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Why Use Social Media Marketing for Law Firms?

Wake up.

Social media has completely changed the way law firms communicate with potential clients and the way consumers search for legal representation in all fields.

Your potential clients are searching for your profile on social media platforms because they want to know more about your firm. In fact, users that are searching for legal help generally spend about 16 minutes of every hour on social media trying to find a firm that can provide a solution.

Now here is the 100% truth and nothing but the truth

Over 45% of all website traffic for law firms is generated through social media sites like LinkedIn, yet only about 57% of law firms have a presence on LinkedIn and even less on Facebook and Twitter.

So how will you know that your social media marketing for law firms investment will be well spent? Reports show that 24% of lawyers report that they have been retained by a client because of their efforts in social media for law firms.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyers are very valuable to everyday citizens and are often in need of good legal counsel. This is why using social media for law firms and being present on various platforms is crucial to your practice. 

Exposure and Traffic. 

A solid foundational presence on social media through your social media marketing for law firms strategy will give your practice the public exposure you need to stay top of mind for prospects and gain an advantage over your competition. The more people search and find your social media profile, the more traffic it will drive to your site which then improves your SEO and search engine ranking. Social media for law firms is closely tied with your website and content marketing efforts


In recent years, not only has the presence of social media for law firms grown, but the presence of people seeking help on social media platforms has also increased. People look at social media recommendations the same way they do customer reviews and suggestions from friends. They trust them, so that means your opportunity for referrals on social media are also growing. It the last few years, the legal industry has seen a 663% growth in people asking for recommendations on social media platforms. If you’re practicing social media marketing for law firms, then users can easily recommend your firm by simply tagging your profile. Your business was just instantly shared with hundreds, if not thousands of people all because you maintain an active social media presence.  

Stay Connected.

We know that representing your clients in the courtroom and winning cases is your end goal, but what about all the extra work in between to get you there? Social media for law firms is the best way to stay connected to clients and prospects, keep a watchful eye on your competitors as well as stay up to date on industry trends and share them with your followers. The insight that a little time spent on social media can bring to your firm is invaluable.

How A&S Personal Injury Attornies Grew by 25,645 Fans in 12 months

A&S knows digital marketing is not just about being online, but having a strong presence. Their team came to us with a challenge to grow their social media following and fan base. We focused on building fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since A&S focuses personal injury law, we knew targeting people who owned cars would be the best approach. Our team created and executed several unique advertising strategies to ensure that we built a fan base of people who would be able to easily use their services.



Strategy Development

Every aspect of our social media strategy development is customized and centered around your firm’s message and goals. We perform a thorough competitive analysis as well as develop your ideal client persona in order to target the right audience for your campaign.

Content Creation 

Next we begin creating custom content in line with your firm’s services and voice. We will also share insights through legal articles that represent your brand’s views but also refraining from giving direct legal advice. We then take this content and place it into a content calendar for you to view and approve before anything goes live on your social media profile.

Monitor & Engage

Your social media specialist will monitor your accounts daily and engage with followers within 24 hours that comment or ask questions.

Growth Optimization 

We use organic tactics to grow your following, which means no bots or automated software. We know how important the quality of your client’s cases are, so we utilize methods that will only get you quality followers that are interested in using the legal counselling services that you offer.

Measurement & Reporting 

You will receive a full report each month detailing the growth and progress of your social media campaign. Additionally, meetings can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to discuss these reports.

Social media strategies for law firms

Lawyers need to have a strategy before simply posting on social media. Develop goals and intent. Here are some of our best practices:

  1. The Right Channels for Lawyers.Facebook and Instagram are the best channels for lawyers because that is where their clients are.
  2. Facebook Advertising is Golden. Enhance your social media presence with paid advertising. You can reach people 10x faster.
  3. Measurement is Key. Measure everything you possibly can from fans to lead generation.
  4. Stay Top of Mind. . Implement retargeting so that your services always remain top of mind.



Full Service

As mentioned before, social media for law firms closely aligns with your website design, the content on your website, and the emails that you send. It’s imperative to keep a congruent representation of your practice across all digital marketing platforms, which is why we employee a completely full service digital marketing team that can administer those services and meet your needs across all online marketing areas.

Industry Experience

To truly maintain a rich social media presence and maintain a strong campaign for your firm, you need someone operating it that not only has a background in digital marketing through social media but also has a dense legal understanding of attorneys, practices, and legal jargon. Our legal industry experience gives us this advantage over other online marketing companies so we can better service our law firm clients.

True Specialists

You are assigned a dedicated and experienced social media specialist that will work on your account to grow your following and build awareness about your firm. We believe in a strong specialist to client relationship just as you do with your clients. Our specialists maintain an open line of communication, so you are always informed about the progress of your social media profiles.

Personal Growth 

Having an online presence and being involved in social media marketing for lawyers will help you develop yourself in a great legal representative for your clients. If you aren’t already using social media for law firms to network, educate yourself, current event awareness, case investigation, and develop your clients, then you should consider adding social media marketing for law firms to your digital marketing strategy.

Does Social Media Marketing for Attorneys Really Work?

“I’ve tried it before and Facebook Marketing for Lawyers doesn’t work.”

Have you said this before? 

Or maybe you’ve heard someone else say it? 

The truth is social media marketing is hard. It takes time and experience to really see tangible results. Through time our team has acquired the shortcuts to success. We know what it takes to impact your growth within the first 3-6 months. This is usually accomplished with our Facebook advertising services. 

Facebook ads have the ability reach 1,000 people for less than $10. A feat that is difficult for other marketing channels to accomplish. 

It’s clear that social media for law firms is highly beneficial to the success of your practice, but requires time to be executed properly. We don’t suggest you rush through creating and managing your social media presence. Avoid making a mistake, and let us handle it for you. One wrong statement on social media can go viral and ruin your firm’s reputation. Leave it to the experts to manage your social media profile and put your mind hard at work on helping your clients.

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