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What Is Digital Marketing?

People are using the internet to make purchasing decisions more than ever before. Whether they are searching for a service and click on the first Google search result or they are influenced by brands on social media, people rely on the internet to guide them in their purchases.


In fact, 77% of Americans go online on a daily basis, and about eight out of 10 Americans do their shopping online.

So what is digital marketing and how does it come into play here? Digital marketing is a broad term that covers multiple digital marketing outlets including social media, content marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and pay-per-click (PPC) to name a few.


Digital marketing allows you to use those marketing outlets to reach your target audience where they’re already at: online!


Depending on the demographics of your target audience, they may be more heavily concentrated in a certain area. For example, younger audiences tend to be on Instagram, whereas older audiences can be found on Facebook or LinkedIn. Also, depending on the nature of your business or the goals you’re trying to achieve, one platform may be better than another to drive website traffic and conversions.


Hiring a digital marketing consultant can help you navigate these decisions and craft the best digital marketing strategy that works for your specific business.

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In today’s era where almost everyone is often online, it’s imperative for businesses like yours to be on the same platforms as your target market. For instance, if they search your business on search engines such as Google, your brand needs to be at the first results page. When they are browsing on social media networks, they should also be able to connect with your brand.


But what exactly are the reasons why these things matter for your business growth?

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More than 50% of businesses

state that the activities that yield them the highest ROI are search related such as SEO, content marketing and paid ads.

80% of B2B leads

come from social media, LinkedIn in particular.

Email marketing yields

an average return rate of $38 for every $1 spent.

94% of the total

web organic traffic comes from Google.

50% of users

are more likely to click on a specific brand name if that company shows up more than once on the search results.

Content marketing

can garner up to 3x more leads.

64% of online consumers

state that a social media video has helped them make a purchasing decision.

18% of local-based

searches end in a sale within a day.

Now you see how essential it is for a business to have a strong, effective digital marketing strategy. If your customers can’t find you online, they will surely flock to your competitors instead. And as business owners ourselves, we don’t want that to happen to you. So let our team of digital marketing consultants help you.

Why You Need A Digital Marketing Consultant


You Need An Effective Strategy

Digital marketing can only bring in positive results and work for you if it’s used in the right way. This is where it helps to have a proven process within digital marketing to be able to create successful marketing campaigns. This is where an effective strategy can benefit your business, and a digital marketing consultant can help you create that strategy and lead your business to success.

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You Need The Know-How To Execute Your Campaign

Once you put a digital marketing plan in place, do you know how to execute it? Digital marketing is always changing, so even if you once learned how to perform a task, the method may have changed since then! A digital marketing consultant can guide you in the areas that you may lack experience or expertise to make sure your strategy is executed efficiently.


You Need To Know What Your Audience Looks Like Online

As the owner of your business, you know what your customer base looks like. But do you know where to find them online? Do you know what their digital behaviors, interests and demographics look like online? A digital marketing consultant can put together a clear customer avatar for your business. This helps you understand what platforms they spend the most time on as well as what language will resonate with them most.

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You Have To Optimize Your Campaign

Digital marketing is not a “set it and forget it” type of strategy. It requires consistent optimization if you want to see consistent results! A digital marketing consultant can help you measure and analyze the results you’re getting to see what’s working well and what needs improvement. From there, you can optimize your campaigns to achieve the best results!

Get An Affordable & Effective Digital Marketing Consultant

Our Effective Proven Digital Marketing Process

Strategy Development

The first step our digital marketing consultant will walk you through is to craft an effective strategy because you can’t move forward without a plan. We will help you map out which platforms your business needs a presence on and how to target your customer base on those platforms.

Drive Traffic

Once we hone in on an effective strategy for your business, we’ll teach you how to put it into action. Implementing the strategy is what drives that initial traffic to your site. Driving website traffic is what leads to the increase of brand awareness, leads and sales.

Generate Leads

If your business model depends on lead generation as opposed to direct sales (such as eCommerce) then it’s important that your strategy and execution be optimized for leads. Your digital marketing consultant will help to make sure that your website, ads, content and more are set up to foster that customer relationship into a closed lead.


One thing that we’ve seen be consistently effective across all industries and business models is retargeting. People need to have multiple touch-points with your brand and business before making a purchasing decision. The reason is because trust is at the root of all consumer-brand relationships. Customers need to trust your brand, business and product or service over competitors in order to choose you. Retargeting helps establish that trust through repetitive touch-points.

Measurement & Reporting

After you’ve executed all of your marketing efforts, your digital marketing consultant will help you measure them. Digital marketing is always changing, so your marketing campaigns have to change with it. You’ll want to measure your results and invest in what’s working well and improve what isn’t.

The Role Of A Digital Marketing Consultant

Many small business owners understand the need for digital marketing, and they’ve seen how it helps others grow their businesses, but they don’t know where to start or how to do it themselves. This is where a digital marketing consultant can help.


Here are some of the most common responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant:

Analyze your business goals

with your current marketing efforts and determine what needs to change to make the two align

Define your customer avatar

and understand their pain points, their goals, and what platform they spend the most time on.

Monitor and measure

the performance of your campaign to see what is working to your benefit and what needs to be improved upon.

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What Makes Our Digital Marketing Services Effective (And Better!)


Full Service

LYFE Marketing is a full service agency. This means that we offer many of the marketing efforts under the digital marketing umbrella that we mentioned previously: social media marketing, e-mail marketing, PPC, SEO, graphic design, product photography and more. This means that your digital marketing consultant will be able to look at the bigger picture of your marketing campaign and ensure consistency throughout.


Industry Experience

Our consultants here at LYFE Marketing have years worth of experience and expertise under their belt. We always make sure that each of our team members has a proven track record of success in the digital marketing industry. This means when you work with us, you’re working with an experienced professional who has the knowledge it takes to see your business rise to the top.


We Are Up-To-Date

As we’ve said before, digital marketing is always changing. You want to work with someone who is always up-to-date on the newest trends, policies and more. Your LYFE Marketing digital marketing consultant stays on top of this changing industry for the benefit of your campaign.

Unlock Your Business Potential With The Help Of A LYFE Marketing Digital Marketing Consultant!

If you’re having a hard time growing your business, or if you want to improve the results you’re getting now, then a digital marketing consultant can help you. We believe that every business has their own unique selling points, and with the right, effective marketing strategy, you can highlight those USPs to get the best results. Our digital marketing consultant team here is to help you unlock that potential.


Whether you want to get more leads, increase your sales or build your online presence, digital marketing is the key. Take your business to the next level and achieve your goals faster through our digital marketing consultant services. Click the button today and let’s get started!

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