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facebook ad analytics

How to Use Facebook Ad Analytics (Part 2)

Analytics, Facebook Advertising - October 19, 2021

Are You Using Your Facebook Ad Analytics? Never checking your ad analytics is like never looking at a bank statement. You have…

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how much should you spend on facebook advertising

How Much Should You Spend on Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising - October 14, 2021

 So Really, How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Advertising?  This is a big question that we get asked a lot.…

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facebook ad results

How to Analyze Your Facebook Ad Results

Analytics, Facebook Advertising - October 12, 2021

Do You Know What Your Facebook Ad Results Mean? We talk a lot on this blog about all of the results we…

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6 Pro Tips on How to Make a Facebook Ad Funnel

Facebook Advertising - October 7, 2021

 How Do You Build A Facebook Ad Funnel? If you’ve read our blog before, you’ve seen us talk about the awesome…

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facebook ads that stop the scroll

How To Create Facebook Ads That Stop The Scroll

Facebook Advertising - October 5, 2021

Want To Learn How To Create Facebook Ads That Stop The Scroll? We surpassed this client’s goal of 80 purchases a month…

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facebook ads optimization

How to Do Facebook Ads Optimization in 2021

Facebook Advertising - September 29, 2021

Are You Doing Facebook Ads Optimization? If you’re not optimizing your ads, you’re wasting money and losing out on the power of…

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how to create facebook ads

How to Create Facebook Ads Step-by-Step [An Easy Tutorial]

Facebook Advertising - September 3, 2021

Want To Learn How To Create Facebook Ads? Here’s How! We drove 596 purchases for this client who sells healthier versions of…

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facebook ad testing

How To Do Facebook Ad Testing (Master A/B split test)

Facebook Advertising - August 26, 2021

Facebook Ad Testing Is Not That Hard To Do: Here’s How! Today, we’re talking about one of the most requested topics of…

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facebook ad examples

Top 7 Facebook Ad Examples (Copy these today!)

Facebook Advertising - August 25, 2021

Facebook Ad Examples: What We Did For Our Clients You always hear people talk about how much money they made with Facebook…

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are facebook ads worth it

Are Facebook Ads Worth It? (Yes, here’s why)

Facebook Advertising - August 24, 2021

Are Facebook Ads Worth It? Find Out The Answer! Facebook – frenemy to marketing professionals everywhere. If you’re anything like us, you…

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