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Reach more potential clients and convert them into loyal patients. We will help you when it comes to generating leads for your dental practice.

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How Can Dental Lead Generation Help Your Business Grow?

Finding potential clients and nurturing them through the sales process until they are ready to buy will be made easier with dental lead generation.

Though it may be obvious, let’s first describe what a lead is quickly. For a dental practice, a lead is someone who is interested in making you their new go-to dentist. At minimum, acquiring a lead usually means you have the lead’s name and email address, but often you’ll have their phone number too. In short, a lead is someone who could potentially become a paying customer if they are nurtured properly!

So you can see how obtaining qualified leads translates to a growing dental practice, but how do you do it? How do you drive new leads for your practice? This is where the process of dental lead generation comes in. There are a few different ways to approach dental lead generation, so let’s take a look at some of our top methods below.

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Different Dental Lead Generation Methods

Not all leads are the same. 

A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) for example is someone who has completed a form to get an offer but is not ready for a sales call just yet. The Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) are leads who have made moves that indicate their interest in becoming a client. Then there is the Product Qualified Lead (PQL) which is someone who has tried your product or service and is expressing an interest in becoming a paying client. 

Aside from the different types of leads there are also different ways that leads are generated.



Search Engine Optimization can also be used for lead generation. If your site is properly optimized, then it will draw traffic from people who are really interested in what you are trying to offer. The people who are searching will find your site and your offer on their own. All you have to do is make sure that your offers and content are relevant to them.



Another useful means of generating leads is referrals. You should never underestimate the power of your existing customers. Maximize their reach and your potential clients by offering rewards. People generally trust their friends and family when choosing a dentist, so one way that you can establish that trust is by spreading word of mouth about your practice. When people hear about your practice from people that they trust, then they will give you a try. You just have to give your customers the right incentives.

Using Lead Magnets

Using Lead Magnets

One of the best ways to generate leads is to advertise lead magnets on places like Google and social media. A lead magnet is normally a free offer, something that would entice the targets to give their email addresses and information in exchange for the offer.

What are the best lead magnets? Some of the best magnets are eBooks, coupons, videos, courses, and free PDF guides. The important thing is for those offers to be of real value to the targets.

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What Does Lead Generation Content Look Like?

Videos, email marketing, and targeted copywriting make up lead generation content.


Did you know that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by as much as 86%? The digital marketing landscape is very visual, and videos have proven to be more effective than static images in garnering attraction and engagement. This is why we utilize videos when possible in our client’s lead generation campaign.

Email Marketing

Once you generate a new lead, that person may not be ready to immediately become a patient. Email marketing is a great form of content to nurture your leads. It allows you to build trust and establish a personable relationship with potential clients. You can also offer discounts on their first visit via email as a further incentive to drive them to your practice.

Purposeful Copywriting

Once we catch your target market’s attention, what does your text say? Once we drive them to your website, how effective is the copy that your target audience is reading? Whether we’re writing short copy for an advertisement or we’re writing longform content for your website, we want the text to resonate with your target audience. 

We do this by addressing pain points or goals your target market may have. One thing we always stress to our clients is the importance of centering your message around your audience and not around what you sell. You want to address the problems your audience may have to get their attention, and then provide your dental service as the solution.

Why Does Dental Lead Generation Matter?

Dental lead generation will increase visibility, trust, and attention from potential leads.

According to marketers, if they follow up with a lead within 5 minutes, they are 9X more likely to convert them. This just shows that there is a need for proper lead nurturing. That’s one of the things that we at LYFE Marketing can provide to your business.


Creating Your Custom Strategy

Creating Your Custom Strategy

Before we start performing lead generation for your dental practice, we will first learn more about you and your potential clients. What makes you different from your competitors? What are your specific business goals? What does your target market look like? These are just a few of the questions we’ll go over with you at the beginning of our partnership.

Creating Content That Attract Leads

Creating Content That Attract Leads

This step will vary depending on which lead generation service you’ve signed up for, be it advertising, SEO, content marketing etc. But in general, the idea here is that our copywriting and graphics speak directly to your target audience. We want to grab their attention so that they fill out the “contact us” form we’re driving them to on your behalf.

Creating A Landing Page

Creating A Landing Page

Depending on your existing assets and the nature of your business, you may not need a landing page created, but we can and will definitely create one if we see that it could benefit your lead generation rate! Any landing page we create will be a direct representation of who you are as a brand and will push visitors to complete a “contact us” form for you to follow up with them.

Measuring And Monitoring The Leads

Measuring And Monitoring The Leads

Our job is not done once the landing page has been published. We will be measuring the number of leads that come in to make sure that they are meeting the goals that have been set. But the question of leads is not just about quantity. Quality leads are important because all the efforts of lead generation will just go to waste if you acquire leads that cannot be converted. So, we will continue to monitor the quality of the leads coming in, which is a measure of how successful the campaign is.

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing Optimization

We care about the ongoing performance of our clients’ campaign. We don’t publish and forget. This is why we are constantly looking for ways to drive the number of leads up while driving the cost per lead down.

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Best Practices For Your Dental Lead Generation

Through the years that we have conducted lead generation, we have discerned which practices seem to drive the best results. Here are a few of those practices:

Descriptive Call To Action. We make sure that our CTAs are clear and tell people exactly what they need to do. That has produced a lot of great results for us and our clients.

Simple & Clear Answers. We provide simple and clear answers to the questions being asked by potential leads. We often try to anticipate and answer these questions in advance in your content.

Evidence & Examples. Providing examples and proof of claims helps in establishing credibility for our clients.


Affordable Pricing For High Quality Service

We have expertise working with dental practices, are flexible with our plans, and most of all, we offer high-quality services at reasonable prices.

We offer high quality lead generation services but we are not going to drain your digital marketing budget. We price our services reasonably and affordably for dental practice owners everywhere.

We Have Experience Working With Dental Practices

We are not strangers when it comes to marketing for clients from the dental industry. This gives us an advantage over other services providers out there.

Flexible Plans

We don’t have long-term contracts. Your initial contract is going to last for three months. After those initial 3 months, your service is maintained on a monthly basis where you can cancel at any period after providing a 30-day notice.

Dental Lead Generation Is The Key To Seeing Your Practice Grow

These days, a lot of dental practices are finding that traditional marketing methods no longer work for them. Lead generation through digital marketing is the way of the future and is the ticket to growing your business.

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