Apartment Marketing

Market Your Apartment Complex With Digital Media

Apartment Marketing

Market Your Apartment Complex With Digital Media

Apartment Marketing

Market Your Apartment Complex With Digital Media

Reach More Potential Renters And Earn More With

Apartment Marketing

How do you market your apartment with digital marketing? You can market your apartment with digital marketing through social media, PPC & Google Ads, email marketing, and short video management. The days of traditional apartment marketing are over. When your target audience goes to research new apartments where they can move in, the first place that they’re going to go is the internet. It is crucial that your apartment website is the first to catch their attention. With the rise of digital apartment marketing, signing leases are easier than ever before.

Start increasing your tenants with an effective apartment marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that almost half of the world’s total population is now using social media? Your target audience is most probably part of that percentage too. And that’s exactly why you should be on these social networks. Whatever the channel they are on, your brand needs to be there. Our digital marketing agency doesn’t only help you with social media content creation. We also offer social media advertising services such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn advertising and more. Build your social media presence by creating valuable posts, strategic ads and engaging with your audience with the help of our social media services.

PPC & Google AdWords

Do you want to be seen by your target market exactly at the moment when they are searching for a new apartment, leasing agents or property managers? Then pay-per-click ads are the answer! In fact, 63% of people stated that they would click on a Google search ad when they see one. Yes, PPC advertising offers targeted promotion and instant results. So let our team of advertising specialists create the best ad campaigns for you or your leasing office to boost your leads and conversions.

Email Marketing

According to research, real estate is among the top industries with the highest email open rates. That should be enough to persuade you to invest in email marketing. If you want to promote an open house event, resident events, Facebook events, a new referral program or share your recent listings, then email newsletters are a great way to do that. Not only is it advantageous, but it is also cost-effective. Email marketing yields an average return rate of $38 for every $1 marketers spend. We can help you create effective and enticing email campaigns to better promote your business.


Short Video Management

Videos are one of the most effective ways to reach and connect with potential renters. Create apartment virtual tours to show what your prospects can expect from your apartment community. Share your community’s amenities and local events to better encourage them to visit your apartment. Short videos that give information on your apartment’s features, pricing, and floor plans will make renting your apartment an easy decision.

How To Market Your Apartment With Digital Marketing

Today, when someone looks for an apartment to rent or buy, you can no longer expect them to walk in your door to inquire. Most people now prefer the more convenient way and that is through online research. And by online research, we mean by using search engines, social media, videos, and other online channels.

Your competitors are probably already marketing their business online, so why get left behind? You don’t want your potential renters to find them instead of you! If your potential clients search on Google, you need to be at the top of the search results. The same goes with social media. They need to be able to find your social media page, your branded hashtag, or channel right away.

But for you to be able to achieve that, you must have well-planned, effective, and creative apartment marketing ideas. That’s where LYFE Marketing can help you.

Benefits Of Apartment Digital Marketing

How can I sell my apartment fast? Apartment digital marketing can get you closer to your goals- faster. Marketing your apartment with digital marketing will increase brand awareness, boost your clientele and best of all, save you time! As mentioned above, online marketing offers tons of ways to increase your clientele, build your brand, boost your resident retention, better engage with your apartment community, and get more leases. However, that still depends on how good your apartment marketing strategy is.

If you don’t know where to start, then no worries, we got your back. Read on to learn more about how our digital marketing agency can help you.

Increase Brand Awareness

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it allows you to maximize your reach. You are no longer bound by your geographical location or word-of-mouth marketing. The more you build your online presence, the higher chances that you will be seen by more potential renters. Digital marketing agencies like ours can help you widen your reach and maximize your marketing efforts.

Establish Professionalism

If you want more renters, you need to ensure that you are on every channel that they are on. Especially now that most people trust what they see and read about a business online. Establish yourself as an expert and professional in your field to persuade more potential renters to work with you. We can do that by creating consistent branding, engaging quality photos and valuable content for your business across all of your online platforms.

Save Time & Earn More

Meeting with clients can take most of your time so it’s understandable that marketing your local business online might not be your priority. But don’t fret because we’re here to help. We can take over your apartment marketing strategies to help you save more time and eventually, earn more. You can then focus on managing your business while we take care of your marketing efforts.

Boost Your Clientele

This is probably your number one goal – to get more renters for your business. After all, more clients means more profit for you, right? And digital marketing provides some of the best strategies to achieve that. By incorporating a sound digital marketing plan for social media, email newsletters, advertising, and video production, more users will be able to find you. We can help you come up with a strong marketing plan to increase your clientele in no time.

We’ve Increased Returns For Our Clients By More Than 900% In Less Than 6 Months

LYFE Marketing’s team of certified digital marketers deliver organic apartment marketing initiatives to help you generate more leads at a low cost. The majority of the apartment industry is still not leveraging the full use of social media, short video management, email marketing, and search marketing all together to generate more customers. Let us help you get ahead of your competitors.

Why Hire Us For Your Apartment Marketing Needs

Because We Understand Apartment Marketing

What sets property management and leasing offices apart from other businesses is this: the thing that you offer requires big decisions. Your potential clients will consider a lot of factors before they decide to rent your apartment. For instance, what is the apartment’s floorplan? Is it a pet-friendly community? And although you can simply create a virtual tour or video content to answer these questions and more, it will still all boil down on how you can persuade them to check out your business and watch these videos. We know exactly what these factors are and how you can entice your prospective renters to learn more about you. We understand the importance of connecting with your current residents and as well as new potential clients.

Because We Are Industry Experienced

Digital marketing has different, various umbrellas- social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, short video management and more. And it’s not enough to be an expert on these marketing tactics, you need to be well-versed across all industries too. Our marketing team consists of specialists in their respective fields. Rest assured that we have years of hands-on experience in every industry you can think of- apartment property management included. We understand that as business owners, you can’t trust just anyone with managing your business’ marketing. Being in this industry for years now, we know how to deliver positive results.

Because We’re Always Up-to-Date

As you may already know, digital marketing has been continuously evolving through the years. The strategies that worked in the past, may not be so effective today. So as marketers who handle other businesses’ marketing, we always strive to be updated in every change and trend in the online marketing world.

Get More Clients To Sign Leases Using Our Apartment Marketing!

Over 10 million people are searching for an apartment right now. They could be looking for what you have to offer! So enhance your apartment marketing strategy to capture them. And with today’s technology, there are several methods you can use to promote and present your business to more potential renters.

We’re here to help! LYFE Marketing has worked with tons of apartment managers, so we know how to sign more leases through an effective digital marketing strategy. We will show you the key areas that your property is lacking in and how to improve.

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