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Capture more product purchases through ecommerce email marketing.

Constantly stay top of mind with your customers through product emails and automations that tell your customers more about new product launches, restocks, sales, and more.

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Strengthen Customer Relationships

Continuously communicate with your customers to build stronger relationships.

Personalized Approach

Offer personalized email messaging to enhance the customer shopping experience.

High Return on Investment

Gain a lot for a little with email marketing. Generate up to thousands with a single email blast.

Why You Need to Email Ecommerce Marketing for Your Business

Drive Sales – We help you do this by making sure your emails are informative and encourage a purchase rather than pushing salesy terminology. The key to capturing customers is by fueling curiosity and providing them with information. Hearing the knowledge from you first makes them trust your brand. Everyone is more apt to buy products from a company they trust.


Deepen Connections – The first email you send generally is not enough to capture a customer. It takes nurturing to deepen customer relationships with your brand. These deep connections are the bridge from a learning customer to a purchasing customer. We help your customers cross that bridge through segmentation and drip campaigns.

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The Difference Ecommerce Email Marketing Makes

If you have an ecommerce business, then you already send out emails – even if they are just transactional emails. So why not send out more marketing emails? Or incorporate some sales elements into your transactional emails? Your transactional emails receive the highest open rates and most click-throughs. Don’t miss out on that ecommerce email marketing opportunity!


Research shows that 86% of consumers actually enjoy receiving emails from brands they choose to do business with. Why? Because they like the brand and want to know more about what makes it so great!


Over half of consumers have purchased products from emails they have received. These emails come in all forms: welcome, remarketing, abandoned carts, upselling, promotional, loyalty, and drip campaigns. By incorporating even a few of these emails into your ecommerce email marketing campaign, you will see an increase in traffic to your landing pages and an increase in sales.

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How we helped a client experience $33,222 in sales from just 3 emails!

We sent out 3 (yes, just 3) emails to our client’s customers during Passover. We know this client has a number of customers who celebrate this religious holiday, so we decided to help him capitalize on that. It worked! We generated over $30,000 in revenue for our client in less than 1 month with just 3 emails. It’s that simple when you work with an email marketing company that specializes in ecommerce.


Determine Your Goals

A successful ecommerce email marketing campaign starts with a goal and focuses on that goal with every email made. Our team does exactly that. We start by discussing the the goals you wish to achieve through your ecommerce email marketing campaign. As we determine your goals together, we then share with you our recommended ecommerce email marketing strategy that will help you achieve those goals.

Build Up Your List

No ecommmerce email marketing campaign can start out on the right foot without a strong list to send emails to. To help you increase your list size, we develop lead magnets with a call to action that attracts consumers using an incentive to sign up to receive your emails. To build exposure for your lead magnets, we recommend using our ecommerce social media service to increase leads.

Software & Plan of Action

Next we set you up in our ecommerce email marketing software that allows us to craft and send emails to your consumers in the form of welcome, newsletters, promotional, abandoment, and more. Depending on your goals, you can choose to have one or all of these emails incorporated into your ecommerce email marketing campaign. We will share with you what we think works best.

Segment & Send

As we learn more about the customer’s behavior, interests, and purchase history, we segment customers into different lists for better communication. This maintains long-term subscribers because the information they are receiving is relevant to them. Once your list is segmented, we will begin to send relevant newsletters to your email list.

Tracking & Optimization

As this process continues, we track the deliverability rates of emails as well as open rates to see how your customers are responding. We make any changes necessary to improve these metrics. We also observe which emails are seeing link click throughs and conversions. The emails with the highest conversion rates will tell us what resonates best with your customer and helps us optimize all future emails to gain you the most product sales.


The key to a successful ecommerce email marketing is making sure your campaign incorporates all the right elements to deem it worthy for your readers.

  1. Intriguing Clickable Subject Lines
  2. Engaging Copy That Demands Attention
  3. High Quality Product Photos
  4. Detailed Reports for Continued Successful Execution


Industry Know How

We know your industry and we know your field. We also know you don’t want someone working on your campaign who has never worked with a business like yours before. Chances are, we have and have the results and reviews to show you.


We know that ecommerce emails are not the same as restaurant emails or the emails you receive from your dentist. That’s why we provide you with experienced specialists who are knowledgeable in your field. Our specialists know what kinds of emails your customers want to receive, and that’s how you get sales.

Full Service Offerings

We are a full service done for you ecommerce email marketing agency. There is no need for you to lift a finger for your email campaigns. Because we are full service, we also have the tools to strengthen your campaign through social media marketing and social media advertising.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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