Pinterest Management Services To

Increase Awareness

Increase Visibility


Increase Awareness through Pinterest Management Services

Use one of the most popular platforms to connect with consumers.

Pinterest Management Services

Increase Your Awareness

Grow your Pinterest followers through proven best practices.

Increase Your Engagement

Increase Pinterest repins and engagement through rich content.

Improve Brand Consistency

Post to your Pinterest boards consistently to keep customers engaged with your business.

Why Does Your Business Need Pinterest Management?

Pinterest holds your future customers in it’s hands. You just have to be present on the platform with a strong social media campaign.


93% of Pinterest users scroll through Pinterest to make purchases or plan future purchases. You want to make sure they see your brand’s products or services in their feed.


Pinterest is especially important to eCommerce retailers. Pinterest drives virtually 25% of all retail website referral traffic. That’s 25% of your potential customers that you are missing out on if you aren’t implementing a Pinterest management strategy.

Pinterest management

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Pinterest marketing services

What are Pinterest Management Services?

Pinterest management services are services that save business owners time in implementing their Pinterest strategy. Pinterest can be a very time consuming platform for both you and your customers. This is great for consumers, but not for you.


The more time consumers spend perusing your Pinterest boards, the more likely they are to make a purchase from you. The more time you spend creating your Pinterest boards, the less time you have to invest in other areas of your business. That’s where we come in. Pinterest management with a full service social media marketing agency like us can save you time, money, and help you gain customers.


Our Pinterest marketing services include unique content creation and distribution to your Pinterest boards. It also includes daily monitoring of activity on your Pinterest boards from potential consumers. You will have 24/7 access to your Pinterest analytics and can gauge the performance of your Pinterest marketing campaign at any time.

How We Helped a Business Increase Pinterest Engagement by 398%

Pinterest management is a great way for B2C companies to reach consumers. Most users leverage Pinterest search feature to find specific content that they are looking for. For one of our clients in the beauty industry, we helped them increase Pinterest engagement by 398%. We accomplish this by optimizing their Pinterest content to be found, using engaging media, and using Promoted Pins to increase the reach of our pins. To learn more about how you can use Pinterest marketing services to grow your business, contact us below and schedule a time to chat.



Pinterest Marketing Strategy

First, your dedicated Pinterest management specialist will create strategy concepts for your Pinterest account. The boards and the pins that follow are based on careful research about your current customers and the ideal customer avatar we create for you.

Pinterest Pin Creation

Next your specialist will carefully create your pins with original content that is in-line with your brand characteristics and values. If your business has eCommerce, this is when you and your specialist will communicate about which products you want to sell online. For example, we may create buyable pins to entice your customer to make purchases.

Pinterest Growth

As your pins begin to publish, our Pinterest management service will also help you increase awareness of your page. Your Pinterest specialist will interact with other users to create activity around your page to build awareness. In addition, your Pinterest may boost your content through Promoted Pins to increase engagement.

Pinterest Optimization

This is where we take a look at past results and analyze what types of content and copy are receiving the most repins and engagement. What are pinners responding to? We pinpoint that and refine it to perfection to generate optimal results for your business.

Pinterest Management Reporting

The last step is where we look at results and analyze your Pinterest management reports while making necessary changes to improve your Pinterest strategy. Our specialists they relay a full report of your Pinterest management growth at the end of each month, so you always know where your business stands within your campaign.


The goal of our Pinterest Management Services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Pinterest Impressions and Reach
  2. Increasing Pinterest Saves, Repins, and Comments
  3. Increasing Pinterest Followers
  4. Increasing Website Referrals from Pinterest
  5. Building Trust and Influencing Sales from Pinterest



We Do Not Outsource Pinterest Management

Every pin of your Pinterest Management is conducted in house by a dedicated social media specialist. This helps us deliver higher quality content to our clients than our competitors.

Real Pinterest Followers and Engagement

We will never purchase Pinterest followers, and we will definitely never use bots to follow people in attempt to receive follow backs. When the number of followers on your Pinterest account begins to grow, you can rest assured that these accounts are real people that are true fans of your brand.

We Create Unique Pinterest Content

Your pins will be created with original content and always with your brand in mind. You don’t have to stick with what we create. You will have the the opportunity to approve all content we create on your behalf. And, we can always incorporate any additional brand recognizing elements you wish.

Daily Attention to Your Pinterest Account

Your Pinterest boards and pins will be monitored each day when your social media specialist arrives to work. They follow up and respond to comments, messages, questions, and more everyday while building a reputable relationship between your brand and your customers.

Full Service

We are a full service digital marketing company here to meet your Pinterest Management needs with every move we make. We will manage your Pinterest boards from creation to success. No need for you to lift a finger. We also offer Pinterest Advertising services, so you can get the most out of your Pinterest Management campaign. In addition, you can opt-in to other social media services we offer, such as Facebook Management, Instagram Management, and more.

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