It may need landing pages, video, design, strategy, execution, blogging, setup, breakdown, and more. There is not enough time for someone in-house to create and manage everything you need to be done. On the other hand, most social media companies have access to resources you need in a timely manner. Also, what if your social media manager gets sick or goes away on vacation. I’ll tell you that followers/fans won’t be updated, campaigns will go dry without engagement, questions won’t be answered and leads will go to waste. In comparison, our Atlanta social media company is full of savvy social managers who could easily pick up where someone else left off.

My opinion is, it depends…
…on who you choose to outsource with. Larger agencies tend to be slower and expensive. While others could be affordable, but lack quality. It takes a tactical search to find a company who will beat the cost of a full time employee and produce quality results. LYFE Marketing is one of a few companies who does an excellent job at bringing quality social media campaigns to B2C.

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