With over 100 million daily active users and 5,700 tweets being sent every second Twitter’s functionality is of much importance. In recent times, Twitter has added many features such as threaded timelines, advanced mobile search, and follow recommendations. I, along with our amazing Twitter followers, believe there are still missing features that would improve user experience. Here is our list:

1. Tweet Scheduler 

This feature is long overdue. Though available for those who purchase Twitter ads, the average user would benefit greatly. Keep the traffic on the Twitter platform and not on Buffer.

2. Link Shortener  

“Lets start with native link shortening. Would be nice not to have to rely on bit.ly, buffer etc for personal accounts” – @Techmarketeratl

3. Pin to top

Similar to Facebook, Twitter should allow you to take one post and stick it to the top of your page. This is great way to make sure a certain post is always visible to those who visit your page. Businesses would love this feature as it aids in making sure consumers see important info, coupons, contest, and specials.

4. Business & Regular pages.

“Twitter can develop a categorizing system for users that indicates whether the account is a business or reg user!” – @Andyhitt

Twitter5. Trends of Followers and Lists

Twitter allows you to see the trends of a particular city. Why not get deeper than that and allow a user to see what’s the talk of the town from its own followers and/or list.

6. Video & Picture home streams 

“Give me the choice to have just a video or picture stream as my home stream.” – @ShadowNFFC

7. Mass DM delete Twitter allows you to mark all DM’s as read but not an option to delete them all at once. This feature is a no-brainer, as unwarranted DM’s tend to pile up quick.

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has added some amazing features to its platform. But, Twitter must remember to not forget the “little things.” Do you have any suggestions on how Twitter can improve their platform? Let us know.

**Special thanks to the Twitter followers mentioned in the article for their contribution. Follow them.

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