A “Regram” function. Social media users love to repost the motivational quotes or the funny memes that they see on their friends’ timelines. A simple “Regram” function, similar to a ‘ReTweet’ or ‘ReVine’ would be a great way to avoid the hassle of having to take a screenshot of a picture and re-uploading it.

Account switching. We have come to a point where Instagram is not just for posting pictures of your dog, or the meal that you ate last night. Social media marketers and businesses have joined the Instagram world, and some of these marketers and businesses have more than one Instagram account. Why bother with logging in and out of multiple accounts, when you can just press a button that lets you switch over in seconds? You wouldn’t.

Verified badges. Enough with the fake celebrity accounts. If I want to see Kim Kardashian making a kissy face with Kanye West, I should be able to rely on Instagram to tell me that it is indeed the real Kimye.

In-App collages. Instagram users love collages. They are the force that prevents multiple selfies from constantly being uploaded back to back. Rather than using picture collage apps, Instagram should have a function where users are able to create their own collage within the app.

Drafts. There have been many a time where users have put their all into creating an awesome 16 second video for Instagram, only to be disappointed when the app crashes or their phone dies before they can get to their charger. Videos or photos that are in the process of being edited should automatically be saved into a draft just in case there are any mishaps.

Computer uploads. Instagram users want to upload pictures and/or videos from their computers. We can like photos and comment on photos on Instagram.com. Why not go the extra mile?

A “Follows You” header. All social media users like to know who their followers are. When engaging with someone on Instagram, not only is it great to know that someone is fawning over your pictures, but it is pretty flattering to know that they’re already following you when you go to like their pictures as well.

Link friendly-ness. Everyone has a link that they want to share. Whether it is a YouTube link of Miley Cyrus twerking, or a link to a business’s latest blog, Instagram users need easy access to these resources. The fact that links are not clickable on Instagram sucks. We want the clickable links!

Private messaging. Now, we heard that Instagram will be adding privatized messaging on the platform, before 2014. If that is the case, kudos to you, Instagram. That’s exactly what the users want! If that was a rumor… we just gave you another helpful tip, so make it happen.

The number of people on social media is constantly increasing. With that being said, social media users are going to want more. We want something new and innovative. It is up to social networks to make sure that they can keep up.

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