Dry Cleaning Marketing

Make More Customers Happy with Your Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning Marketing

Make More Customers Happy with Your Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning Marketing

Make More Customers Happy with Your Dry Cleaning Services

dry cleaning marketing

Gain More Clients with Dry Cleaning Marketing

As a local business you need to keep your current customers and maintain a stream of new customers. The problem is that the competition is getting tougher each day. You need to have an edge. One of the things that you can do is to build your online presence. People are going online at an increasing rate and you have to make sure that they can find you when they are searching for a service that you provide. The best way to do that is by developing a strong dry cleaning marketing plan and implementing a campaign built for dry cleaners.

Social Media Marketing

Anyone who knows a thing or two about marketing will tell you that social media is one of the most powerful tools in the disposal of marketers today and there are several reasons why. First of all, you can gain insights from your customers through social media directly. You can also connect and build relationships with them on the various platforms. You get a wider reach on social media for less cost when compared with other forms of marketing and with over 50% of the world’s population on social media, you get the coverage you need.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of using paid ads that will appear on search engine results. Because the ads are targeting specific keywords that people are searching, there is a good chance that searchers will click on the ads. The main advantage of this form of marketing is that it gives you a chance to connect with people who are already interested in your service in some form. That’s the reason why they are searching on Google. Our specialists can help you with this form of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Did you know that the average click-to-open rate for all the emails sent in North America is a little below 14%. That might not seem like much but under the guidance of an experienced email marketer, that can be a big deal. For example, experienced email marketers know that the addition of a call-to-action button on an email can lead to a significant increase in click-throughs, 28% increase to be precise. You might not realize it but your business can surely benefit from having an email marketing campaign and our specialists can create a customized email marketing campaign for you.

Short Video Management

What’s great about marketing your dry cleaning business on social media is that it humanizes your business and creates a connection with your audience. By creating short videos on social media, you can boost your online presence within your local community. Attract new customers by creating short videos to show quick cleaning method tips and techniques. This will further establish your expertise in the field and keep your brand on top of people’s minds.

Why Does Your Dry Cleaning Business Need Digital Marketing?

Dry cleaning companies can build brand recognition and draw in new customers with a digital marketing strategy.

A dry cleaning business is a local one that depends on customers that live within or near the area where the business is based. Because of this, some people might suppose that a dry cleaning business is not going to benefit from digital marketing. That’s not true, a business will benefit from digital marketing, whether it’s local or not. Here are some statistics to prove that:

      • More than 80% of all the adults in the U.S. use Facebook
      • 72% of all consumers who conducted a local search visited a business within five miles
      • 86% of consumers use Google Maps in order to find the location of a business

Those numbers paint a very clear picture regarding the importance of digital marketing.

We know that your time and resources are limited, not to mention the fact that digital marketing requires skill and experience. This is where LYFE Marketing can help you. We have years of experience when it comes to digital marketing and we have helped numerous clients. We can bring that experience and knowledge to your campaign.

Dry Cleaning Marketing

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Benefits of Dry Cleaning Marketing

Through our dry cleaning marketing services, you will be able to:

      • Build up the reputation of your business
      • Make it easy for potential clients to find you
      • Increase the number of your customers
      • Do promotions where results can be accurately measured 
Dry Cleaning Marketing

How can our dry cleaning marketing services help your business?

LYFE Marketing will assist in boosting foot
traffic and sales.

We have worked with hundreds of clients from various industries. We have helped them to improve their brand awareness and made it easier for their customers to find them online. We use various techniques and platforms to achieve the goals that we set. Because we have a lot of experience in social media, PPC, short video management, and email marketing you can stay confident that your digital marketing will be in the right direction.


We Have Worked with Different Kinds of Businesses

We work with clients across a range of industries, we have proven results, and we develop a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your company’s business goals.

Through the years we have worked with clients from all kinds of businesses. We have developed a system for coming up with a customized strategy for our clients.

We Have Proven Reults

When we say that we can improve your online presence and we can drive more traffic to your site, those are not empty claims. We can really achieve those goals because we have done so in the past, with our previous clients.

We Create a Customized Strategy for You

We don’t just follow the same strategy for all of our clients. We know that the same strategy will not work for everyone. We conduct research first and then we formulate a customized marketing campaign that will meet the unique needs of a client.


Tried and Tested Tactics for Dry Cleaning Marketing

We want to see you succeed and that’s why we always use these tactics

  1. We deliver high quality content that helps to build your brand and provide real value to your customers
  2. Whenever possible, we make sure that we personalize the content and the message that we send out to your customers. That helps in building relationships with your audience.
  3. We will maintain the professional tone on all of the content that we will create for you to build your brand.


Auditing Your Online Presence

The first thing that we do for a client is to audit their online presence. We need to know where they are so we can determine what changes would have to be implemented. Usually, our clients have existing websites or social media accounts and so we check those.

Analyzing Your Competition

We also need to know where your competition is and what is the status of their online presence. We will try to analyze their digital marketing campaigns and check the keywords for which they are trying to rank for. Any experienced marketer will tell you that this is an important step in creating a marketing strategy.

Defining Your Ideal Customer

How can we target your ideal customers with your digital marketing campaign if we don’t know who they are? We will work with you to determine who your ideal customer is. Once that has been defined, targeting them will be easier.

Creating the Content

This is the most time-consuming part of the process and in some ways the most crucial as well. We will create content for your digital marketing campaign based on the needs of your business. We have specialists who are very experienced when it comes to content creation.

Testing and Monitoring

At the end of the day, the only way to test the effectiveness of a strategy is to test and actually use them in campaigns. This is why we continuously run split tests to determine the optimal strategy or the best kind of content to use. Part of this process includes monitoring as well. We will keep track of the performance of the campaigns that we will be running for you.

Get More Customers with Dry Cleaning Marketing

Digital marketing is a very wide field that includes a lot of practices. Learning all of those practices and processes can take some time. A small business owner like yourself often doesn’t have the time to run a dry cleaning business AND do digital marketing at the same time.

This is where LYFE Marketing can help you and where we can play a huge part in boosting your business. Why try to do things on your own when you can get professionals to handle your digital marketing?

We have a track record of results demonstrating our success with digital marketing, and we can help you find success with it too.

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