Email Marketing Financial Services

Communicate with Clients

Email Marketing Financial Services

Communicate with Clients

Email Marketing Financial Services

Communicate with Clients

Speed Up Your Financial Sales Cycle Through

Email Marketing

Nurture your leads through our email marketing for financial services, firms, advisors, and accountants.

Communication Channel

Email marketing for financial services is the #1 communication channel to reach your prospects.


Send Valuable Newsletters

Financial services firms can use email marketing to send valuable newsletters to potential clients.

Automate Your Marketing

Send automated emails to your leads based on their stage in your sales cycle.

What is Email Marketing for Financial Services?

Email marketing works to expedite financial advisors’ sales cycles and make email subscribers more likely to sign-up for their financial services.

Email marketing for financial services is the process of developing unique emails to send to potential clients. The purpose of email marketing for financial services is to reach interested prospects through their preferred communication channel, and to nurture them with valuable content.

Why is Email Marketing for Financial Services a Must?

Email marketing allows financial advisers to engage with prospective and current clients while fostering trust, adding value, and establishing authority.

In addition, the cost of email marketing for financial services is very affordable in relation to the average return. According to DBS Data, businesses can expect an average return of $38 for every $1 they spend on email marketing. With the ability to automation your sales cycle, increase website traffic, and nurture your leads, your financial services firm cannot afford not to invest into email marketing.

Email Marketing For Financial Services Gameplan

Email Marketing Strategy

The first step in our email marketing for financial services process is to learn more about your firm. The goal of this step is to learn more about what makes your company unique, your audience, and how your services differ from your competitors. We will use this information to develop an email marketing strategy for your financial services firm.

Email Marketing Design

Once your email marketing strategy is developed, we will begin designing your email marketing newsletters for your financial services. Our newsletter designs will match your brand, and articulate the message that we are aiming to portray to your audience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to review all email communications prior to delivery.

Email Marketing Copywriting

rom subject lines to body text, our email marketing specialists will take care of all the copywriting for your firm’s email marketing efforts. We will write magnetic copy that entices your audiences to open your emails. And, we will keep them engaged with valuable content inside of those emails.

Email Marketing Reporting

Each month, we will provide status reports of your email marketing financial services campaign. You will be able to see your average open rate, click-through rate, and new traffic to your website from email campaigns. Our goal will be to increase the value of email marketing for your financial services firm on a monthly basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Financial Services?

We operate and manage results driven B2B PPC campaigns. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

Cost Effective

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to market your financial services.

It’s Preferred

Email marketing is the preferred method of communication among financial clients.

Remain Relevant

Email marketing allows you to stay top of mind in the financial services industry.

Why Choose Lyfe For Your Financial Services Email Marketing


We’re Experienced In Working With Financial Services Companies

Our experience includes work with banks, investment firms, financial & accounting firms, and more. We understand that financial services is a valuable, yet high regulated topic. We have controls in place that minimizes risk, assures quality, and delivers value to your financial services subscribers.


We’re A Full Service Agency For Financial Services

Our full-service digital marketing services
provide a wide variety of solutions for financial service firms. In addition to email marketing for financial services, we offer blogging, social media, and graphic design services that can enhance your overall email marketing efforts. You can use social media to increase your email list. You can promote your blogs through email marketing to increase website traffic. And, you can leverage graphic design to enhance the design of your emails.


Our Agency Structure Is Designed To Work With Your Financial Firm

We have designed our agency to deliver high quality at low costs for financial services firms. Our staff is made up of specialists with in-depth experience in each service that we offer. With our email marketing for financial services, you would work with an email marketing specialist who has a variety of experience and knowledge in email marketing. They will guide your firm to email marketing success using proven tactics to drive results for financial services firms.

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