Financial Services Marketing

Satisfy More Clients

Financial Services Marketing

Satisfy More Clients

Financial Services Marketing

Satisfy More Clients

financial services marketing.

Earn More Clients With

Digital Marketing For Financial Services

As the financial services industry becomes more saturated with competition, increasing clientele has become more challenging than ever before. Traditional financial services marketing, such as print media, television, radio, and other sponsorships is not as effective as it once was. Which is exactly why you should consider one or more of the digital marketing channels below.

Social Media Growth

Our social media managers will develop a presence for your financial services company on the platforms that makes the most sense, and engage your audience with enriching content. We also offer social media advertising where our ad specialists will work with your firm to place targeted Facebook ads encouraging direct traffic to your financial services website to increase leads and conversions.

SEM & Google Ads

Our agency will place pay-per-click search ads on Google for your financial services company, targeting people who are searching for similar services or issues related to them. Along with these search ads, we will “retarget” your prior website visitors with display ads on various websites to increase touch points and conversion rates across your digital marketing efforts. Double your investment with search engine marketing.


Email Newsletters

Our email marketing specialists will develop customized newsletters around financial services topics to engage your current subscribers. Our services for email marketing include list management, newsletter design and sending, and reporting. We also offer personalization of emails so your firm can create better relationships with your clients. Decrease sales time cycle with email automation as well.


Short Video Management

Studies show that 59% of consumers said they want financial institutions to help improve their financial health. As a financial service provider, one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience is through videos. Short video is a powerful tool for creating easy-to-consume, educational, and engaging content about complex financial subjects. Make financial products less complicated by creating fun explainer videos.

Why Does Your Financial Services Company Need Digital Marketing?

Customer engagement and trust will increase with digital marketing for financial services.

Whether you work in a bank, investment brokerage, accounting firm, or insurance agency, you need to leverage digital marketing services that are proven to work in the financial industry.

  • 81% of all adults in the U.S. have a Facebook account.
  • 92% of all adults use Google or other search engines.
  • The average person checks their email 15 times per day.

With these statistics, there is no reason why your financial services marketing shouldn’t be concentrated on digital marketing.

Your financial services clients do not want to be sold or marketed to. They have a strong desire to learn how to improve their financial situation. Digital marketing for financial services should be focused on delivering high value to your client base. With our services, you can develop and foster relationships that prospers into more referrals, word-of-mouth, and awareness for your business.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Financial Services?

Building client trust, raising brand recognition and engagement, and tracking results are all advantages of digital marketing for financial services.

By prioritizing digital marketing for financial services, you will be able to develop a predictable and measurable way to grow your business. Specifically, you will be able:

  • Build trust with financial services clients

  • Communicate to financial services clients through their preferred communication channels

  • Help financial services clients find you when they need you most

  • Promote specific financial services products with the ability to measure the return on ad spend and overall impact

How We Helped A Clients Get 200

New Leads And Increase Followers By Thousands!

We work with all types of financial clients, whether they are trying to obtain more clients for their firm or simply grow brand awareness to make themselves known in their communities. Our clients offer services in personal loans, lending solutions, financial planning, debt relief, and more. We’ve worked with them all and truly understand their target market, which is why we were able to help the AurGroup grow their presence on social media and gain more leads. They saw a 15,000% increase in followers across 3 social media platforms and through Facebook advertising gained 200 new leads in just 9 months. With our team’s skills and your quality services, you too can see similar results.

Why Should You Choose Lyfe Marketing For Financial Services Marketing?

Our knowledgeable specialists have extensive industry knowledge and will tailor your marketing plan to appeal to your target demographic.

Industry Experience

If you are going to hire an agency to handle your financial services marketing, industry-specific experience should be your top priority. Our agency has worked with several banks, investment services, and accounting firms to implement digital marketing campaigns. We understand compliance issues related to online financial services marketing, and have controls in place to deliver a pain-free digital marketing experience.

We’re True Specialists

It is impossible to be a “jack of all trades” at online marketing, and we understand that. Our agency staffs specialists in each of our services to work on each element of your financial services marketing campaign. By having true specialists in each service, we are able to provide a higher quality of service (and results) than what many other agencies can provide.

We are the Best for Your Business

Not every organization is seeking the same benefits from digital marketing for nonprofits, but they are all after one thing: building the cause over anything else. We are too! We customize your strategy to attract your target audience that will support you the most in your efforts to make big changes for your cause through the digital marketing channel(s) you choose to use to promote your brand.

Proven Strategies for Financial Firms

Here at LYFE Marketing, we genuinely care about your success – which is why we factor these strategies into your digital marketing campaign.


People want to work with someone they trust when it comes to their finances, so we make it personal and create a relationship.


Knowledge is Power

The more you produce informative content, the more questions you can answer, and the more clients you will have.


Provide Value

In all aspects of your marketing, we keep your target audience and company goals in mind. we’re always striving to provide more to your clients.

Keys To Success In Financial Services Marketing


The first step we take in creating a quality marketing plan for your business is performing an audit of your current online presence. You have to know where you are so you know where to start on your marketing journey.



It’s important to know who you’re working up against in order to position yourself as a financial services leader. We thoroughly analyze and research the competition so we know exactly how to position your company with a competitive advantage.



Marketing a financial services business is all about knowing exactly who you are marketing to. All marketing efforts center around your ideal customer. So with all the research we have already done, we define your target audience by crafting a buyer persona that represents the market of potential customers you are trying to reach.


After thorough planning, goal computation, and industry research our specialists create and launch your digital marketing for financial services campaigns to start driving traffic and obtaining leads.


As your campaigns run and begin to bring you leads, we closely monitor their progress for you. Our daily dedication to monitoring and optimizing are what make the difference in your campaigns and bring you the best results.


Determining the success of your financial services marketing efforts is all about knowing what metrics to measure. And what those metrics mean. We track, monitor, optimize, and measure your campaigns consistently and then provide you with monthly reports explaining in full detail what each measurement means for the success of your business.

Earn More Clients when you Have

Digital Marketing for Financial Services

Digital marketing for financial services doesn’t have a set it and forget it kind of approach. It requires dedication. Are you ready for the commitment?

If you are like most financial services companies, you lack the necessary time and experience required to implement a full-scale digital marketing campaign. You are too busy advising your financial clients or managing operations to monitor your online financial services marketing. You also may not fully understand how to utilize your marketing dollars across all marketing channels to reap the best return. And, our agency exists to help you with this problem and bring you success.

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