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The TikTok Ads Agency That Drives Followers & Sales

As a TikTok ads agency, LYFE Marketing has access to all the essential tools for advertising and promoting your brand on TikTok. We stay updated on trends, from the latest challenges to memes and viral audios, making sure your brand always has fresh content to deliver. Enjoy immense brand exposure and traffic without the hassle of content planning. Focus on growing your brand as we at LYFE Marketing handle your TikTok advertising plan for you.


What Is A TikTok Ads Agency?

A TikTok ads agency helps you craft strategic advertisements for TikTok. These agencies leverage their extensive know-how of the platform to target your audience and optimize your ad spend. By partnering with a TikTok ads agency, you can unlock rich advertising opportunities for your brand.

The result? Increased visibility, engagement, and a maximized return on investment (ROI). LYFE Marketing creates more than just TikTok ads; we build narratives that resonate on TikTok, ensuring that your brand stands out in the dynamic platform.

How TikTok Ads Work

Brands or creators pay for TikTok ads so users can see them on their feeds. Advertisers place their bid for an ad, setting the amount for optimization goals, such as likes, impressions, or views.

TikTok ad campaigns typically require a minimum budget of $50 per day. That means businesses should spend at least $50 daily to optimize their TikTok ad. That budget is allocated depending on the bidding method and optimization goal. For example, you may pay $0.10 per view for a particular ad.

Investing in TikTok ads is absolutely worth it because TikTok users are more likely to buy something they find on the platform compared to other platform users. By partnering with a TikTok ads agency like LYFE Marketing, every cent of your ad spend will be worth it.

What Does A TikTok Ads Agency Do?


Create a TikTok Strategy

A TikTok ads agency helps brands develop an effective TikTok strategy. They take care of crucial tasks like identifying the target audience, setting goals, analyzing the competition, and conducting reports and analytics.

Create Content and Execute Campaigns

A reliable TikTok ads agency handles content creation and campaign execution alongside video production. They can network and build partnerships with influencers and creators within your brand’s niche.

Leverage TikTok’s Business Solutions

A TikTok ads agency leverages TikTok’s business solutions, which include Advertising, Creative, Commerce, Lead Generation, and Measurement. TikTok’s advertising solution lets your brand be front and center when users open the app. Your ad will be on the users’ For You page, making it easier to start trends or boost organic engagement.

The creative solution matches your brand with relevant creators, allowing you to tell your story through influencer partnerships. The commerce solution is a handy one; it connects your brand to over 1 billion users through scalable personalized discovery. You can post Video Shopping Ads, shoppable videos, or go on LIVE Shopping.

If you’re focused on increasing leads, a TikTok ads agency can fuel your lead generation campaign on the platform. TikTok’s lead generation solution drives leads from the For You page or your website. You can even integrate your CRM solution with your TikTok to sync your leads effortlessly.

Lastly, TikTok’s Measurement solution comes with tools for measuring your campaign’s ROI and performance. A TikTok ads agency will leverage this solution to monitor your campaign’s results and discover ways to maximize your ad spend potential.

Update Ads

TikTok recommends updating your ads every 7 days to avoid ad fatigue. With a TikTok ads agency, you can rest assured that your ads are always fresh. Your content plan and calendar will always be updated and followed accordingly.

A TikTok ads agency also utilizes TikTok’s native tools to keep ads fresh and updated. This tool is called Smart Creative, which enables advertisers to swiftly merge creative assets with anti-creative fatigue strategies. Smart Creative maximizes an ad combination’s potential by detecting fatigue in ad groups and implementing auto-refresh strategies. A TikTok ads agency uses this tool to extend the lifespan of your ad group, allowing your brand to maintain efficient cost-per-results for an extended period.

Take Inspiration from TikTok’s Ad Library

A TikTok ads agency also monitors TikTok’s Creative Center, where they can learn from the platform’s top-performing ads. The Creative Center can filter ads by country, industry, objective, time frame, language, format, and Like count. The ads can then be sorted according to their rank on the For You page, number of reach, CTR, and other metrics. Monitoring the ad library enables a TikTok ads agency to keep up with advertising trends in your niche and gather the insights they need to consistently post fresh and creative ads.

Follow TikTok’s Best Advertising Practices

Understanding TikTok’s best advertising practices can be overwhelming when you already have so much on your plate as a business owner. But with a TikTok ads agency, you can take that off your to-do list. A TikTok ads agency will develop and polish your campaign with the platform’s best advertising practices in mind. They will also explore and test various creative combinations to identify what’s working. Furthermore, they always follow TikTok’s advertising guidelines regarding image and video specs.

Benefits Of A TikTok Ads Agency

TikTok Advertising Experts On Your Team

A TikTok ads agency has solid expertise in all things TikTok. They excel in developing a TikTok strategy that delivers results. They can identify your target audience and reach out to them with a tailored message. What’s more, a TikTok ads agency helps you navigate the platform and understand your advertising options to ensure efficient ad spend and ROI.

Time and Cost Efficiency

If your business is new to TikTok, mastering the platform can take time, causing you to miss out on trends and rich advertising opportunities. If you work with a TikTok ads agency, you gain access to experienced advertisers who already possess a deep understanding of how TikTok for Business works. They will get to the bottom of your business challenges and set a solution. They will also work around your budget, test out various ads, and execute the one guaranteed to generate results.

Enhanced ROAS and ROI

Hiring a TikTok ads agency may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but it is cost-effective in the long run. Your brand can benefit from the tools and resources only a TikTok ads agency can access. As a result, your TikTok ads are always optimized, leading to an enhanced return on ad spend (ROAS) and ROI.

Why Choose LYFE Marketing As Your
TikTok Ads Agency?


Award-Winning Agency

LYFE Marketing is proud to be the Pacesetter Award Winner and UpCity Excellence Award Winner. We have also been featured on CNBC’s The Profit as Marcus Lemonis’ suggested marketing agency.


Fast-Growing Company

When you need to build a presence on a prominent platform such as TikTok, who else would you trust but a fast-growing TikTok ads agency? LYFE Marketing is an Inc. 5000 company with over 70 digital marketing experts. We are also a Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Partner, proving that we constantly maximize our clients’ campaign success, enabling us to grow with them.


Trusted by the Best

Throughout our 12+ years of experience in managing successful campaigns, we have helped more than 4,000 businesses and accumulated over 300 5-star reviews. LYFE Marketing has also earned the trust of globally esteemed brands and organizations, including:

Image Credit: Domino's Pizza

When you partner with LYFE Marketing, you won’t be treated as just another cog in our machine. As a relatively small agency, we can give your business the attention it deserves, and we’ll painstakingly go through every detail in your campaign to ensure it drives the sales, revenue, profit, and ROI you’re targeting.


Millions of Dollars Generated in Revenue for Clients

LYFE Marketing has managed over 1,300 social media ad accounts and more than $5 million worth of ad spend for our clients. We are well-versed in social media account management, ad management, and campaign creation. We have generated more than $272 million for our clients with our social media advertising services. Talk to a LYFE Marketing ad specialist today to learn how we can do the same for your brand.

Our TikTok Advertising Process

We employ a well-structured and tactical approach to every TikTok advertising campaign. Here’s what you can expect from LYFE Marketing during your TikTok advertising process.

tiktok ads agency.

Strategy Planning

We start by developing your persona and defining your unique selling propositions (USP). Then we will evaluate your content against your competitors to identify how you stand out. We’ll also sift through your campaigns’ historical data and consult you regarding strategies that worked and those that may need improvement.

tiktok ads agency.

Networking and Partnerships

After acquiring a thorough understanding of your brand and goals, we will find influencers on TikTok who fit your target audience. We’ll focus on creators specializing in the content format that represents your brand best.

tiktok ads agency.

Content Creation and A/B Testing

With your ads conceptualized and influencer partnerships sealed, we’ll start preparing the required creative assets to develop your TikTok ad. We will test multiple variations of your ad to identify which versions drive the most conversions and which ones to weed out.

tiktok ads agency.

User-generated Content (UGC)

We will also tap into UGC to make your ads more authentic and trustworthy. UGC lets your brand start trends, like new challenges and hashtag campaigns. You can gain hundreds of brand representatives who can promote your product across a wider audience.

tiktok ads agency.

Ad Optimization

Once we’ve discovered the best-performing creative assets, we’ll purchase ad spaces on TikTok and continuously optimize your ads to make them drive leads and conversions consistently.

tiktok ads agency.

Result Monitoring and Reporting

We’ll diligently monitor your TikTok ad’s performance and provide detailed reports at your preferred schedule. We can give you monthly updates regarding key metrics like ad reach, views, link clicks, and conversion rates, or set regular meetings with your team to discuss your campaign’s progress.

TikTok Video Case Study

LYFE Marketing has been experimenting with short videos since TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts rose to popularity. So far, the short videos we have created for one of our most prominent clients, Sherman Standberry (AKA Sherman the CPA and My CPA Coach), have garnered millions in total views and increased brand awareness.

Sherman the CPA Before LYFE Marketing

Before approaching LYFE Marketing to create short-form videos, Sherman the CPA was active on YouTube as Sherman – My CPA Coach and Sherman S. He was also on LinkedIn with a fair number of followers. While some of his long-form videos got thousands of views, their performance wasn’t consistent enough, and his overall online presence needed a boost. He saw an opportunity in short-form videos, which he can post on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Sherman the CPA After LYFE Marketing

Sherman (@shermanthecpa on TikTok) partnered with LYFE Marketing to reach audiences on TikTok and Instagram Reels with valuable but easily digestible business and taxation advice. LYFE Marketing took the opportunity and helped Sherman build a TikTok presence.


Through a meticulous planning and strategizing process, Sherman and LYFE Marketing were able to create a short video that generated more than 170K views, 10.4K likes, and nearly 150 comments on TikTok. The same video reached more than 500K views on Instagram Reels. Another of Sherman’s videos by LYFE Marketing also drove significant views, which stand at almost 160K with 8.2K likes.

LYFE Marketing also created Sherman’s most viewed short video yet, which has been seen by 284.2K users and counting on TikTok. It currently has 17.9K likes and around 250 comments. On Instagram Reels, the video reached 476K views.

How to get started with a Tiktok Ads Agency

To ensure a smooth and efficient partnership, follow these steps to get started with a TikTok ads agency.


Provide a detailed brief about your campaign.

You can use LYFE Marketing’s contact form to brief us about your TikTok campaign. Fill out the form with your full name, email address, contact number, and project details. Indicate whether you have a website or not as well.

Your brief should include information about your business, your TikTok campaign’s goals, timelines, and budget. You don’t have to provide a bulk of information; only include relevant ones, like branding guidelines, sales materials, and existing marketing resources.

Remember to also include your team’s input in the brief. Ensure that the entire marketing, branding, and management teams are on the same page before submitting a brief to a TikTok ads agency.


Meet the team.

After receiving your brief, a TikTok ads agency will request a meeting. It could be in-person, through the phone, or virtually (e.g., Zoom). In any case, you should get to know the team that will potentially take on your TikTok campaign. The team members may include an Account Manager, Creative Director, Art Director, Designers, Copywriters, Video Producers, and more. Use your first meeting as an opportunity to gauge if you and the TikTok ads agency can get along well and have a fantastic working relationship.


Discuss your brief.

Even though you’ve already submitted a detailed brief, you have to discuss it with the TikTok ads agency during your first meeting. Discussing your brief allows the TikTok ads agency to talk about its creative process and how it will impact your campaign’s progress.


Align with the TikTok ad agency’s team.

Once timelines and other requirements are covered and settled, ensure that both parties are clear on each other’s expectations. Reach an agreement regarding deadlines, frequency of updates, and your level of involvement. Clarify the agency’s scope of services to determine if you need to provide a creative asset yourself or if they’ll do it for you. Also, address any potential challenges and create a contingency plan.


Ask important questions.

Ask important questions before finalizing your partnership. Don’t hesitate to be redundant or ask “obvious” questions. A reliable TikTok ads agency understands the gravity of your campaign and will happily answer any question. Here are some examples of key questions to ask:

Who will be my contact person?

A TikTok ads agency is composed of many experts working on different parts of your campaign, so you need to know who your go-to person will be. For your part, assign a contact person the agency can talk to about your campaign. This person is most likely you, but a brand or marketing manager will also suffice.

How should we communicate?

State your preferred communication method, like email, conference call, or instant messaging via Slack.

Should we provide any materials?

Keep the flow of your campaign smooth by providing any creative asset your TikTok ads agency may require.

How can we avoid problems?

An experienced TikTok ads agency knows what can derail a campaign. On the other hand, your company might have issues that can affect your campaign’s progress. Discuss how you’ll avoid problems to ensure the success of your campaign and your partnership’s integrity.

How can we help?

While a TikTok ads agency will handle the hard work for you, your input and feedback are still valuable to them.


Close a deal.

Once you’ve understood a TikTok ad agency’s process and clarified the terms of your agreement, you’re ready to close a deal. Keep your communication lines open and be responsive. Whether you’re forming a one-time or long-term partnership, be proactive in sharing your thoughts, especially if they could enhance the campaign. If you’re particularly pleased with the agency, consider recommending them to other businesses.

TikTok Advertising Agency Cost

Different factors determine how much a TikTok ads agency charges. At LYFE Marketing, video ad packages cost $1,250 to $2,500 monthly. Here are the other costs to be aware of before advertising on TikTok:

How much does a TikTok Agency Account cost?

TikTok provides a business account for their official partners called TikTok Agency Account. This type of account comes with unlimited ad spending, access to all ad formats, 24/7 support, and ad review, among other benefits. A TikTok Agency Account can’t be purchased, only rented from a TikTok ads agency. The cost depends on the services you need, plus tax fees.

How much does TikTok charge per ad?

Advertising on the platform starts at $0.50 cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and $0.02 cost per click (CPC). As mentioned, you need at least $50 daily to optimize your ad. It’s also highly recommended to spend an additional $20/day to optimize ad groups.

On-platform costs

The average CPM on TikTok is currently $9.16. The average CPC is $1.00. Influencer post pricing can go anywhere between $5 and $5,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use TikTok advertising?

There are 1.5 billion TikTok users as of 2023. Among those, nearly 5 million are businesses. TikTok advertising lets you tap into a vast audience and keep up with brands with a huge following among the younger generations.

Is TikTok right for my company?

If TikTok users fit your target audience’s demographic, it’s certainly the right platform for your company.

How much should I spend on TikTok Ads?

Advertising on TikTok requires a daily budget of at least $50. Overall campaign costs may reach $50,000 to $150,000 for the first six days, though, depending on the ad type and campaign size.

Can TikTok Ads drive more sales?

TikTok ads will drive more sales if they’re founded on a well-thought-out strategy, which a TikTok ads agency can help you with.

Should I run Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads?

TikTok is all about short-form videos, while Facebook accommodates a wider range of content types. The platform you choose will depend on your market and goals.

How can I target a specific audience on TikTok?

TikTok Ads Manager allows you to target an audience based on location, gender, age, language, interests and behaviors, and device. Your TikTok ads agency can handle this task for you.