People are visual creatures. Most of us process information from what we see. Over 60% of people everywhere are visual learners, according to SSRN

Social media has launched an international desire and opportunity to share what we enjoy. We like to share everything from groundbreaking news to hilarious content, especially when there is an image or video associated. Sometimes we may share a plain text post, but how many times have you seen them go viral? Probably not a lot. Usually, you see captivating images or videos spreading like wildfire.

High quality, fascinating images are the best. But you know who likes them even more than marketers? Your readers, leads, and customers.
Real humans in photos create a sense of transparency which builds trust. Good business people know that building healthy relationships are key and trust is the foundation. To add further, Facebook alone now stores over 250 billion images and it’s not just Facebook. The more popular social networks and websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and Pinterests, happen to provide tons of visual content as well. 

For businesses, images bring power. This is because they have been proven to improve conversion rates across the web. Humanizing images can be a slight, yet powerful signal to induce consumer’s behavior. Including employees and customers in your marketing images can be the change your business needs for growth. Here are 5 basic suggestions with examples of how to improve conversion rate by humanizing your images.

1. Use people on your website

Georgia Foreman’s smile resonates better with customers. Since he is the brand and his face immediately builds trust and goodwill with his online store. Human images across your website will help your visitors find your site more trustworthy.

2. Use people in your social media posts

In the promotion of LYFE Marketing’s upcoming workshop “Growing Your Business with Social Media” we took two different promotional flyers to social media. The flyer which included our team members received an increase 38% engagement and 45% increase for conversions on sign ups.

3. Use people in your call to actions

Call to actions are critical in measuring the influence of your brand. By simply adding an image of a key employee of your business may be just enough for someone to take the extra step. Here is an example of Brian Deen, alongside his newsletter signup of his site, Backlinko.

4. Use people in your blogs

People like to talk to people. When you add an image of yourself in your blog (usually your avatar/profile photo), you can immediately establish a connection with the reader because they feel like they’re listening to a real person. In the example below showing pictures of real artists, rather than thumbnails of art pieces, doubled conversion rate for an online art store.

5. Use people to sell

Telling the story of your brand can help you resonate more with your visitors. A great way to continue that story is by humanizing images with products/services. Here is a great example from Human Touch on how their perfect chair is good for you. The image automatically brings positive feelings and instantly you can imagine the experience you would have with the product.

I do it for the shares

Hopefully this shed some light for how to improve conversion rate for your brand. If you found this blog helpful please spread the good news on your social media too. Thanks for reading!