Social media marketing is a hit-or-miss investment decision, and for most companies, they’re missing. Society has finally realized that social media is one the best mediums to gain more customers, yet many business executives are becoming frustrated with their progress. BusinessNewsDaily reports that only 14% of chief marketing officers have seen a quantitative impact on their businesses from social media marketing.  But is this because social media isn’t effective? No, it’s because your social media efforts suck and here’s why:


1. You have an ineffective strategy – What is your social media manager doing to bring you more business? Is it working?  If you don’t know the answer to these two questions, you’re in trouble. An effective social media manager will provide you with a revenue-generating plan on how they are going to turn your fans, followers, and advocates into more revenues. You’ll be better off throwing hundreds of dollars in the trash and hoping that someone returns it to you if you think that merely being on social media is going to generate ROI. If you are going to invest into social media marketing, invest into someone who can construct a specific social media strategy based on your business objectives.

2. Your social media presence sucks – Wake up. A Facebook page is not the only place your customers are. There are people on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest who are searching for a product like yours right now. How is your social media manager interacting with them? Are they interacting with them at all? More than 80% of consumers admit that social media has had an impact on their purchasing decisions. If you’re team isn’t focused on making your brand their purchasing decision, you need to revise your social strategy and your team.

3. You haven’t seen the ROI – A successful social media campaign generates customers, not fans. An effective social media manager knows the difference between the two. Fans bring awareness to your brand and provides an audience to advertise to. They like, comment, and share your posts if your team is putting out good content. However, at some point fans must be converted into customers. There must be a deeper call to action to produce sales. If you’re social media manager can’t advertise and sell your product, you’re only receiving half of the results.

The social media marketing industry is becoming saturated with experts who have no expertise. When considering someone to take on social media responsibilities for your brand, ask them one question – “How are you going to drive more traffic and sales to my business?” If they can’t answer this question, they are not the person for the job.

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