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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

B2B Search Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

B2B Search Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Use B2B Search Marketing To Help You Reach Businesses And Decision Makers

That Want To Partner With You

Encourage businesses to choose your services when they see your ad first on the search engine results.


Fast Results

Start ranking on the 1st page of Google instantly. No need to wait for search engines to crawl your page.


Quality Leads

We put in the necessary keyword research to make sure the right people are being targeted with your ads.

Drive Traffic

Targeted landing pages congruent with your ads drive traffic to your site and keep visitors interested in your services.

We’re Answering the Question:

Why PPC for my B2B Company?

90% of users looking for B2B services utilize a search engine for their research before anything else. Pay-per-click ads, otherwise known as PPC, are the easiest and fastest way to reach people search for your business. B2B search marketing is the process of advertising your business’ services to other businesses searching for what you offer on Google or Bing.

Leads captured through B2B PPC ads are 50% more likely to convert than those capture through organic search engine positioning. If you don’t capture a lead through your B2B search marketing ads, you’ll more than likely capture them with accompanying display ads. B2B companies see an average of 300% more traffic than B2B companies without search and display marketing ads.

Why Do You Need B2B Search Marketing Services?

Fast Results!

After your ads are approved, they will start running instantly. It takes some learning time and optimization to get your ads to a high level of performance, but most of our clients see positive (and growing!) results within the first 90 days of their ads running on Google.

Quality Leads

B2B search marketing delivers more quality leads than any other B2B digital marketing method. We make sure your B2B PPC campaigns are visible to targeted customers searching for your services. No more wasting money on uninterested consumers.

1st Page Rankings

Be seen by people who search for your services. Grow your brand presence with more click throughs & traffic. Often times people search for the services they want multiple times before clicking or converting. The more often they see your brand on the 1st page of Google, the more they begin to trust you. Just your presence on the page, even without clicks, is doing more for your brand than you think.

How We Generated Almost 500 New Leads For An

Online Engineer Recruiting Firm

Getting conversions from paid search advertising can be a challenge if you’re not experienced in that form of digital marketing. This client was not, so they turned to us for help in gaining more job seekers and job postings to their engineering recruitment site. We were able to get them lots of traffic and 445 conversions! We did this for just $11 per conversion, which is great considering some keywords in recruiting are upwards of $30 or more for one click.

Keys To Success: B2b Search Marketing

Ad Specialist

Our business development team places you with your own dedicated ad specialist that is familiar with your business and experienced in B2B search marketing campaigns.



We do the hard part. We perform thorough research to identify relevant keywords for your business to make sure you are advertising for the most cost-effective keywords that will deliver the most qualified leads at a great price.



Everyone wants to stay ahead of their competition, especially in the highly competitive B2B industry. We research, observe, and analyze your competitors to see which strategies work best for them and which ones do not. We utilize this information to strengthen your B2B PPC strategy.


Ad Creation

Your dedicated specialist will create attention grabbing ads to draw customers to the best features of your services.We also A/B split test ads to make sure we are spending your budget on the highest performing copy.


Monitor & Optimize

This is where the real magic happens. Working with a B2B search marketing company pays off in the optimization stage. We closely monitor ads to ensure we pause under-performing ones and fully optimize higher performing ones. We will also create new ads as needed to achieve the highest results.



We put together clear and easy-to-understand reports for you each month as well as keep an open line of communication about your ads. You will always know how your ads are performing with our conversion tracking tool that we install on your ads.

Key Elements: B2B PPC

We operate and manage results driven B2B PPC campaigns. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

  • Competitor Keyword Research

  • Relevant Ad Copy

  • Split Testing Ads

  • Continuous Research & Optimization

What Makes Our B2B Search Marketing Services Unique

We are a B2B company, and we market ourselves using B2B search marketing. You probably found us through a search you started, so that’s proof we know how to get your name out there. As a growing B2B company, B2B PPC is one of the things we do best.

We know that PPC campaigns are an integral part to any B2B company’s digital marketing strategy. The end goal is to get leads that convert at a controllable acquisition cost. We know the importance of this because we do it everyday, and so do our specialists. We have dedicated specialists on staff ready to run your B2B search marketing campaign.

B2B search marketing has the best results when the marketing strategy is combined with other methods of digital marketing, like email marketing, to further nurture leads. With us, there’s no need to hire another employee or outsource to yet another company. We not only have the tools, staff, and knowledge to support your B2B PPC campaign but also all other B2B digital marketing initiatives you want to implement for your business.

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