Twitter Advanced Search Business

There is a large amount of information about your business, your competition and your customers to be found on Twitter. Twitter Advanced Search makes it entirely too easy to find new sales leads, mentions about your brand, updates on your competitors or topics relevant to your business.

If you were thinking, “When is the right time to truly understand Twitter,” the answer is years ago, but now will work too.

This guide will help you to understand all of the capabilities of Twitter Advanced Search and how you can use it to find exactly what you are looking for.

Getting Started

Go to to start your search. You will see the following:

Twitter Advanced Search

Let’s unpack each section to get a better understanding. We will pretend to be a pizza restaurant to see how this can be used for business.

The “Words” Section

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.18.46 PM

All of these words: Twitter will look for searches that contain all of the words entered. For instance, if you typed in “love pizza” you might return a search similar to “I love my mom, she bought me pizza.”

This exact phrase: This type of search is called exact match. An exact match will search for tweets in that particular order. If “love pizza” were entered, it would return tweets similar to “I love pizza.”

Any of these words: Tweets containing any of the keywords will be shown.

None of these words: Exclude words from your search.

These hashtags: Search for tweets that include certain hashtags.

Written in: Pick the language of the tweets

Be sure to enter in multiple fields to narrow your search down.

**Useful Tip:

Want to find conversations from potential leads without seeing other businesses and spammers? Fortunately, for you, most businesses and spam accounts push links in all of their tweets.

Enter “http” in the ‘None of these Words’ field. This will show you all the tweets that do not contain a link

The “People” Section

The ‘People’ section of Twitter Advanced Search allows you to specify particular users.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.26.32 PM

From these accounts: The results will show tweets that were made from the account you enter.

To these accounts: The results will show tweets directly aimed at the user you enter.

Mentioning these accounts: The results will show tweets mentioning the specific accounts you enter.

**Useful Tip:

Want to find out what people are saying about your competition? Want to find out what people are saying about you?

Enter the username of your competitor or your username in the ‘Mentioning these accounts’ field. This will show your every tweet where your competitor or yourself is mentioned.

Be aware, people do not always use your username or the username of your competitor when referencing. In this case, search your real brand name or competitors name in the ‘This Exact Phrase’ field in the ‘Words’ section.

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