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Use ecommerce PPC services to immediately reach potential customers searching for your products.

Even if you’re operating a newer ecommerce business, your company’s products can still be seen above others on the search engines. But how?

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Increase Website Traffic

Bring more traffic to your online store when you run PPC and shopping ads.

Increase Brand Awareness

Heighten brand exposure with more impressions on your ads.

Increase Conversions

Increase sales revenue by making your products more available to customers.

The Benefits Ecommerce PPC Offers Your Brand

The top benefit of ecommerce PPC is the ability to reach shoppers who are searching for what you’re selling. Ecommerce PPC ads aren’t like other digital ads where you pay for your ads to be pushed into someone’s newsfeed, magazine, or television screen. You’re just paying for your products to be seen by people who want what you offer. 


Ecommerce PPC ads allow your products to be seen above all other organic search results on Google. 75% of users never scroll pass the first page of Google. And, 64% of people click on sponsored paid ads before they click on organic search results.  Because of this, PPC advertising will drive immediate traffic to your website. Our ecommerce PPC services allow you to reach consumers who are ready to make a purchase. Our team will help you optimize your ads for maximal visibility, traffic, and conversions.

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Why You Need Our Ecommerce PPC Management Services

Our ecommerce PPC experts consistently generate quality traffic through your shopping campaigns while you focus your attention on the parts of your business that need you most. Ecommerce PPC management helps you with what you need most with advertising – increased results and more time to do more for your business.


You can target your customer in a multitude of of ecommerce PPC ads. There is no one ad that works best, but rather ecommerce PPC ads see the greatest performance when text ads, shopping ads, and display ads work together. Determining a strategy where these three ads networks work best is where the science lies. Luckily our ecommerce PPC management team is well-versed in creating profitable ads for ecommerce companies like yours.


With ecommerce PPC management services on your side, you turn customer online browsing into online buying.

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How Indique Hair Generated Over $189,000 through Google Shopping Ads

Indique Hair, an eommerce hair extension business, used our eCommerce PPC services to increase revenue by over $189,000 in 12 months. In order to accomplish this, we launched a PPC advertising campaign and continuously optimized their campaign over time to spike sales. Our ecommerce PPC specialists analyzed their performance trends, and found key areas to improve their profitability over time. To learn more about our Google Shopping Ads services and how they work, contact us today to schedule a meeting with our reps.

These results prove that if you’re willing to put in the time, you can see astronomical results!




The golden key to success lies within the research we do for your ecommerce PPC ads. We not only search for all the best keywords that match your ecommerce business and products, but we also determine the negative keywords that could hurt your PPC campaign and cost you unnecessary money.


As we create your ads, we implement a tiered keyword strategy that allows us to allocate greater portions of your budget to the best high traffic keywords. This ad creation method results in more ad clicks and product purchases. We also connect your products to your shopping ads through Google Merchant center so you can be sure your ads run accurately with your inventory quantities.


Our ecommerce PPC services include continuous management of your ads. During this management process, we conduct A/B testing on different ad copy to ensure we are improving your click through rates every step of the way.


Continuous optimization for shopping ads is important so you are never undersold by your competitors. As we continue to optimize your PPC ad performance, we keep you updated every step of the way with accurate reporting and open lines of communication.


The goal of our ecommerce PPC services is to increase product sales for your brand. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Creative Ad Copy
  3. Daily Monitoring
  4. Continuous Optimization



Industry Experience

The difference between good ecommerce PPC management and great ecommerce PPC management lies in the ability to take into account all onsite and offsite factors. We have extensive experience with ecommerce companies, so we know the ins and outs of the industry and know consumer changes, product manufacturing, competitors, and more can affect the success of your ads. Our industry experience helps us help you stay ahead the game at all times.


Real people, real management, not just software. Dedicated ad specialists and account managers with a background in ecommerce PPC management will create, monitor, and optimize your ads with your end goal in mind: Profit.

Full Service

As a full service digital marketing firm, we offer you more than just search ads, shopping ads, or remarketing display ads. We can also incorporate all the additional channels you need to increase the success of your ecommerce PPC campaign.

We’ve driven over 983,287 leads for clients through digital marketing.

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