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The Facebook Advertising Agency That Increases Your Sales & Conversions

Investing in a Facebook ads agency is one of the greatest decisions you could make to grow your business. LYFE Marketing is a reliable Facebook advertising agency that’s been in business for more than a decade now. We know the ins and outs of marketing any business on this giant social media platform. With our social media advertising services, we create Facebook ad campaigns that not only reach your target audience but also convert them into buying customers. Our Facebook ads agency produces scroll-stopping ads that get more eyeballs on your brand. With our knowledge and expertise, you’ll surely achieve your marketing goals in no time.

Are Facebook Ads Still Effective?

With billions of monthly active users, Facebook is still considered the biggest social media platform to date. Its massive user base makes it hard to ignore, knowing that your target audience is a part of it.
It’s common knowledge in the marketing world that organic reach has been declining over the years. Posting solely organic content as part of your social media efforts is no longer enough. That’s why getting a Facebook advertising agency to help with your social media advertising is a lifesaver for many businesses. Marketing tactics like Facebook advertising help you cut through the noise on social media without the restrictions of the algorithm.
When it comes to reaching your targeted audience, Facebook is unlike any other social media platform. It holds so much information about its users that it’s easy for advertisers to reach the right audience with the right message.
Facebook ads are so effective that almost 10 million advertisers use them to promote their brands. Check out these Facebook ad statistics:
  • Facebook has 3.030 billion monthly active users.
  • Marketers can reach 2.25 billion users using Facebook ads.
  • Facebook generated 3.3% ad impressions from Reels in 2022.
  • On average, a Facebook user clicks 12 ads on a monthly basis.

How Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook auctions off ads to decide which one to display to a user at any given moment. The advertisement with the highest overall value, determined by bid, projected action rates, and ad quality, will be the winner of the auction.
Compared to the traditional form of auction where the item up for bid goes to the highest bidder, Facebook ad auction doesn’t work this way. It’s not always the goal of the auction to place the advertisement with the highest bid. A good Facebook advertising agency knows this.
Facebook advertising auction involves more than just placing the highest bid. The advertisement with the highest total value wins the ad auction. These are the three factors that determine the total value:


This is the amount an advertiser is ready to pay to achieve the desired result. Although it is typically set automatically, it can also be set manually.

Estimated Action Rates

This represents the likelihood that a user will interact with your ad. It may depend on the type of content a user typically interacts with and the frequency of user interaction with your ad.

Ad Quality

As the name suggests, it refers to the quality of your ad. This is based on user reviews and automated evaluations of the advertisement, which include checks for engagement bait violations.
So what’s the best way to win the Facebook ad auction? Write an engaging copy paired with captivating visuals! Be sure to also follow the guidelines but still draw viewers in and encourage interaction. In the end, a high-quality Facebook ad will offer you the greatest edge in winning auctions and minimizing your expenses. If you want to leverage Facebook marketing, work with a Facebook advertising agency today.

What is a Facebook Advertising Agency?

Facebook ad agencies provide a full suite of services that businesses need to promote their brand on the platform. Check out these five essential marketing services that Facebook ad agencies like LYFE Marketing offer.

Strategy Development

For a marketing strategy to be effective, it needs to reach the right audience. And it all starts with solid planning. A Facebook ad agency helps businesses in developing a Facebook marketing strategy that is tailored to their brand. When we say tailored, it means it’s not a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. This includes determining your audience, identifying marketing goals, and building content around them.

Ad Creation

Good content reels in more eyeballs to your brand. However, effective content makes sure that these users will convert into real-buying customers. An expert Facebook ads agency creates engaging content that is crucial for your brand’s success on this platform. Having a team of creative content creators, they produce high-quality marketing visuals. This includes photos, graphics, and videos for your brand that appeal to your target customer base.

Ad Management

Every marketer wants their Facebook ad campaigns to reach the right audience and deliver results.`This is what a Facebook ads agency is for. They manage all your Facebook ad campaigns from start to finish-from ad creation to ad placement and monitoring. They make sure that your marketing spend is used wisely by leveraging advanced targeting options. And this is what Facebook is known to be unparalleled at.

Performance Reporting

With data, you can make smarter decisions. Facebook advertising companies provide regular reports. This has all the key metrics to help you oversee the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns. These KPIs include reach, engagement, website clicks, and conversions. Knowing these numbers will help determine which ad campaigns are working great, and which ones need enhancement.

Community Building

Most people flock to social media not only to engage with family and friends but with the brands they follow as well. Engaging and interacting with your target audience on social media is essential to the success of your marketing efforts. A good Facebook ads agency will manage and nurture your community. They manage direct messages, respond to comments, and build a positive community to represent your brand in the social media world.
Ensuring that your advertising dollars are well-spent is our Facebook ad agency’s strength. Starting off as a small business ourselves, we know how challenging it is to work with a limited budget. That being said, if you want to make the most of your ad budget while still achieving your ROI goals, LYFE Marketing got you covered.
Whatever goals you have-be it to promote a new product, generate more leads, drive website traffic, increase your app downloads, or grow your email list, running Facebook ad campaigns is the perfect marketing strategy. Our full-funnel ad agency is an expert in leveraging the platform’s robust ad targeting options. This ensures your campaigns are seen and engaged with by your potential customers.
Get started today and jumpstart your Facebook advertising success.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Advertising Agency

Are Facebook ads worth it? Check out these statistics. 37% of Facebook users make a purchase on the platform. Advertisers can reach a total potential audience of over 2 billion users through Facebook ads. Moreover, users click an average of 12 Facebook ads per month. Take advantage of these statistics by working with a reliable Facebook ad agency.
Here are the top reasons why working with a Facebook ads agency is the best you can do for your business.

More Time to Focus On Your Business

It’s best for business owners to avoid getting swayed by tasks that have little to no effect on growing their business. Instead of working on your business, work “in it”. It takes time to learn the ropes of Facebook advertising; time that could’ve been spent on more important business issues. When you hire a Facebook ads agency, you can free up your time and focus on more important tasks needed to grow your brand.

Put Facebook Ad Experts in Charge

Advertising agencies like us are well-versed in the ins and outs of every marketing and advertising facet. When you opt to hire in-house employees, they often need training depending on their skill level. On the flip side, a Facebook ads marketing agency lets you access its pool of professionals with proven advanced skills. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having newbies to manage your ad campaigns.
Instead, you’ll be working with proficient and experienced ad specialists to help you achieve your objectives.

Stay On Top of The Trends and Changes

In the digital marketing world, there’s always something new that unfolds that will help businesses grow more quickly. If you work with a Facebook ads agency, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. You’ll be able to implement new techniques, new strategies, and new tools while others are still learning them. A Facebook advertising company will help your brand stay on top of the trends so you can tap into new audiences even before your competitors do.

Creative and Original Content

Social media is a visual platform. People are used to seeing a variety of photos, graphics, and videos from brands on a daily basis. This means your ad can easily be scrolled past by users without even getting a second glance. But when you work with a Facebook ads agency, you will not only have captivating visuals, but you’ll also have ad visuals that are conversion-driven. These ads will grab the attention of your target audience, encourage them to click, and ultimately convert.

Data-Based Campaign Enhancement

Running paid ads without data is like hovering in a dark place without a flashlight. You can easily bump into something and get frustrated not knowing if you’re in the right direction. Reliable Facebook ad agencies can analyze and give you a more detailed insight into what’s happening in your ad campaigns. They regularly monitor the most vital KPIs such as CTR, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and more. This is to gauge the effectiveness of your ads and optimize them to generate better results.

A/B Split Testing and Optimization

Every dollar spent on running your FB ad campaigns should contribute to reaching your ROI goals. To do this, test out your ads and experiment with which combination of ad copy, visuals, CTA buttons, and targeting options gives the best results. Top Facebook ads agencies conduct A/B testing. This is to make sure that your paid ad campaigns are continually improving and getting better results.

Consistent Branding Across Multiple Platforms

Full-suite digital marketing companies like LYFE Marketing are not limited to Facebook advertising. An expert agency can seamlessly integrate your ad campaigns into other social media platforms. And by social media platforms, we mean Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Doing so will ensure that you have consistent branding and messaging across multiple platforms. Having a unified brand identity in all your social media accounts will help boost your credibility as a business.

How Much Does A Facebook Advertising Agency Charge?

Since Facebook advertising agencies frequently operate on a monthly retainer basis, they mostly suggest a monthly retainer fee. This may be fixed or subject to change in order to cover the most basic ongoing tasks. The majority of Facebook advertising agencies charge at least $500 a month, but for enterprise clients, prices can go up to $5,000 per month.
An agency may frequently charge a setup fee, typically a flat fee shown on your first billing statement or invoice. This fee is for the time to set up your ad campaigns for service. This can include setting up your Facebook Pixel, Facebook ad account, Facebook Ads Manager, and more.

Are Facebook Ads Agencies Worth It?

“Do Facebook ads still work?” We get this question a lot, and our answer remains the same – it’s a resounding yes! Facebook ads can work wonders, and if you have a business you want to promote, you should consider getting on board. Not only because your competitors are most likely doing it, but also because it will skyrocket your sales.
So if you’re seeing a massive decline in your Facebook’s organic reach (which is actually not surprising), you should consider working with a Facebook ads agency. Because when it comes to Facebook advertising, the algorithm becomes irrelevant.
Our social media marketing agency can do that for you. If you need assistance or require swift action, let’s talk.

How Do I Get A Facebook Ads Agency?

Getting the best Facebook advertising agency for your business may take some time. There are a number of things to consider before choosing, such as the agency’s track record in the industry, Facebook marketing expertise, and service fees.
Here are some effective tips in getting a Facebook ads agency:

Start your research.

Ask for recommendations and referrals.

Explore their portfolio.

Verify if they have prior experience in your industry.

Find out how much they charge and what services are included in that pricing.

Shortlist the number of agencies that appear like an appropriate match for you.

Ask the agencies about their background, what they would recommend for the campaign, and what results you can anticipate when you meet with them in person.

Make your choice and start collaborating with your chosen agency.

Why Choose LYFE Marketing as Your Facebook Ads Agency?

Your Reliable Facebook Advertising Partner

Once you decide to work with us, you’re investing in a long-term partnership. A partnership with an agency that truly understands what small businesses need to grow. You’ll get to work with our ad specialists who have years of experience managing Facebook ad campaigns. We track and measure your KPIs and send you regular reports to keep you informed on what’s happening to your campaigns. We believe that transparency is one of the keys to establishing a long-lasting partnership with your business.

Your Reliable Facebook Advertising Partner

Once you decide to work with us, you’re investing in a long-term partnership. A partnership with an agency that truly understands what small businesses need to grow. You’ll get to work with our ad specialists who have years of experience managing Facebook ad campaigns. We track and measure your KPIs and send you regular reports to keep you informed on what’s happening to your campaigns. We believe that transparency is one of the keys to establishing a long-lasting partnership with your business.

Facebook Ad Expertise Sets Us Apart

LYFE Marketing was originally a social media marketing company. We have more than a decade of experience working with over 4,000 businesses across the globe. All throughout these years, we have managed millions of dollars in Facebook ad expenditure. We are far from being a newbie agency that sticks to a generic strategy. When you work with us, you’ll get to collaborate with people with the expertise you need to take your business to the next level using Facebook ads.

Build Your Brand Presence with Our Facebook Advertising Agency

Social media is a big factor in establishing your brand’s online presence. It’s a fast and effective way to build a base of loyal customers. That’s especially true with Facebook being the biggest social media network with the most number of active users. Working with our Facebook ad company will allow you to leverage this platform to get more leads, followers, engagement, and sales. It’s a surefire way to mark your brand in the social media world.

Trusted By Leading Brands

Through the years, LYFE Marketing has earned the trust of brands that are well-loved globally. Thanks to our exceptional service and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results. Speak with one of our advertising specialists right now to find out how you can use our experience to improve your brand’s online exposure. Get more from your Facebook advertising as we have done for the following brands:

What Sets Our Facebook Advertising Agency Apart?

Strategic Targeting

When compared to other social media networks, Facebook ad targeting options are unmatched. We know how to maximize this feature to make sure your ads will reach the right audience.

Full-service Social Media Management

Being a full-suite social media management and advertising company, we are not limited to advertising on Facebook. We also tap into other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

All-inclusive Creatives

LYFE Marketing has an in-house creative team that handles everything from graphic design to ad copies. Simply tell us your desired audience, and our team of creatives will create the magic.

Data-based Reporting

Data makes it easier for you to make informed decisions with your ad campaigns. Our social media ads agency provides a data report with the most essential metrics. This is to help optimize your campaigns for better results.

Results-Driven Techniques

Working with a marketing agency means you’re looking for results. You want sales growth, leads, engagement, followers, and conversions aka great results. And that’s what we offer here at LYFE marketing. The results we deliver are what will make you stay with us and not some long contracts to tie you up.

Committed Team

Our in-house team comprises 70+ digital marketing experts who are committed to growing your social media presence. We do this through personalized social media marketing and cutting-edge advertising practices. Rest assured that our dedicated team will create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your business’s specific goals and needs.

Get in Touch. In every business, there’s a story that started it all, and we’d love to hear yours. We are more than just your ordinary Facebook ads agency. We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering affordable services for small businesses. This means we can help you in more ways than one – from PPC to automated email, and short video management among other areas. Contact us to embark on your journey today.

How Our Facebook Advertising Process Works

Want the guaranteed success of your Facebook advertising campaign? Here’s what our systematic and strategic approach looks like to help you achieve that.

Building Your Ad Strategy

Before anything else, we take the time to study your business thoroughly. This includes assessing your business objectives and target audience. Both of these will help us create a personalized Facebook advertising strategy. We also consider your offers, goals, and market segment to come up with the advertising approach that will yield the best results.

Creating Your Ads

Once we have your advertising strategy, we will now start creating your Facebook ads. Our Facebook advertising agency has a team of in-house ad specialists who will create an ad using various ad formats. These formats include video ads, story ads, IGTV ads, carousel ads, sponsored ads, and more. All of these ads are specifically tailored to your brand’s specific needs. Once you approve them, we will launch your Facebook ad campaign.

Tracking Metrics and Budget

While your ads are running, we make sure that they are within your budget and perform towards your goals by monitoring them regularly. Our Facebook ads agency is also closely tracking the performance of each ad to promptly pause any underperforming combination.

Split Testing and Optimization

We continually look for chances for ad optimization as your campaign develops. To improve outcomes, our ad experts evaluate performance data and make the necessary adjustments. This could include identifying new markets to target and creating fresh advertisements. Additionally, we will try various campaign formats, or come up with innovative ways to efficiently market your brand.

In-depth Monthly Reporting

You will receive in-depth monthly reports that will tell you how well your Facebook ads are performing. These reports include conversion rates, click counts, and ad reach. You can also arrange for regular meetings with our staff to discuss the status of your campaign if you’d like.
You will receive in-depth monthly reports that will tell you how well your Facebook ads are performing. These reports include conversion rates, click counts, and ad reach. You can also arrange for regular meetings with our staff to discuss the status of your campaign if you’d like.

When you partner with LYFE Marketing...

You get access to our decade-worth of expertise and experience. Focus more on managing your business operations to propel your business while we handle all your marketing needs for you. And there’s more:

Facebook Ad Metrics We Monitor & Improve

Our Facebook advertising agency services are thoughtfully crafted. These services aim to drive website traffic and, ultimately, boost sales for your company. We use a number of important metrics to determine how effective our ad services are:

More Clicks

Through Rates: A primary objective is to boost the number of clicks from Instagram ads. Clicks directly indicate how well an ad captures users’ attention and entices them to explore further. Our goal is to maximize click-through rates through content and targeting optimizations, driving more users to visit your website or landing page.

Increased Conversions

Clicks are valuable, but conversions are even more critical. Conversions may include product purchases, form submissions, or other desired user actions on your website. Utilizing advanced tracking tools, we measure the conversions directly attributed to your Instagram ads and continually fine-tune your ads to increase this number.

Improving Ad Relevance

Relevance is paramount in online advertising. The more an ad relates to its audience, the more likely users interact with it. We use advanced targeting methods to ensure your ads reach users genuinely interested in your products or services, boosting ad relevance.

Amplifying Brand Awareness

Beyond direct responses like clicks and conversions, Instagram advertising also substantially enhances overall brand awareness. Even if users don’t click on an ad immediately, exposure to your brand boosts familiarity, increasing the likelihood of future engagement. We monitor metrics such as impressions and reach to gauge the growth in brand awareness.

Facebook Advertising Agency Cost

The cost of Facebook advertising agency services varies based on a business’s individual factors. These factors include budget, size, and campaign goals. Here are some general cost estimates to provide you with a reference point:
  • On average, Facebook ads have one of the lowest CPC or Cost Per Click. It typically ranges from $0.26 to $0.50 per click.
  • You can also measure the cost at around $1.01 to $3.00 per 1,000 impressions.
  • Facebook ads cost per engagement ranges between $0.06 and $0.16 giving an average of $0.12.
  • Monthly ad expenses typically span from $0.00 to $500.00, but some marketers invest over $3,000.00 monthly.
  • Hiring a Facebook advertising agency may cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 and above monthly.
Keep in mind that these Facebook advertising costs can change anytime based on factors such as location, industry, and ad placement. As there are industries that are more competitive compared to others, it may incur higher advertising costs. Our Facebook ads agency provides a free marketing consultation. This is so we can demonstrate to you the results you can expect when you decide to work with us. Once we get a better understanding of your business’s goals and needs, we’ll craft a customized proposal for you.

Still in Doubt? Hear from Our Satisfied Clients:

Here's what our clients have to say about our excellent services. Partner with our team and become a part of our ever-growing list of successful campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Agency FAQs

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are paid promotional content that users see on their feeds. These ads, which are labeled as “Sponsored”, can seamlessly blend with organic Facebook posts of your friends and other pages you follow. They come in various formats: images, videos, carousels, and collections. These ads can appear in your desktop feed, mobile feed, in the right column of Facebook on your desktop, and even on the Messenger app. Moreover, Facebook advertisers can pair them up with features such as CTAs, links, product tags, and buttons.

How much does it cost to put an ad on Facebook?

On average, here’s a breakdown of how much it costs to run an ad on Facebook:
  • $0.26 – $0.30 per click
  • $1.01 – $3.00 per 1000 impressions
  • $0.00 – $0.25 per like
  • $0.00 – $5.00 per download
Keep in mind that the cost of your ads will depend on several factors. These factors include your ad budget, target audience, industry, time of the year when you’ll be running the ad, and more. Additionally, note that these are only average costs. You’ll most likely see higher or lower Facebook ad costs due to factors such as target market, ad placement, industry, etc.

What is the value of Facebook advertising?

Whether you have an ecommerce brand, B2B company, or small personal business, Facebook advertising offers a variety of benefits across different industries, including:
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Targeted Audience
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Powerful Remarketing
  • Diverse Ad Formats Suited for Various Devices
  • Custom Call-to-action Buttons
  • Access to Facebook’s Features
  • Mobile-Focused Platform
If you want to accomplish your marketing goals and reach a large and interested audience, Facebook advertising is a great option.

What is a Facebook advertising agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is in charge of creating Facebook paid ads for businesses who want to promote on the said platform. These ad agencies have a set of clear and effective strategies they use when designing the ads. Moreover, these campaigns can be tailored to a wide variety of audiences, ultimately increasing revenue and brand awareness.
Working with LYFE Marketing gives you access to a group of strategists, technologists, and creative thinkers. These people will collaborate to produce powerful visual advertisements.

Should I hire a Facebook ads agency?

If you want success for your business, you need to work on it, rather than working in it. You can only achieve that if you have the time to focus on more important business matters. A Facebook ads agency can help you get the time you need. It’s a wise investment to work with a seasoned advertising agency on your Facebook ads. It will help your company grow beyond your wildest dreams.

How do you choose the right Facebook ads agency?

To select the ideal Facebook advertising agency:
  • Discovery: Start by searching for agencies that specialize in Facebook advertising. Assess their capabilities by looking at websites, client reviews on review sites, and case studies. Look for ad agencies that have transparent pricing and good customer reviews.
  • Inquiry: Get in touch with your chosen agencies with details about your needs.
  • Appointment: Schedule a discussion to outline your business and marketing goals, budget, and expectations.
  • Presentation: The ad agency will present a strategy, services, and pricing.
  • Agreement: Once satisfied with the proposal, complete the required paperwork and begin your collaboration. Make sure that the selected agency understands your business and aligns with your goals.

Who provides the ad creative?

LYFE Marketing offers a flexible approach when creating your advertising visuals. We can work with your raw images and videos or source creative elements. We can also collaborate with your in-house team, depending on what suits your business best. Our goal is to adapt to your needs.

What Facebook ad services do you offer?

Our Facebook marketing services include developing, optimizing, and continuously managing your Facebook advertising programs.

Get Great Results From Your Facebook Ad Campaigns with LYFE Marketing!

You can now stop your search for the right Facebook ads agency for your business. LYFE Marketing is what you need. We’re a full-suite solution for all of your marketing needs. Be it for social media advertising, email marketing, short video management, and PPC ad services. Our social media management company is loved by brands and is also an award-winning agency recommended by the experts.
Get in touch with LYFE Marketing TODAY to schedule a free consultation. Learn how we can help you step up your game through Facebook advertising.