How to Skyrocket Your Online Marketing

Are you ready to skyrocket your business with online marketing? Whether you are new or experienced, there are some things that every business should know. I guarantee you that if you can make sense out of this blog post and implement it into your strategy, you will see the desired results you are looking for. Let’s get started.

#1 – You can’t fly without a website

Do not jump into online marketing without an outstanding website. You will land flat on your face (Click to tweet). Your website is the hub of all online activity. It is connected to social media, search engines, email marketing, and much more. These are reasons why your website should be the BEST website it can be.

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Your website should not only be attractive, but it should also be tactical. Potential buyers should not be confused on where to go when they land on your website. Instead, it should be very simple and direct. Fill your website with unique call-to-actions and be in control of visitors’ journey through your website.

#2 – Use social media to jumpstart your brand

A website with no traffic does not crank up leads. Use social media to build your brand as you invest more into online marketing. It is your marketing backbone. It influences your rankings on Google, website traffic, and blog traffic. And guess what? Your social media followers are connected to you forever. There are over 75 benefits of social media marketing. If you can successfully grow a loyal community around your brand, you will find yourself with a stable source of online traffic and leads. This is what a loyal and engaged community looks like.

You will find your current, previous, and potential customers on social media. It is not only beneficial to your other online marketing activities, but it is a necessity. Someone could be talking about your brand right now. Will you be there to monitor the conversation? There are people talking about their need for a product like yours. Is your brand there to make them aware of why you have the best product? Use social media to jumpstart your flight. To get some actionable social media tips for you to implement now, read our social media tips for a dramatically better social media presence.

#3 – Accelerate with search engine marketing (SEM)

Use search engines like Google and Bing to accelerate your online marketing. Every minute, thousands of searches are being made. Hundreds of those searches are people looking for exactly what your business has to offer. By targeting relevant and high quality ads to people who are already searching for what you offer, you will generate tons of leads.

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The trick is to generate leads at a low cost, which is extremely hard to do without a Google AdWords Partner. Search engines use “cost per click” bidding, meaning you will have to pay money each time someone clicks on your ad. Google Partners are able to research keywords from Google’s back-end, identify key problems in your ad, and lower your cost-per-click. In addition, it is key to note that if the web page that you are sending this advertising traffic to is not appealing, you will waste a lot of money. This goes back to having the BEST website or landing page in step #1.

#4 –Avoid turbulence by using email marketing

91% of people check their email every day. Email marketing is not dead and you will experience turbulence in online marketing if you do not use it. You will generate leads if you implement steps #1-#3 correctly. However, leads are not always ready to purchase as soon as you’d like them to. Some will need to be nurtured until they are ready to buy. Use emails as a way to stay in top of mind.


Fun fact: this step can be automated. Most email software, such as Mailchimp, have this capability. You can draft 10 emails that will go out to your leads over the next 3 months. The trick is delivering valuable information in those emails. A quick way to fail attempt to sell to your leads in each of those 10 emails. Deliver helpful and quality information that aligns your business with your customer needs.

#5 – Reach for the moon with content marketing  

You will not fully leverage online marketing without content marketing. Content marketing is creating and sharing media, such as blog posts, to educate or inform potential buyers. Every business can engage into some type of content marketing, regardless of the industry. You may have the best product or service in the world, but the world may never know about it. Use content marketing to educate your prospects before selling to them.


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The online marketing tactics above will support you in content marketing. On your kickass website, you can create a blog. Social media will drive traffic to your blog. You can advertise you blog on Google’s display network or on social media to gain quick traffic. Email marketing can be used to share content from your blog and direct it back to your website. In return, content marketing can help you build your email marketing list.

#6 – Take over the universe on Google (SEO)

You know how to take over the world now, but if you can grasp the next few points you can take over the universe. Search engine optimization is leveraging Google/Bing to obtain high organic rankings. Those who rank at the top of Google receive thousands of FREE traffic. Your business can be on the front of Google for a global search. And yes you can do this by yourself. Why? Because we did.


Don’t make SEO more complicated than it really is. It comes down to a few things: your website, great content, high-quality backlinks, and social media. Sounds familiar? Yes, everything we’ve talked about so far will help your organic rankings in Google. This is a guaranteed fact and the main reason why this step is the last one. Everything you do in online marketing is uniquely connected with one another. In order to skyrocket your business to marketing success, you need to implement each step carefully. Start with your website, then social media. And build from there.

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