How to Earn a Promotion in Marketing- (1)

Feeling restless in your current position and eager to move up? When you are passionate about the work you do then its natural to seek out a promotion. Most of us know the importance of doing more than expected and doing your job extremely well to get noticed. However, there’s more to earning a promotion than just that. The old fashion rules for getting promoted have evolved and are not as predictable as they were in the past. In fact, most companies today have their own plan and formula for advancing in their position.

Recently, I took to Twitter to ask real marketers for advice on earning a promotion in marketing. I have taken that advice and created 6 tips on how to earn a promotion in the marketing field. Lets see what they have to say.

#1 – Set Goals & Share Them with the Boss

Wayne Partello, Chief Marketing Officer for the San Diego Padres, key advice is to set goals and share them with the boss. It is very important to know what you are striving to accomplish and measure your own success. Its equally important that your boss is aware of your work. This could be sending monthly email updates on your progress or scheduling periodic meetings to check performance. You can ask for feedback on your work and find out early if your efforts are valued or if you need to shift direction.

Wayne Partello

#2 – Embrace Data / Build Trust 

RJ Frasca, Director of Marketing & Communications at Active Screen, key advice is to embrace data and build trust. One of my favorite quotes by Jay-Z is, “Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t” and this is why data is so important. Being trusted by others is not easily earned. You must know how to demonstrate a strong track record of diligence and success. Once you have established trust among your peers and boss then the world of creativity can open to you.

RJ Frasca

#3 – Show Results 

Nikki Nixon, Marketing Technology Manager at SalesLoft, core advice is to show and prove results from every aspect possible. Being able to effectively show and demonstrate how to arrive from point A to Z displays a tremendous capacity for growth. Track every marketing activity you can including your time spent, creating awareness, building list/leads, and most importantly return on investment achieved.

Nikki Nixon

#4 – Put the Customer First 

Jenna Lebel, Marketing Director at Fortune 100, key advice is to have a customer first approach. This means that you strive to build healthy relationships with your consumers by identifying their needs and providing the best-possible experience to its customers. Successfully fulfilling a customer’s needs can be the difference between a one time customer and a lifetime brand advocate. 

Jenna Lebel

#5 – Get Creative and Standout 

Mike Kawula, CEO of The Social Quant & Best Selling Author, key advice is to step outside of the box and standout. Once you have developed trust, taking a creative marketing approach can be risky, yet yield big results. These type of campaigns have the potential to go viral and reach millions of people. The office would easily recognize your awesome marketing skills if you were responsible for creating a viral marketing campaign.

Mike Kawula

#6 – Love What You Do  

Jayde Powell, Director of Social Media and HR at LYFE Marketing, key advice is to simply love what you do. When you have passion and drive behind your work its hard to go unnoticed. Even when you are not actively seeking a promotion these type of people usually attract them naturally. Love your team. Love your work. Love your clients.

Jayde Powell