Social Media is the term whose effectiveness is measured by the number of likes or followers you have. Not! Most people and companies do a good job at media creation, but fall short in creating media that creates a social atmosphere. Marketing “experts” have been treating social media like it’s the 90’s. Pushing content (media) in your face without relating, talking not listening, and intruding not engaging. Using social platforms like the little brother who won’t stop poking you, instead of the best friend who just listened to you spill your guts about how your crush said “Hey” to you this morning.

Everything posted on a social platform is not social media. If your content is not engaging, does not spark conversation, or frankly make someone stop and think, then what you have is media on a social platform.  You can’t treat a platform meant for social activity like a billboard or a TV ad. Yes, the end goal is to get the consumer to buy, but there is suppose to be something more emotional, more personal in between that act. The media you post should be the catalyst to a laugh, a smile, a thought, or a moment in which a consumer consumes the media you post and feel as if you are speaking to them.

Why? People tend to entertain purchasing opinions from people they know and “social media” gives you a chance to humanize your brand, socialize with your consumers, and build relationship capital; the capital that matters in the long run.

In closing, don’t just be on a social platform to push media down your consumers throat; GET SOCIAL!

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