If you know anything about social media or have at least seen a tweet or two, I’m sure you have come across the use of a hashtag. If you aren’t familiar with this term than this is the blog for you. The pound sign on your cell phone (#) has adapted a whole new identity as one of the biggest trends on social media since twitter, literally. In fact it all started with twitter! In 2007, twitter user Chris Messina invented hashtag usage as a way of grouping ideas and as it started to catch on nation wide it was used to convey a word or phrase as a “trending topic”. Eventually hashtags in itself became trendy and are still very much frequently used in social media interaction. Other than twitter, hashtags are now being used on various other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. Properly using hashtags when communicating a product or idea on social media sites can have a positive affect on relevancy and connectedness to consumers.

Hashtags create a link in which directs users to tweets or posts with common topics. This allows business owners to easily discover who is talking about or may be interested their product by a click of a button. For example if a restaurant owner wants to send tweets that apply to potential customers he/she could create a hashtag that says #hungry or #food. After clicking on that link it would direct you to a list of posts from people who have hashtagged the same thing. This gives the restaurant owner a consisted and narrowed list of people to connect with, who are already discussing a topic related to their product, strategically increasing the amount of possible leads.

hashtag 2Using hashtags is one thing, but using them correctly is what drives social interaction and in turn consumer progression. Here are a few rules to ensure that hashtag usage is effective.

  • Use it, don’t abuse it! Don’t use too many hashtags.
  • #There #should #NEVER be a #sentence #with #this #many #HASHTAGS!!!

It is totally unacceptable and a bit irritating to the eyes. It would not be appealing for a reader to look at and may possibly make a potential lead uninterested. One, maybe two hashtags would suffice.

  • Keep it consistent. What makes things trendy? Consistency! When using hashtags within your tweets continue to use them frequently to promote from your product or service. It would make it easier for followers to connect that particular hashtag to your company.
  • Be short. #DontMakeHashtagsThatAreWayTooLong Simplicity is always best and conciseness is even better. Hashtags with one or two words work well in getting a point across.
  • Don’t use spaces. Words are not meant to be separated during the use of a hashtag. It will break up the link and defeat the purpose. So keep the phrase all together.

Being able to effectively use hashtags when using social media from business purposes is a simple but skillful quality to have.

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