General Contractor Marketing

Grow Your Brand & Business

General Contractor Marketing

Grow Your Brand & Business

General Contractor Marketing

Grow Your Brand & Business

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Digital Marketing For Contractors

Most general contractors miss out on the opportunities that the online world has made available, particularly digital marketing. But that doesn’t have to include you! Your contracting business can start benefiting from everything that our general contractor marketing services offer today.

Want to edge out the competition? We can help.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media managers will make sure that you maintain a strong presence on the social platforms that make the most sense for your brand. We will do this first by creating great content that captivates and engages your audience. Our specialists can also perform social media advertising and create Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads if it makes sense for your business goals. These ads will encourage additional traffic to your contractor website to help boost your lead generation and conversions.

PPC & Google Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) search ads are placed on Google searches to attract qualified traffic. PPC ads target people who are searching for construction businesses or services similar to what you provide. Previous website visitors will also be targeted but with the use of display ads. These ads are meant to increase touch points and conversion rates for your campaign. Search engine marketing will help you make the most out of people actively searching for construction companies.

Email Marketing

You want to make sure that even your current subscribers remain engaged. Customized newsletters and automations are the best solutions for that. Our specialists will create the emails by writing about topics that are relevant to your brand and your target audience. It will keep potential customers interested and engaged. Our email marketing services include newsletter design, list management, reporting and more.


Short Video Management

Short videos have taken social media by storm. In the construction industry, there are tons of ways you can use short videos to increase brand awareness and reach more potential clients. For one, a DIY video tutorial showing users how to do particular projects will be a hit. Our expert video editors can create engaging videos to establish yourself as an expert in your field and build connections with your prospects.

The Importance Of General Contractor Marketing For Your Business

To further stress just how much you need contractor marketing services for your new business, let’s consider a certain statistic: At least 700,000 searches are made for general contractors, electricians, HVAC, and plumbing services on the Internet.

That’s where your potential customers are going to find the contact information of services like yours. And using digital marketing is your best chance of reaching them and persuading them to be a part of your client base.

Don’t feel like you have the experience, knowledge or time to perform your own digital marketing? No worries! All you need to do is find a capable digital marketing agency to provide general contractor marketing services for you. We offer our services as an experienced and capable digital marketing team that can take your contractor company to the next level.

How Does An Internet Marketing Plan Affect Your Construction Company?

Internet marketing is not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of marketing strategy. It differs, adapts and yields different results for every business. Now if you’re thinking, “If that’s the case, then how about for general contractor businesses? Will it work for my business type too?”

Well that’s a good question! Come and let’s look at some internet marketing statistics that directly involve the construction industry.

  • 40% of people say that they only have one local contractor that they consider before coming up with a decision.

  • Over 1.7 million monthly online local searches are done by US consumers to look for general contractors.

  • 40% of users conduct online research first using online directories.

  • More than 4.2 million monthly online searches are made for home and design build companies.

  • Over 2.8 million online searches per month are conducted to look for plumbers.

  • More than 1.2 million monthly online searches go to roofing service companies.

  • 71% of commercial buyers start their search by using search engines like Google.

  • 90% of consumers go to the Internet to find solutions for all of their home building needs, from learning how to get a mortgage to managing a new design-build project.

The numbers say it all! Internet marketing really works for general contractor companies. So if you’re not already implementing digital marketing for your business, then how can you compete with your rivals in the construction industry? We’d say don’t fret, we’re here to help you!

Benefits Of Using Our General Contractor Marketing Services

General contractor marketing strategy is your chance to have an edge over the rest in the industry. Working with a digital marketing team like LYFE Marketing allows you to start enjoying the following benefits and more in no time at all:

Build Brand Awareness

To stand out from other general contractors, you need to boost people’s awareness about your brand. If they are aware of what you offer, they are more likely to be clients. With the help of our team, you will never run out of marketing ideas to use for your campaigns. Your brand will definitely be on top of mind of your target audience.

Outrank the Competition

With our construction marketing ideas and strategies, you can climb up Google’s search engine rankings. We will also check on what the competition is doing so you can consistently outrank them. We have the best marketing tools available and we will use it for your campaign’s optimal results.

Fast Results

The world of medicine is constantly changing, and our digital marketing specialists take pride in keeping up with all the newest trends and information. We’ll take the time to research your specialty and learn everything we can about your practice in order to provide the most relevant and credible content possible.

You Get The Final Say

One awesome benefit of using our general contractor marketing services is being assured of getting fast results. Digital marketing as a whole is an instantaneous field where you can begin advertising and marketing right away.

Earn More Traffic & Leads

Gone are the days when business owners have to give away their business cards and flyers to gain new customers. Because today, with digital marketing, these marketing efforts can give your double or triple results. Our proven strategy will engage and capture the interest of the right audience for your services with our strategic contractor marketing ideas. This helps you acquire more traffic and leads for your business.

Improve Customer Service

Valuable content means a lot for businesses. We will help you create informative content to publish on your website and social media pages to provide information for your potential clients’ inquiries. This will spare you from answering repeat questions via phone call or messages, thus improving your customer care too. Improving your customer service can also increase your word-of-mouth referrals.

Build A Professional Image

Did you know that 97% of users search online to find services like yours? If they use Google and are not able to find your business in the results, it might make them question your competency and professionalism. But with our contractor marketing services, we will help you strengthen your online presence in every channel. Doing so will build your credibility in the long run.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Monthly Number Of Qualified Leads With General Contractor Marketing?

LYFE Marketing has been helping businesses with their marketing and overseeing their growth for years! Specifically, we’ve partnered with general contractors to help improve their conversion rates, and we can do the same for you. Click the button below to get started!

Why Choose LYFE Marketing For Your General Contractor Marketing Services

Because We Are Industry Experienced

The only kind of experience that matters here is industry specific experience. That is exactly what you get when you work with our digital marketing agency. We have extensive experience with working with different types of contractors. From general contractors, to electricians, to HVAC firms, to plumbers, to roofing contractors. We developed and implemented successful contractor marketing strategies for each one of them. This coupled with our existing experience as an award-winning digital marketing agency!


Because We’re True Specialists

You only want to work with true specialists and that makes perfect sense. Any given specialist on our team is someone who excels in the service that they provide and can help your digital marketing strategy & results immensely. This is our way of guaranteeing that you will get nothing but the best quality of service that we are capable of giving.


Because We Are The Best For Your Business

As a general contractor, you are unique from your competitors. Though you may offer the same or similar services, there are unique selling points about your contractor business that set you apart. You have a set of goals that are unique to your company. This is why we make it a point to create a custom digital marketing strategy for you. The strategies we create for our general contractor marketing services is tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

Proven Strategies For Every General Contractor

LYFE Marketing’s main goal is to be instrumental in the process of making you a real success. The following strategies have proven to be quite effective:


Knowledge Is Power

Helpful content is what people are looking for and is what keeps them interested. Our creators will help you produce this valuable type of content to generate new customers.

Build Trust

People are more likely to work with a construction company if they trust them. Regardless of whether you target B2C or B2B, people always want to feel good about who they’ve hired as their contractor. Our marketing strategy will help you create and build that trust.


Provide Value

Always aim to provide more value to your clients. The first step in accomplishing this is by putting your target audience and company goals first in everything that you do.

Crucial Components For Results In General Contractor Marketing Services


The creation of an awesome and effective marketing strategy always starts with an audit of your current online presence. Knowing your present status is a huge help as we guide you along your digital marketing for contractors journey.


The second step in the process is analyzing your competitors. If you plan on being one of the top contractors in your industry, then you should at least know the other members of that industry. We will research and then analyze the competition so you will know what you need to do to be an industry leader.


In digital marketing, you first need to know who you are marketing to. That’s the only way for it to be effective. So your campaign should be based on your ideal customer. You need to define your target audience, which we will do through our research in the early stages of your campaign. We will create a buyer persona that will serve to represent your target market.


Launching your marketing campaign is always an exciting step to take after all of the careful planning, goal computation, and industry research have already been done. Once our specialists launch your campaign, you can start expecting results.


After your campaign starts and as it progresses, you would naturally want to know how it is doing. Is it bringing in more traffic and quality leads? Those are just some of the metrics that we are going to measure and monitor for you in the form of daily optimization.


You can’t have a digital marketing campaign going and not know which metrics to measure. And what those metrics actually mean. We will help you by tracking, monitoring, optimizing, and measuring your campaigns. We detail our findings as well as our suggestions in the form of monthly reports.

Does General Contractor Marketing Really Work?

The simple fact that most of your potential customers can now be found online and are actively searching for contractors is proof enough that general contractor marketing works. Create a strong online presence and capitalize on that to grow your brand and business moving forward.

If you want to succeed, having a digital marketing strategy in place is your best option. Fill up the contact form below and see how we can help you on your way to success with our general contractor marketing services!

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