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branding trends

Top Branding Trends Businesses Should Follow in 2020

Digital Marketing - Sherman - August 29, 2019

Branding trends are being approached differently in 202020. Intense competition and constant technological innovation has changed the concept of branding forever. Today,…

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increase revenue

The Digital Marketing Tactics Professionals Use to Increase Revenue for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing - Sherman - August 29, 2019

 Most startup and small business owners are working with limited cash flow. This means that they have to use everything at…

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Social Media Rules for Instagram & Facebook You Need to Know for Successful Social Media Campaign

Social Media - Brandi - August 29, 2019

Social media rules – are you aware of them? You may have heard from fellow coworkers or company owners that social media…

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using Instagram for small businesses

How Marketers are Succeeding at Using Instagram for Small Businesses

Social Media - Sherman - August 29, 2019

 Users like over 4 billion Instagram posts per day. This makes the Instagram app one of the most user-active social networks…

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local SEO

Why Local SEO is Important and How It Will Impact Your Business

SEO - Sherman - August 29, 2019

 You’ve probably heard a lot about local SEO being one of the most important facets when it comes to digital marketing.…

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How to Succeed at Small Business Local Marketing in a Global World

Digital Marketing - Sean - August 28, 2019

 The Internet has changed everything. We shop differently. We socialize differently. We work differently. Much of the change has had positive effects.…

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AdWords ROI

Follow These Strategic Steps to Increase Your AdWords ROI

PPC Advertising - Sherman - August 28, 2019

The average conversion rate on AdWords text ads is less than 3%. On display ads, it’s less than 1%. Yet you’ll pay…

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Google ads cost

The Details: How Much Google Ads Cost Your Business and Is it Worth it?

Digital Marketing, PPC Advertising, SEO - Keran Smith - August 28, 2019

 A question that we often get from our clients here at LYFE Marketing is – how much will Google ads cost…

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marketing to millennials

The Solution to Connecting with & Marketing to Millennials

Digital Marketing - Sherman - August 28, 2019

 There’s a lot of talk in the industry about marketing to millennial customers, and for good reason. According to Pew Research, millennials…

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The B2B Online Marketing Guide for B2B Companies

B2B, Digital Marketing - Sherman - August 28, 2019

Business-to-business, or B2B companies face their own unique challenges when it comes to B2B online marketing. Whereas B2C companies just speak to…

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