By now you’ve realized that social media marketing is essential in order to get a edge over your competitors, who are not on it or doing social media the wrong way. Now your company must make the decision of which platforms to choose from. Many marketers in the field would recommend that, at bare minimum, you should be involved in Facebook and Twitter. Both of these networks offer similar solutions with a different way to interaction and engage. Facebook is richer when it comes to holding and releasing content for your audience. Whereas Twitter is more focused on context and releasing information as it is happening in real time. It can take lots of time, resources and money to master and grow your social communities until you see positive ROI. So you need to understand, not your community manager, the value of it and how these platforms are working so that you can make the best investment possible.


If you are low on budget or a small business who doesn’t have much to spare, you more than likely want to take the organic growth route when stepping into Facebook & Twitter marketing. This means that you have assembled a small team (1-2 people) or plan on handle the social media aspect of your business yourself without a budget. Some marketers refer to this as the free route, but as we know time is money. The organic route is not so bad, as many companies who are successful through social media today had no choice, but to choose that route due to no paid advertising solutions (at the time). The most important part of social media marketing is to build an active community and grow your numbers.

With Twitter, you are exposed to an entire universe of people. There are no friend limitations and your brand can hypothetically reach out to the mass 200 million active users anytime you want to. It’s easy to connect and invite your targeted audience to follow your brand, not to mention the that helps you find them. On the other hand, Facebook gives you the flexibility to invite all of your real friends very easily to your brand’s Facebook page. Your friends will more than likely be your number one supporters and help your community grow. However, the downside to this is when you run out of friends to invite you have to rely on other people to invite people to the page or create remarkable content that will stand out and attract more people to your brand. If you’re low on budget/advertising for your social media go with this.


Now if you have some money budgeted to spend on Twitter and Facebook campaigns you have a few options that will lead to quicker results and ROI. Facebook has paid advertising solutions that will help draw people to your page and reach a larger audience than you currently have. With Facebook ads you’re able to create multiple ads and use the targeting options to show your ads to only the people you want reach. For as low as $5 a day, you are also able to promote your brand’s Facebook wall to an entirely new audience. In addition, there are promoted post where you can help you’re content reach thousands of more people who aren’t already your fans. Twitter also allows you to promote you’re twitter page and use promoted twitter post to reach an audience of people who aren’t already following you.

However, our company believes that Twitter has one of the best advertising solutions in social media of all time. They call this advertising service “Promoted Trends.” Twitter has a unique featured on it that allows you to see what popular is happening and being talked about around the world or even in a specific city. There must be hundreds of people talking about one specific topic in order for something to trend on Twitter and once it becomes a trending topic it grasps everyone’s attention. With “Promoted Trends” your brand is able to be listed at the top of the trending topic list. This means millions of impressions and real word of mouth being created about your products and services. However, it is no small fee as Twitter Inc. charges $200,000 a day for this type of service. Our company has introduced “The Trend” service for people who desire this type of service, but can not afford Twitter’s $200,000 rate. However, if you can we definitely recommend it. Review your options carefully and make the best decision with the budget you have available. Thanks for reading!

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