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Every company has something about them that makes them unique. A well-balanced team contributes great ideas, results, and a spark that makes you say, “I like those guys.” If you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you have a glimpse of who we are as a company, a team, and family. Here are 11 fun facts that give you a sneak peek into what puts the LYFE in LYFE Marketing.

#1 – LYFE is an Acronym for Live Young Forever

Why “LYFE” and not “Life” is a question we get asked all the time. LYFE is an acronym for “Live Young Forever” and a motto we use to inspire all that we meet. As young adults, we have dreams and aspirations and, as we grow older, they tend to take the back seat to newer obligations and responsibilities. Our mission is to help businesses grow and to help business owners get closer to fulfilling their dream of success; online marketing just happens to be the way we fulfill that mission.

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#2 – We Love Teaching

Knowledge is power, and we get a thrill from teaching others what we know. There is a feeling that arises from teaching young adults about entrepreneurship and marketing as a career path. The same is true during our seminars and webinars for business owners where we give away our very own marketing secrets and strategies. Honestly, we would teach a baby if we knew it would influence his or her life for the better.

Social Media Secrets Workshop: Transforming Followers into Customers

#3 – We Love Teaching Each Other

Every week we have “LYFE Lessons.” During LYFE Lessons, one person from our team teaches the rest of our company something related to online marketing. Power Points, games, funny videos and brownies are known to make its way into our office for the LYFE Lesson of the day.

#4 – Continue reading, it would make us super happy

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