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Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Website

Content Agency

Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Website

Content Agency

Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Website



Publish high quality content that draws in your audience and increases your site’s traffic. We are your content experts.

Build Brand Awareness

The best way that you can build awareness regarding your brand online is through content marketing. By having informative and useful content published under your brand, people will see you as an authority within your niche, and they will think of your brand as a trustworthy, helpful resource over competitors.

Maximize Your Digital Marketing

Quality content is the pillar of digital marketing. By publishing content that answers relevant questions within your industry, you will draw in more, higher-quality traffic to your site, which translates to a higher conversion rate.

Build Links

What makes other sites want to link with yours? The answer is simple: once your site is perceived to be authoritative, then people will want to link to it to help their own search engine site rankings. The best way to be seen as an authority is to publish quality content that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.

What Can A Content Creation Agency Do For You

Content marketing is very important for any brand that aims to build a digital presence. The internet is driven now by content and people are looking for information. They now have the power to choose what content they consume and they can exit away from sources that do not provide them with what they are looking for. 

Here are some of the things that content marketing can do for you:


Give What Your Audience Needs

This is the main reason why content marketing is so important for your brand. It is valuable for your audience. They appreciate good content and when you publish great content, they reward you with their visits and their purchases.

In some ways, content marketing has created the customer-centric internet that is now the trend. It’s easy to say that content is altering the connection between brands and the consumers right now.


Build A Strong Relationship With Your Audience

Content marketing is an effective way to educate your audience and to make them take the action that you want. Keep in mind that visitors will go to your site to gather information. They have questions that they want to be answered and you should be there to provide those answers.

By providing them with the information that they are looking for, you are building a strong relationship with them. Keep in mind that people have so many choices of where to click on the internet, and so they will only revisit sites that have won their trust. 

By regularly publishing useful content, you can be sure to obtain regular visitors. Once you have regular visitors and people see you as an authoritative site, that creates a strong bond between you and your audience. That bond becomes stronger with the more content that you publish.


Garner More Leads

Then of course, there is the fact that content is going to generate high quality leads for your business. The whole of your digital marketing effort is aimed at generating leads or direct sales. For your business to be sustainable, you need a steady stream of fresh leads or potential customers. When we talk about leads, we mean qualified leads who can be turned into your paying customers.

Content marketing is a fast way for your brand to be discovered by those people who are specifically looking for the kind of service or product that you provide. That makes it easier to convert them.

Content marketing is quite effective as it generates 3 times more leads when compared to outbound marketing. You have to consider the quality of leads that it generates as well. Since visitors are drawn by relevant content, they are more likely to be converted.

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Why Use A Creative Content Agency

With 77% of American adults going online on a daily basis, the internet is really the place for businesses to be. They are after informative content to solve their problems or answer their questions and you should not miss that opportunity. You have to make sure that your content marketing presents your product or service as the answer to their problem or question. This is where a content agency can help.

Get Results Faster

Get Results Faster

Depending on your familiarity with the internet or experience with performing digital marketing services in the past, you may possess the ability to perform content marketing on your own- but time is important. You need to generate results right away. The fastest way to get results is to get the help of an experienced content agency and that is exactly what LYFE Marketing is. We help you avoid the trial and error of figuring things out on your own in performing content marketing yourself. This avoids wasted time and gets right to the heart of what you and our team are both after- your success.

The Right Content For You

The Right Content For You

Our highly skilled team can help you by creating the right kind of content that will win the trust of your audience. No matter what type of content it is that’s needed by your campaign, you can be sure that we can handle it. We do our due diligence in researching your target audience. This way, we’re doing more than pulling from our own experience; we are letting data show us what your target audience is interested in reading. This will guide us as we determine your content topics.

Long Experience In Content Marketing

Long Experience In Content Marketing

We have extensive experience in content marketing and we will use the same techniques that we developed for our own campaigns for your content marketing. We will work closely with you to determine which types of content will be most effective for you and start working on those. Whether you need video or text content, we have specialists who can create either. Get in touch with one of our specialists now to learn more how we can deliver content services for you.

Impact Of Content Marketing Today

Just how important is content marketing today?

Well, 72% of marketers agree that content marketing is effective when it comes to improving engagement. Certain types of content are proving to be crucial for different goals. Video content for example is becoming more and more prevalent. Almost 50% of marketers are now prioritizing the making of Youtube videos since visual content, particularly video, is showing to be effective in the way of conversions. Content marketing provides excellent ROI. When compared to more traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is 60% cheaper while generating three times the volume in leads!

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Getting To Know Your Brand

Getting To Know Your Brand

For us to create for your brand, we need to learn more about you first. We need to know what your products or services are about and how they serve your target market. If you already have an established brand voice, then we need to be aware of that as well.

Monitoring & Optimization

Monitoring & Optimization

Once your content has been published, our job doesn’t stop there. We need to monitor and optimize to make sure your content is reaching the audience you need.

Creating Effective Content

Creating Effective Content

Here comes the most vital part of the process which is creating the right content. Having a good strategy is not going to do you any good if the content produced for it is poorly executed. The good news is that our specialists are highly skilled and experienced, so we will create content that gives your brand value every time.

Building A Strategy

Building A Strategy

Once we know more about you, we can start developing a content marketing strategy. Part of this is determining which channels and forms of content will benefit you the most. Is video content right for you and your audience? Do you need a blog where text content can draw in your audience? These are the types of questions which we will sort out in this phase.

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Our Goals For Your Content Marketing


Here are our ultimate goals for the content marketing we perform for our clients:

Trust. We want your audience to trust your brand as an authority within your niche.

Engagement. The content is designed to encourage your customers to engage with your brand.

Traffic. We want your site to gain more qualified traffic. Our content will encourage visitors who are looking for reliable information.

Leads and Conversions. Finally, we want you to see more in terms of leads, sales and ROI.


We Learned The Hard Way For You

We have been in the digital marketing industry since 2011, a long time in the internet world. We didn’t have all of the experience we have now back when we started. We studied everything ourselves and we made mistakes along the way. But that’s okay because we made those mistakes so that you and our other clients don’t have to!

We Really Want You To Succeed

We’re not just here to do the service that you hired us for, we really want you to succeed as your content agency. This is why we will make sure that you have all the support that we can provide. You will be informed of all the steps that we are taking on your behalf and what measures we are implementing. We provide regular reports so that you have a clear picture of your entire content marketing campaign. Your success is a win for LYFE Marketing too.

Top Service For Reasonable Fees

We’re proud to say that we are a top-performing content agency and digital marketing firm, with performance that can be proven by past numbers. That does not mean we are charging unreasonably high fees. That’s one of the reasons why you should use our services, it’s one of the best that you can find and yet it doesn’t drain your budget.

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