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According to a Google study, 1 in every 20 online searches is related to the healthcare industry. That’s people who are searching for your facility and services!

We want to make sure your facility is the one they see first and the one they choose to step foot in.

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Fast Results

With healthcare ads, you generate instant results. No need to wait for other factors. Your PPC medical ads will be on the first page of Google instantly.

Quality Leads

Because of the precision targeting that PPC medical ads offer, you are able to ensure that the leads you receive are of the utmost quality.

Drive Traffic

We create ads representative of your site & facility to drive traffic to your website and make visitors feel like they never saw an ad.

An Introduction to PPC Medical Marketing

PPC medical marketing is the best and fastest way to capture user attention. You can easily tell users more about your business and convert them to a customer.


Whether you service patients directly in a B2C manner or sell medical supplies in a B2B operation, running healthcare ads is your best option for fast, quality conversions. People that visit your healthcare website through a paid ad are 50% more likely to convert to a customer than those that find your site through an organic search or some other means. Additionally, over 90% of hospital managers identify their medical vendors through Google search queries.


There are definitely people searching for your business, products, services, treatments, physicians, doctors, supplies, and more. These people are searching because they are ready to buy or make an appointment. And because there are people searching, that means there is revenue to be made. For every $1 spent on PPC Medical ads, the healthcare facility generally sees a $2 return. It’s an easy way to double your investment and make a profit.

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Why Do You Need Medical PPC Advertising Services?

The nature of PPC medical ads allow you to precisely target who your ads show up for. You can target your audience and ads based on keyword, day of the week, time of the day, geographical location, and more. You can even choose keywords to eliminate from your searches so you make sure that you have the most relevant people seeing your ads.


When you run PPC medical search ads, you will find that you see quicker conversions than you do with social media ads or email marketing. This is because you have a targeted audience in your area searching medical solutions that you offer. You customer is searching for you and your ads are glaring at them with a solution. Naturally they click and convert because they want an answer to their solution. It’s that simple. Rather than pushing your facility on them through social media or email newsletters, you’re simply providing an answer that they asked for and then building revenue from it.

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How we generated 171 leads in less than 4 months! For just over $10 per lead

If you’re reading this, then you probably work in the medical or healthcare industry in some fashion – which means you know how expensive it can be to get a lead. When is the last time a lead cost you around $10? We work with a plastic surgeon client who chose Google Ads as a way to promote the services his practice offers. Typically a click for a plastic surgeon keyword is expensive, so how did we get a cost per lead this low? That’s great ad copy and congruent landing pages! Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to see what we can do for your facility.



Dedicated Ad Specialist

Our business development team places you with your own dedicated ad specialist who is familiar with your industry, business, and target audience when is comes to running healthcare ads for a PPC campaign.

Keyword Research

The most important aspect of success when running PPC medical ads is having the right keywords. Determining exactly what these words are, their cost, competition, and other factors can be extremely time consuming. Luckily that’s our job, and we do it well. When you hire our team as your PPC management company to create and run your healthcare ads for you, we will save you an invaluable amount of time and money and in turn reward you with patients and sales.

Ad Creation

Next is the creative step. There are thousands of healthcare facilities using AdWords to advertise online, so Google can’t possibly run every at all the time for every keyword. Instead, Google chooses the best ads to run, which is why professional creative from our team is a must. Having the best and most relevant ad copy is what puts you above your competitors both figuratively and in ad deliverance.

Continuous Optimization

After your ads are created, delivering, and yielding results, we begin the optimization process. This is a relentless process that never stops. We continuously fine tune your campaigns to achieve optimal results and increased conversion rates at lower costs. PPC offers a lot of options, which is why it is such a great form of marketing, but also why it requires a great deal of attention.


In the healthcare, we know how important reports and data are to you regardless of what kind. For this reason (and to show off our skills) we put together a cohesive and comprehensive report and deliver it to your inbox each month. Your dedicated ad specialist is always available to discuss this report and your progress throughout the month. 


We operate and manage results driven PPC medical marketing campaigns. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

  1. Keyword Research. We make sure your ads are targeting the right searches for the highest quality leads.
  2. Relevant Ad Copy. Capturing the user’s attention is key getting the click and the conversion.
  3. Split Testing Ads. Continuous testing is the best way to see the greatest results.
  4. Ongoing Research & Optimization. Knowing user changes, preference changes, and more will aid in the proper optimization of ads.


We Know Your Industry

The healthcare industry is a niche industry that requires a different approach to marketing than most other B2B and B2C industries. We understand this fully, which is why our staff is departmentalized by industry, so you can rest assured you have the most qualified specialists working on your campaigns.

PPC Experts

Our Google Ads specialists are highly trained in creating and optimizing successful campaigns for our clients. PPC medical marketing is one of the more complicated forms of digital marketing in the healthcare industry and requires a professional with a great deal of experience in both the industry and PPC to be successful. Our specialists have both, so you and your healthcare facility are in good hands.

Comprehensive Services

Our digital marketing staff is trained to not only help your succeed in your PPC medical marketing efforts but in all other digital marketing areas as well. For your investment to be best spent, you should work with an all-in-one company than can create and monitor all of your marketing campaigns cohesively to gain you ultimate success and profits.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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