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Internet Marketing for Contractors

Outrank the Competition

Internet Marketing for Contractors

Outrank the Competition

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Internet Marketing For Contractors

Online opportunities have risen tremendously in recent years. At the rate that it has exploded, everyone can benefit from it, even contracting businesses. So why not start enjoying all the benefits that Internet marketing for contractors offers? Want to outrank your competition? We can help.


Social Media Growth

Our social media managers will create a strong presence for you on those platforms that can help you best. First of all, they are going to help you engage your audience through high quality content. And we also do social media advertising where our specialists will place targeted Facebook ads to help encourage more traffic to your website for more leads and conversions.


SEM & Google Ads

We will place pay-per-click search ads on Google for your company. These ads will target people that have been searching for services similar to yours. Your prior website visitors will be targeted using display ads on different websites. This will help increase touch points and conversion rates across your campaigns. Search engine marketing will increase your investment.


Email Newsletters

Customized newsletters are perfect for keeping your current subscribers engaged. Our email marketing specialists will create these newsletters containing topics that are relevant to your contractor services. This will keep people interested and engaged. Our email marketing services include newsletter design list management, and reporting.


Short Video Management

68% of consumers like learning about services from videos posted on social media. Homeowners aren’t always aware of the options they have for replacing their roof and windows or repairing a part of their house. Creating and sharing short videos with your knowledge doing these projects will position you as a trusted expert in the construction industry. The more people watch your videos, the higher your chances of attracting potential clients. You will be their number one solution when they search for contractors.

The Reason You Need Internet Marketing for Contractors

People will always need the services of a contractor. The diversity of services offered by the contractor industry guarantees that perpetual need. So there will always be a demand for the services of any of the following:

  • General contractor
  • Roofers
  • Remodelers
  • Electricians
  • HVAC companies

And these are just some of the most common types of contractors.

Even though the demand is high, some contractors still experience difficulty in finding new clients. If you are one of those contractors, then it may be time to evaluate potentially outdated marketing methods.

It used to be that advertising your services on print or on TV equated to more business. But those traditional tactics are not as effective as they used to be. So then, what works for today’s market and audience?

The answer is Internet marketing, specifically, Internet marketing for contractors. With the way people search for information online, Internet marketing makes perfect sense.

For it to work though, you need to find the right Internet marketing agency. One that has the right mix of experience and ability.

Our agency has ample experience working with all kinds of contractors and construction companies. At the same time, we are skilled in all areas of Internet marketing. You can rely on our Internet marketing for contractors services to serve as your guide to success.

The Benefits of Using Our Internet Marketing for Contractors Services

Internet marketing for contractors helps you be competitive in an ever-changing industry. The sheer influence and effect that the Internet has on society today is enough proof.

If you are looking for further proof to validate the choice of Internet marketing for contractors, then the numbers will provide it. As of 2019, there are about 4 billion Internet users all over the world. That number represents more than 40% of the world’s population.

With those numbers Internet marketing for contractors is a necessity to reaching your target audience.

Here are a few of the most common benefits of using our Internet marketing services and implementing a strong digital marketing strategy:

Strengthen Your Brand & Online Presence

Use our online marketing for contractors services to push and build up your brand. Make the people that matter to your business aware of your business.

Generate Leads and Conversions

The Internet marketing strategy that we will craft for you does more than increase brand awareness. You should see an increase in lead generation and conversions.

Beat Your Competitors In The Digital Space

Make the competition irrelevant by creating marketing campaigns that are tailored to what your target audience is looking for. Be the first brand they will go to when they are in need of products or services like yours.

Know What’s Working

Another great benefit of Internet marketing is that you are able to measure your success. All kinds of metrics can be used to analyze results and guide next steps.

Lower Your Cost Per Result

You need not worry about raising an astronomical budget when you work with us. You can expect more top and bottom line growth, because our services are built to fit the budget of small businesses. With our internet marketing for contractors methods, you will be able to save a lot on your marketing expenses.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Internet Marketing For Contractors?

LYFE Marketing has been helping businesses with their marketing and growth for years! Specifically, we’ve partnered with contractors to help improve their conversion rates, and we can do the same for you. Click the button below to get started!

Why Choose LYFE Marketing For Your Internet Marketing For Contractors Services

Contractor Marketing Experience

Industry specific experience should be the first thing that you look for when you are looking for the right agency to work with. At our marketing company, you get exactly that and more. We have worked with all types of contractors, from general contractors, to HVAC companies. Our agency was able to implement successful Internet marketing for contractors strategies for all of them. Every issue and every industry related problem, we have dealt with and overcome them all.

We’re True Specialists

We have true specialists in our agency. They are not “jack of all trades” because that is not possible. But they excel in their area of expertise and can help your Internet marketing campaign from start to its implementation. Having true specialists and real marketing experts is also our way of ensuring that we provide nothing but the highest quality of service for you. That is more than what other agencies can do for you.

We Are The Best For Your Business

Each contractor is different from the next one. They are unique in their own ways, such as in the types of services that they provide and in the specific goals that they have. Which is why your business calls for a custom online marketing strategy that will not work for anyone else but you. This strategy is guaranteed to attract your target audience and hit all your goals. And all these will be done of the online marketing channels that you prefer to use.

Proven Strategies Every Contractor Can Use

LYFE Marketing is concerned about helping and guiding you towards real success. That is why we always use the following strategies for your campaign:


Instilling Trust

People choose a contractor based on trust. They have to since they are entrusting an important part of their homes and lives. So we will help you create and build that trust.


Educating Your Audience

We will help you produce useful and informative content that will help people. That is one way to get more clients.


Offering More

Your company goals and target audience need to be at the forefront of everything you do. Always offering more to your clients will help you do this.

The Path To Results With Internet Marketing For Contractors

The initial step in the creation of an effective marketing strategy is to perform an audit on your present online presence. Before we start you on your Internet marketing journey, it’s best that we know where you stand.

You need to know your competitors if you are going to be one of the leaders of the diverse and complex contractor industry. We can help you with that by being in charge of analyzing and researching the competition. This way, you will know what moves you’ll need to get to the top.

Effective marketing starts from knowing exactly who you are marketing to. So your whole marketing campaign is based on your ideal customer in that regard. Through the research that we have done, we are going to help you define your target audience. We will craft a buyer persona that represents your target market.

Launching your Internet marketing for contractors campaign has finally arrived. But only after careful planning, goal computation, and industry research have been done. Our specialists will launch the campaign and you can start expecting more traffic and leads thereafter.

When your campaign kicks off, you’ll naturally want to know if it’s bringing the amount of quality leads and new customers you expected. We are going to monitor metrics like those among many others. We monitor daily and also optimize for you so you get nothing but the best results.

A major part of your s]digital marketing campaign is knowing what metrics to measure, and also knowing what those metrics mean, exactly. So we are going to track, monitor, optimize, and measure each of your campaigns. We will then provide you with monthly reports that detail those measurements.

Does Internet Marketing for Contractors Really Work?

Some might still be wondering if Internet Marketing for contractors is truly effective. A large percentage of your potential customers can be found online. They spend a significant amount of their time on social media and similar digital channels.

So if they are searching for contracting companies online, then your website and business needs to be online. And with the help of our Internet marketing for contractors services, you can be sure that when they look, they will find your business.

Working with our team at LYFE Marketing is your best best at developing a marketing plan that turns your marketing ideas into real results.

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